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Private Train in India: All That You Need to Know

Tejas Train between Delhi and Lucknow is the first Private Train of India with luxurious facilities and quality service. The initiative of running Private Trains by IRCTC is a milestone in promoting commercialization and employment. Thus, Privates Trains in India are likely to gain momentum in the coming years.


With this, Indian Railways have announced the deployment of 151 Private Trains by March 2023. Tejas being India’s first Private Train offers world-class travel facilities to ensure the comfort and well-being of passengers.


Read on to learn about routes, timings, and facilities of modern Private Trains of India.




Luxurious Features of Fastest Private Train of India


Tejas Express is more advanced and smarter than any other train in India. The fastest running train in India is equipped with hi-tech features to provide airplane-like facilities for the comfort of the passengers. In this blog, we will discuss features and services provided by Tejas Express to enjoy a wonderful trip.



Comfort: The Private Train run by IRCTC has an attractive interior with comfortable chair car and sleeper arrangements. The entire train coach is designed with saffron yellow and brown to substitute the former blue color. Automatic blindfold curtains are also installed, which can be folded up and down with the push of a switch.



Interiors of Private Train: To break the monotony, each coach is designed with Saffron brown and yellow colored vinyl wrapping. Interconnecting doors have been installed between the coaches to facilitate moving from one coach to another. Besides, the coaches are spacious and have bigger berths compared to the other LHB coaches.



Catering Facility: Due to COVID-19, IRCTC has suspended providing pantry-cooked food in trains. However, these privately operated trains have been allowed to provide food onboard during the pandemic. The passengers can get on board catering services that are included in the train fare. Along with that, you can also have tea and coffee from a vending machine available on the train.



Safety: The Private Trains have CCTV cameras, Shatterproof glasses, and emergency Push Buttons for the safety of passengers. Besides that information, KIOSKS have also been installed to keep the passengers informed about the Private Trains’ arrival, departure, and delay status. In addition, fire alarms are available on the train to prevent passengers from being exposed to fire break out.



Entertainment in Private Trains: To entertain passengers, Tejas Express has an LCD screen at the back of each seat to enjoy a flight-like convenience even on the train. These seat-mounted infotainment systems are pre-installed with movies, music, kid’s content. In addition, multilingual passengers can enjoy content in regional languages.



Rail Hostess: Until now, you must have seen air hostesses only on commercial airlines. Indian Railways has organized Rail Hostesses on the private trains for the comfort of rail passengers. Proficient in English and Hindi, these Rail hostesses assist passengers in solving any chaos or problems.


Dynamic Fare: IRCTC has introduced dynamic fare for Private Train Tickets. In the dynamic fare, the price of the ticket might be increased with subsequent bookings. The price of Tejas Express starts from Rs 1,125, including Base fare, ​​Catering charges, and GST. The ticket price for an executive Chair Car is Rs 2,310, including the base fare of Rs 1,966 + GST ​​Rs 99 + catering charge Rs 245, respectively. It is advisable to book your train ticket in advance during festivals.


Big companies will invade to run private trains in India


Global and domestic companies are willing to operate private trains in India. These include Talgo, Hyundai, and Bombardier. In addition, Indian companies such as Tata, Adani, and RK Associates also want to run private trains in India.


The target for operating 151 Private Trains in India is expected to be achieved by 2027. Moreover, the Indian Railway is also emphasizing the modernization of infrastructure. These optimistic plans are expected to be completed by 2030 with the support of the Public-Private Partnership.


These will be the criteria for running 151 privately owned trains in India


  • Each train is going to have 16 coaches.
  • The company will decide the halts of the Private Trains
  • These trains will run at the maximum speed of 160 mph
  • The Private Train Operators will have access to use 68000 km of Indian Railways Vast Network.


If you want to experience flight-like luxuries on Tejas Express, the first thing you need to do is to check the seat availability on this train. Download the RailMitra app from the Play Store to check the availability of Private Train’s ticket, fare, timing, and route.


Why Are Private Firms Being Invited To Run Trains in India?


Keeping in view the benefit of passengers, Railways is approving private firms to run trains in India. As a part of this project, Private organizations will invest 30 crores in Indian Railways in their first move. ​It is also expected that the advent of private corporations will help to enhance employment and new technology in Indian Railways. Furthermore, this plan will reduce the time travel and ensure safe traveling with superior facilities to its passengers.


What Are Some Popular Private Train in India and their Route?


List of Indian Railways Private Train Routes – Download PDF


Listed below are a few popular Private trains with their route.



Is Tejas a Private Train?


Yes, Tejas Express is India’s first Private Train launched in October 2019 between Lucknow – Delhi route. Currently, there are 4 Tejas express running under the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). This Private Train offers superb facilities to the passengers along with the presence of rail hostesses like air travel.


What Is the Future of Private Trains in Indian Railways?


Indian railway has opened its doors to privately owned operators for the first time after 1951. With the news of the privatization of Indian Railways, private trains have arrived in India with world-class facilities. These initiatives are expected to provide benefits to the passengers.


As a part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the scheme will entice big investments. According to Railway officials, private trains in India can be authorized to provide world-magnificence services that will invite 8.4 billion people in the near future. Although some are not in favour of private trains in India, it is expected to grow at a rapid rate in the future.


Are you making plans to take a tour on Private Train in India during the festival? Download the RailMitra app or visit and get the recent updates on train fare, timing, availability, departure, and arrival.


Alternatively, you can check the PNR status of waitlisted tickets and also check the live running status of these trains. You can also order delicious food on the train via the RailMitra app, so hurry up and call on 810288822 to experience the delectable food of your choice directly at your seat.


Share your travel experience on the Tejas Express with us. We would love to share it with the world!


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