Cannanore Can Railway Station (CAN)

Cannanore Can Railway Station (CAN) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from . You can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra. 

There are trains originating, trains passing and trains terminating at . All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Cannanore Can Railway Station | (CAN) | TIME TABLE

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of Run
02081JAN SHATABDISource4:50N/A
06306CAN ERS SPLSource14:50CC 2S
06308CAN ALLP SPLSource5:10CC 2S
06516CAN SBC EXPRESSSource16:502A 3A SL 2S
06607CAN CBE EXPSource6:202S
07390CAN YPR SPLSource18:052A 3A SL 2S
16306CAN ERS SPLSource14:50CC 2S
16308CAN ALLP SPLSource5:10CC 2S
16607CAN CBE EXPSource6:202S
12081CAN - TVC JAN SHATABDISource4:50CC 2S
16512CAN SBC EXPRESSSource16:502A 3A SL 2S
16528CAN-YPR EXPSource18:052A 3A SL
01149ERS PUNE SPL9:5710:002A 3A SL 2S
01150PUNE ERS SUP SPL13:1713:202A 3A SL 2S
01197PUNE ERS SPECIAL21:1721:202A 3A SL 2S
01198ERS PUNE SPL23:3723:402A 3A SL 2S
01213LTT KCVL SUP SPL9:5710:001A 2A 3A SL 2S
01214KCVL LTT SF EXP9:5710:001A 2A 3A SL 2S
02197CBE JBP FESTSPL22:5523:002A 3A SL 2S
02198CBE FESTIVAL SPL8:378:402A 3A SL 2S
02431TVC NZM EXP3:123:151A 2A 3A
02432NZM TVC SPL13:5714:001A 2A 3A
02475HSR CBE AC SPL8:378:401A 2A 3A
02476CBE HSR AC EXP19:4719:501A 2A 3A
02601MAS MAQ SF EXP9:129:152A 3A SL 2S
02602MAQ MAS SF EXP15:3715:402A 3A SL 2S
02617MANGLADWEEP EXP18:4218:452S
02618MNGLA LKSDP SPL0:370:402S
02685MAS MAQ EXP4:374:401A 2A 3A SL 2S
02686MAQ MAS EXP18:5719:001A 2A 3A SL 2S
02777KCG MAQ SPL6:176:202A 3A SL 2S
02778MAQ KCG FESTSPL22:0522:102A 3A SL 2S
02977ERS AII EXPRESS1:371:401A 2A 3A SL 2S
02978MARU SAGAR SPL22:3222:351A 2A 3A SL 2S
04559KCVL CDG SF SPL17:5217:551A 2A 3A SL 2S
04560KERLA S KRANTI1:521:551A 2A 3A SL 2S
04695KCVL ASR SPL17:5217:552A 3A SL 2S
04696ASR KCVL SF SPL1:521:552A 3A SL 2S
06001TVC NZM EXPRESS23:3723:402A 3A SL 2S
06002NZM TVC SFSPL9:229:252A 3A SL 2S
06071DR TEN FEST SPL13:5714:002A 3A SL 2S
06072TEN DR FEST SPL19:4719:502A 3A SL 2S
06083TVC NZM SF SPL10:0210:052A 3A SL 2S
06084NZM TVC SF SPL17:5217:552A 3A SL 2S
06097KCVL YNRK SPL17:5217:552A 3A SL 2S
06098YNRK KCVL SPL1:521:552A 3A SL 2S
06159MS MAQ EXP18:2718:303A SL 2S
06160MAQ CHENNAI EXP9:029:053A SL 2S
06163GARIB RATH SPL9:5710:003A CC
06164KCVL LTT SPL17:5217:553A CC
06189MAQ CBE EXP12:5713:00CC 2S
06190CBE MAQ EXP10:4210:45CC 2S
06311SGNR KCVL SPL8:378:402A 3A SL 2S
06312KCVL SGNR EXP1:371:402A 3A SL 2S
06323CBE MAQ EXPRESS15:0515:102S
06324MAQ CBE EXPRESS11:5211:552S
06333VRL TVC SPECIAL17:0717:102A 3A SL 2S
06334TVC VRL EXPRESS1:471:502A 3A SL 2S
06335NAGERCOIL SPL17:0717:102A 3A SL 2S
06336NCJ GIMB SPL1:471:502A 3A SL 2S
06337FESTIVAL SPECIAL17:0717:102A 3A SL 2S
06338ERS OKHA FESTSPL1:471:502A 3A SL 2S
06345LTT TVC SPECIAL6:326:352S
06347TVC MAQ EXPRESS7:558:002A 3A SL 2S
06348MAQ TVC EXP16:5216:552A 3A SL 2S
06355KCVL MAJN SPL6:006:102S
06356MAJN KCVL SPL21:5522:002S
06603MAQ TVC EXPRESS19:3219:352A 3A SL 2S
06604TVC MAQ EXPRESS4:555:002A 3A SL 2S
06605MAQ NCJ EXPRESS9:329:35CC 2S
06606NCJ MAQ EXPRESS14:1214:15CC 2S
06627MAS MAQ SPL2:372:402A 3A SL 2S
06628MAQ MAS SPL1:421:452A 3A SL 2S
06629TVC MAQ EXPRESS6:376:402A 3A SL 2S
06630MAQ TVC EXPRESS20:5020:552A 3A SL 2S
06649MAQ NCJ EXPRESS7:077:10CC 2S
06650NCJ MAQ EXPRESS17:1517:18CC 2S
06855PDY MAQ EXPRESS6:176:202A 3A SL 2S
06856MAQ PDY EXPRESS18:3218:352A 3A SL 2S
06857PDY MAQ EXPRESS7:177:202A 3A SL 2S
06858MAQ PDY EXPRESS18:3218:352A 3A SL 2S
07391YPR MAQ EXP13:2213:252A 3A SL 2S
07392MAQ YPR EXPRESS22:0522:102A 3A SL 2S
09259KCVL BVC EXP1:371:402A 3A SL 2S
09260BVC KCVL SPL17:0717:102A 3A SL 2S
09261KCVL PBR SF SPL19:4719:502A 3A SL 2S
09262PBR KCVL SPL4:575:002A 3A SL 2S
09331KCVL INDB SPL19:4719:502A 3A SL 2S
09332INDB KCVL SPL4:575:002A 3A SL 2S
09577TEN JAM EXPRESS19:4719:502A 3A SL 2S
09578JAM TEN SPECIAL4:575:002A 3A SL 2S
12432NZM TVC SPL13:5714:001A 2A 3A
12602MAQ MAS SF EXP15:3715:402A 3A SL 2S
12617MANGLADWEEP EXP18:4218:452S
11097PUNE ERS SPECIAL21:1721:202A 3A SL 2S
12601MAS MAQ SF EXP9:129:152A 3A SL 2S
12685MAS MAQ EXP4:374:401A 2A 3A SL 2S
12686MAQ MAS EXP18:5719:001A 2A 3A SL 2S
16323CBE MAQ EXPRESS15:0515:102S
16324MAQ CBE EXPRESS11:5211:552S
16355KCVL MAJN SPL6:006:102S
16356MAJN KCVL SPL21:5522:002S
22150PUNE-ERS SF EXPRESS13:1713:202A 3A SL
22113LTT-KCVL BI-WEEKLY EXP9:5710:001A 2A 3A SL
12431TVC-NZM RAJDHANI EXP3:123:151A 2A 3A
16159MS MAQ EXP18:2718:303A SL 2S
16160MAQ CHENNAI EXP9:029:053A SL 2S
16347TVC-MAQ EXPRESS7:558:002A 3A SL
16348MAQ-TVC EXPRESS16:5216:552A 3A SL
16603MAVELI EXPRESS19:3219:352A 3A SL
16605ERNAD EXPRESS9:329:35CC 2S
16606ERNAD EXPRESS14:1214:15CC 2S
22637WEST COAST EXP2:372:402A 3A SL
22638WEST COAST EXP1:421:452A 3A SL
16855PDY MAQ WEEKLY EXP6:176:202A 3A SL
16856PUDUCHERRY EXP18:3218:352A 3A SL
16857MANGALORE EXP7:177:202A 3A SL
16858MAQ-PDY WKLY EXP18:3218:352A 3A SL
12789KCG MAQ SPL6:176:202A 3A SL 2S
12978MARU SAGAR EXP22:3222:351A 2A 3A SL
12484KCVL EXPRESS1:521:552A 3A SL
22634NZM TVC SF EXP9:229:252A 3A SL
22654NZM TVC SF EXP17:5217:552A 3A SL
22660DDN KCVL SUP EXP1:521:553A SL
12201KCVL GARIB RATH9:5710:003A CC
12202LTT GARIB RATH17:5217:553A CC
22609MAQ-CBE INTER CITY EXP.12:5713:00CC 2S
16312BIKANER EXPRESS1:371:402A 3A SL
16336GANDHIDHAM EXP1:471:502A 3A SL
16338HA EXPRESS1:471:502A 3A SL
16345NETRAVATI EXP6:326:352A 3A SL
16629MALABAR EXP6:376:402A 3A SL
16630MALABAR EXPRESS20:5020:552A 3A SL
16566YESVANTPUR EXP22:0522:102A 3A SL
19260BVC KCVL EXP17:0717:102A 3A SL
20910PBR KCVL SPL4:575:002A 3A SL 2S
20931KCVL INDB SPL19:4719:502A 3A SL 2S
19577TEN JAM EXPRESS19:4719:502A 3A SL
11098POORNA EXPRESS23:3723:402A 3A SL
22476CBE BKN AC SF EXP19:4719:501A 2A 3A
22630TEN DR EXPRESS19:4719:502A 3A SL
16311BKN KCVL EXPRES8:378:402A 3A SL
16334VERAVAL EXPRESS1:471:502A 3A SL
16565MANGALOREEXP13:2213:252A 3A SL
19259KCVL BVC EXPRESS1:371:402A 3A SL
20909KCVL PBR SF SPL19:4719:502A 3A SL 2S
02082JAN SHATABDI0:25DestinationN/A
06305ERS CAN SPL11:45DestinationCC 2S
06307ALLP CAN SPL23:10DestinationCC 2S
06515SBC CAN EXP10:55Destination2A 3A SL 2S
06608CBE CAN EXPRESS21:00Destination2S
07389YPR CAN SPL9:45Destination2A 3A SL 2S
16305ERS CAN SPL11:45DestinationCC 2S
16307ALLP CAN SPL23:10DestinationCC 2S
16608CBE CAN EXPRESS21:00Destination2S
12082TVC - CAN JAN SHATABDI0:25DestinationCC 2S
16511SBC CAN EXP10:55Destination2A 3A SL 2S
16527YPR CAN EXP9:45Destination2A 3A SL

Cannanore Can Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

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