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What are the minimum and maximum Tatkal Ticket Charges?

Indian Railways authority and management system allow passengers to book their journey tickets 120 days before the scheduled departure of train. The passengers can purchase their tickets from online and offline modes for their upcoming journey. IRCTC has provided multiple services online like making reservations, checking PNR status, train schedule and even book food in train via e-catering wing of Indian Railways. IRCTC, in order to facilitate the last minute ticket availability for passengers, offers Tatkal ticket booking that enables passengers to get confirm journey tickets in a short notice (24 hours). There’re chances when passengers have to plan a journey in an emergency. “Tatkal Quota” is the one stop solution to get confirm ticket to travel and it comes as a rescue for those who’re looking for train tickets in a hurry. Tatkal tickets are open for reservation, a day before the scheduled departure of the train. The passengers can book Tatkal tickets within 24 hours of the train’s departure time. Tatkal tickets can be purchased from online and offline modes of ticket reservation system.

Time to Reserve Tickets in Tatkal Reservation System
Tatkal tickets can be booked only one day (24 hours) before the train’s scheduled departure. The booking window for this quota starts from 10 AM to 12 PM every day (2 hours).

  • Tatkal ticket booking for Ac Classes Coach – 10 am to 11 am (Everyday)
  • Tatkal ticket booking for the 2nd Class & Sleeper Class – 11 am to 12 am (Everyday)

Note: During 10:00 to 10:30 and 11:00 to 11: 30 am ticket booking agents are not allowed to book tickets under this quota. The step is taken by the railway authorities to stop the misuse of Tatkal ticket. Additionally, only 2 tickets can be reserved through one login ID. Maximum 4 passengers can be allotted train tickets per PNR in Tatkal Quota.

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Minimum and Maximum Tickets charges applied for the Tatkal Tickets Booking
Tatkal Fare = Minimum 30% Fare of Base Fare
Booking tickets through Tatkal Quota costs higher than the general quota. There’re extra charges on the total fare of the ticket reserved under Tatkal Quota. Here’re the minimum and maximum charges of booking tickets under Tatkal quota. The minimum and maximum prices attached to the ticket fare vary according to the distance of the journey, coach classes, demand and availability of the tickets.

Minimum Price attached to ticket fare

  • 2nd Class Coach – INR 10
  • Sleeper Class Coach – INR – 100
  • Ac Chair Car – INR 125
  • 3RD AC class Coach – INR 300
  • 2nd AC Class Coach – INR 400
  • 1st AC Class Coach / Executive Class – INR 400

This is the basic fare that is charged under the Tatkal ticket reservation system at a minimum addition of extra charges.

Maximum Price Attached to Ticket fare
Indian Railways has also set the maximum amount of additional charges that can be applied while the distribution of train –tickets under Tatkal Quota.

  • 2nd Sitting class– INR 15
  • Sleeper Class–INR -200
  • AC Chair Car Coach–INR – 225
  • AC 3rd Ac Coach–INR 400
  • AC 2nd AC Coach–INR 500
  • AC 1st Ac Coach/Executive class- INR 500

Prices mentioned above are additional charges that apply while booking tickets through Tatkal quota. For example, if the ticket charge is Rs 1000 of a 3rd AC class coach the same ticket purchased under Tatkal ticket will cost Rs 1000 + Rs 300 (Minimum charges applied ) = Rs. 1300. However, the minimum and maximum prices attached to the ticket fare vary according to the distance of the journey, coach classes, demand and availability of the tickets.

Documents needed to Book Tickets under Tatkal Quota.
Previously, it was mandatory to produce a government authorized identity proof while booking from PRS counters. The passengers had to produce a self-attested copy of government authorized identity card. Now, the rules are updated and passengers’ don’t need to produce any special document for the ticket reservation under Tatkal Quota. Yet during traveling they have to carry a government recognized valid photo ID. For Online booking tickets online, the portal provides you the space to enter specific number of whichever ID you choose to submit like PAN Number for Pan Card, License number for Driving license or Aadhar number for Aadhar card etc.

Things to Know:

  • No refund is granted to the passenger if he /she cancel the confirmed ticket booked in Tatkal ticket Quota.
    There is no concession in fare provided under Tatkal Quota. Sr. Citizen Concessions do not apply for Tatkal quota bookings.
  • If the passenger is accommodated in the lower coach than the actual one booked by the passenger, the difference in the amount is refunded.
  • In the case of lower coach accommodation, if the passenger denies to journey, then the entire amount is refunded.
  • If the tickets are booked under Tatkal quota then the passenger must check his / her PNR status to get the accurate information about their journey.

Tatkal tickets have proved to be a boon for those passengers who need to travel by train in an emergency. If you have a travel plan in advance, it’s easy to book tickets early, but in case where traveling is planned on an emergency basis, then a certain percentage of seats are reserved under Tatkal quota in every train for ticket availability.

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