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High-speed Rail and Hyperloop Trains: A Technical Vision of Indian Railways

Technological change is an overall process of invention, innovation and technical processes. India is a country undergoing technological development which has made life easy like never before. Indian Railways have also adopted technical changes and enh

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Indian Railways: Top 6 Modern Locomotive Factories in India

India has one of the largest Railway networks that set an exemplary transport system. It is easily accessible and available for passengers to travel across India. It is also considered one of the biggest Government organizations to offer job opportunit

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10 Best New Year Resolutions for 2020

New Year is one of the important festivals and everyone celebrates it with their own ways. Some celebrate by enjoying parties, some by sharing with others and some by making New Year resolution. Many of us frantically search about the New Year resoluti

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Indian Railways: Duties and Responsibilities of a Station Master

Railway Stations, worldwide, are located in prime city centres, as railways were started at a time when expansion of cities was yet to start. Railway station continues to be the focal point of central business district in every city. Every description

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Indian Railways: Platform Ticket Rules one should know

Loading… Platform ticket is issued by the Indian Railways only to access Railway station for two hours from its time of issue. Apart from restricting roamers, it helps to remove huge crowdfrom the platform.The cost of platform ticket is INR 10 to