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How it Works? Food Delivery in Train

How Food is delivered in Train

Food Delivery In Train

Indian railways expanded over 7,349 stations are a vast expanse and the most trafficked mode of travel. With over 23 Million passengers traveling every day, train travel seems to be driving force of Indian population. Food, no doubt a major concern for people. Getting your favorite food in train journey was a nightmare. People had to suffer and stay contented with the thought that the best food they are bestowed with is the pantry food which was till recently acclaimed as safe for consumption.

Why Book Food Online During Train Journey?

Recent claims from popular food safety and security bodies and growing complaints have proven that the pantry food lacks hygiene too. Instead, one can now book food online during train journey. Here’s why one should book food online in trains:

  • 100% Hygienic Food Prepared by Top Restaurants.
  • Ease of Availability: E-Catering is present across 600+ stations in India.
  • Multiple Choices of Cuisines.
  • FSSAI Approved e-catering service providers.
  • Option to Pay On Delivery.
  • Regional Food Choices Now Made Available.
  • 24/7 Customer Support Available.
  • Food Delivered On Seat Avoids Un-wanted Hassle.

What all Locations are covered?

RailMitra offers wider coverage to meet your food in train demands. Currently the expanse ranges across 600+ stations across India. RailMitra covers major geographies and almost every popular station across all railway zones.

How to Order Food In Train?

Ordering food in train is lot easier with RailMitra. Just follow super easy steps to get your meal in train right at your berth:

  • Feed in your PNR number.
  • Select the station from the drop down at which meal needs to get delivered.
  • Add food items as per your choice in your basket.
  • Select the payment mode and do the transaction as desired or opt for COD.
  • Sit back and relax.
  • Your food will be delivered on our berth at ZERO booking fees.

Can I Book Food In Train Via Call or App?

If you want to book your meals for train journey, but not sure on how to proceed, just give us a call to our food advisors and share the PNR info. They would assist you in the whole food ordering process. One can also book food in train via RailMitra App. One can also lodge a call back request at our website and our food advisors will call you to arrange food for train journey.

What All Food Choices Will I Have While Booking Food Online For Train Journey?

One can order from range of choices. To name a few, here’re the options available to order food in train journey:

  • Pure Vegetarian Food: Prepared exclusively from a 100% Pure vegetarian restaurant.
  • Jain Special Food: Now, Order Jain Food in train journey too.
  • South Indian Food: Love South Indian Food? We have it covered in our menu.
  • Chinese Food: Spicy Chinese cuisines now available in trains too.
  • Desserts: The list is quiet longer in desserts. Just open your heart and order.
  • Regional Specialties: To make your travel exciting, do check for regional specialties in the menu while order food in train.

When can you book food for train journey?

You can book food once you have booked your ticket with Indian Railways. Even if you are traveling this month or next month or maybe in next 3 months, you can book meals in advance. One can also book food in train on the go while traveling. Our restaurant partners deliver food at next possible station.

How to Order Food for Group Traveling?

If you are traveling in-group and want to order food in train, just submit your group order requests at our website and our representatives will get back to you ASAP. Also, we offer exclusive discounts on group food orders in trains. Don’t forget to ask from our food advisor.

It is simple to order food on train and get it delivered to train berth. With little efforts, the modern day travelers are able to enjoy best meals during their train journeys. Food is delivered from reputed restaurants in the locality and multiple payment options are available. Book your meals for train journey today!!