PNR Status

PNR Status Check - The Unique Identity Of Every Train Traveler

Why it is vital and so much crucial to check PNR status? PNR term plays an important role in Indian Railways and it stays and needed with the passenger every time you plan traveling via trains.

What is PNR?

PNR is a 10-digit identification footprint for everyone who opts for railway as mode of commuting.  It’s an acronym of “Passenger Name Record” or popularly known as PNR. It is located on right hand topside of the ticket and gets stored in the computer database reservation system of Indian Railways. Whenever you book a ticket, no matter whether it is in confirmation status or is in waiting status, PNR number gets generated every time on random way and gets stored in the database for the record of Indian Railways authorities. This concept of generation of PNR number and to travel in trains without any hassle with confirmed PNR status is been derived in order to make the entire procedure more accessible and efficient for Indian railways as well as for passengers.

What All Information is Embedded In Your PNR?

PNR is your digital footprint containing unique details.  It stores basic passenger related information like their age, sex, date of birth, along with his travel details like ticket number, travelling date, seat number, coach number, source station, final station, berth preference if any, quota or class of travel, payment mode etc. PNR allows the Railways (and us) to track the name of the passenger, train number, time of booking and ticketing time limit, among other vital information. With the help of such information, RailMitra can also send you useful information, thus making your journeys less stressful!

Why to Check PNR Status?

Every time you book train tickets, you might not land in the green area of getting confirmed ticket status. However, to keep oneself acquainted with the escalations till the time you board the train, PNR status check-up becomes vital. One can see that PNR prediction shown by RailMitra platform is 99% accurate because it’s backed by data analysis. PNR Status seems to move fast on the penultimate day of journey. There are multiple factors behind confirmation probability which range from class of travel, peak time, seasonal trends & quotas allotted in the train at various stations en-route.

How to Check PNR Status?

RailMitra has made it a lot easier to stay updated with your PNR status escalations. Here’s how one can check PNR status:

  • Enter you unique 10 digits PNR.
  • Hit enter.
  • Check for the current status.
  • Current reservation status check using SMS at 139 (PNR Space <PNR Number> and send it to 139) or ( PNR Space <PNR Number> and send it to 5676747)
  • Mobile applications (NTES)
  • Railway enquiry counters at railway station
  • Final reservation charts (made live 1 hour before the train departure.

How RailMitra is helping in Getting Waitlisted Tickets Confirmed?

Checking the PNR status becomes a breeze with RailMitra with our range of attractive features. First of all, there is our Confirmation Probability feature which helps users know about end Confirmation chances of any PNR (in terms of High, Medium and Low). Secondly, RailMitra keeps the users updated about the progress/change in PNR status through periodic Notifications. The final status of a particular PNR number is sent when the final chart has been prepared, which is usually 30 minutes before departure of the train.

PNR Status Code- A Brief Overview:

  • GNWL (General Waiting List): Likelihood of confirmation is on high priority.
  • CKWL (Tatkal Waiting List): These are preferred after all GNWL lists have a confirmed berth status.
  • RLWL (Remote Location Waiting List)
  • RQWL (Request Waiting List)
  • PQWL (Pooled Quota Waiting List)
  • RLGN (Remote Location General Waiting List)
  • RSWL (Roadside station waiting list).

Does PNR Number Exists for Non-Reserved Passengers?

For online tickets, the 10 digit number PNR number is printed on the topmost row just below the transaction id and for all those that are booked on the railway reservation counters, the PNR number is been printed at the top leftmost corner just beneath the PNR number heading. Make it a point and do understand that PNR number is been allotted only and only to reserved tickets and for unreserved tickets, no PNR is been allotted. The reason behind is very simple as the ticket is in unreserved status, Indian Railways hasn’t booked or reserved any seat or berth in that case and the passenger can stand or sit anywhere in the designated coach in the train in this scenario.

It is always promising to check PNR status before heading out to station or travelling to know about the confirmed status of your reservation and booking. PNR status could be checked through different ways and it could be done either via web, phone, other methods and so. So, make sure to check out the pnr status before travelling and make sure whether the ticket you got is in reserved state or in unreserved status.