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Online Seat Availability in Trains | Check Seat Availability in Train

Travel enthusiasts who love to commute via train always inquire for train berth availability before booking their tickets either online or from the PRS counters. In this digital era, the travel planning apps are a savior as they provide intricate details of railways and passengers’ rail query components. It is advisable to check the seat availability before booking of tickets to avoid the last minute rush and requesting the on-duty TTE’s for a confirm ticket before the journey. RailMitra app offers you to access detailed information regarding any IRCTC train seat availability for any destination. It is always practical and effective to get bookings in advance as much as possible and stay away from that frustration that could happen at the end moment.  People can avail and book for railway reservation quota four months in advance. Always check Indian railway seat availability to avoid any disappointment in the nick of time.

The first prerequisite for a convenient train journey is to inquire online seat availability in train. It is an imperative factor before booking of tickets for the journey. It is a major concern in the Indian Railways as there’re defined numbers of trains in every route and a large number of seats get reserved on everyday basis.  However, the evolution of the internet has made anything easily accessible with the comfort of a smartphone. Today, IRCTC seat availability can be easily checked online and RailMitra is the only AI based platform which provides accurate data for train seat inquiry.

How to Check Online Seat Availability in a Train

Follow these simple steps on RailMitra app or website to get IRCTC seat availability status online and decide to book the tickets well in advance to avoid an unorganized and chaotic journey. You can get train seat availability between any two stations by:

  • Step 1: Create an account on RailMitra and Login to the same.
  • Step 2: Enter your source station/ destination station or the code and Date of Journey.
  • Step 3: Select the preferred seat class and hit the click button.
  • Step 4: The list of trains, running dates, and the availability of seats will be displayed on the screen.

Three Major Steps to Book Railway Tickets

  • Check the IRCTC Train Seat Availability: There are many ways to check the seat availability of trains running on a particular route. RailMitra has an AI- based interface which fetches the accurate railway inquiry details for the passengers to plan their journey forward. As the user enters the detail of the train like train number or the train name and hits the button, the interface shows the list of trains with their running dates and the number of seats available in each class.
  • Decide the Date of Journey, Class of seat and Train: As the passenger gets the information on the train inquiry for IRCTC berth availability, they have crossed the first hurdle. Majority of the travelers prefer Indian Railways for their journey, but the process to get a confirm ticket and good traveling experience might be painful. RailMitra, with its wide array of services, have made it easy. Now, travelers can check the Indian Railway berth availability and decide immediately which seat to select and book the ticket according to their preference of the train.
  • Book Tickets as per the Convenience: After selecting the seats and entering the details, the passengers can easily book the tickets by secure payment gateways like debit/credit cards and internet banking. Once the ticket is booked the traveler is free to plan the other steps. The passengers might receive a ticket with RAC, CNF or WL code printed on the ticket. If the printed code is “CNF” (which means Confirm), the traveler can happily plan for the journey in advance as his seat is reserved by the Indian Railways. If the ticket has a code with RAC or WAITLIST, the passenger has to wait till their ticket gets confirmed.

In case, seats are not available, do try train seat availability check for some other dates or change the quota and class of travel and according to the convenience, get the reservations done as fast as could be possible. Many a times some seats are left vacant even after chart preparation which can be booked under current availability on IRCTC portal or from offline ticket counters.
With the onset of digitization, the Railways have upgraded all their service and launched them on the web.  RailMitra, widely known as the travel mate of train passengers, provide a quick solution to all the rail inquiry services.  Choose RailMitra to check the seat availability in trains and plan further a prosperous journey towards the destination.