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About Us

RailMitra is a unique platform, which offers users a holistic platform to plan train journey from start to scratch. If you are someone travelling via Indian Railways, you have an option to check your PNR status, books meals for the train journey, find train running status and seat availability. Planning a train journey in India can be cumbersome if you don’t plan ahead. RailMitra comes to rescue all such concerns.

Why Choose RailMitra?

RailMitra offers a one-stop solution for train journey planning such as PNR status check, train ticket availability check, online food ordering in train & train schedule check. Here’re few reasons why you should choose RailMitra:

  • Real-Time Train Running Status Updates.
  • 99% Accurate Ticket Availability Prediction.
  • Updated PNR Status Check.
  • Online Food Booking In trains Across 450+ locations - food in train app.
  • Updated Train Schedules as Per CRIS Database.
  • Live Update on Train Arrivals & Departures.

RailMitra helps you in making decisions pertaining to train journeys. RailMitra believes in the notion that “Traveling Is Fun” and the planning for it should be fun too. Meeting the needs while making great plans.

With Over 23.9 million people commuting via trains every day, Indian Railways comprises of a major chunk of the commuting population. RailMitra offers an easier way to plan a train journey from scratch. We strive to be the fastest, mobile-friendly site that answers all your train travel questions in a few taps. A comprehensive hub of train travel information that dedicatedly works to give its users insightful information, all under one roof, to help them plan and take their train travel decisions in a better way.

What RailMitra Aims For?

End-user delight is what we strive to achieve what is referred to as “Customer Delight”. We just don’t stop at presenting the dry numbers, but provide insights behind them. We offer analytical based information that makes us stand out alone from the other sources of information. This is why our users’ base has been growing with every passing day.

RailMitra- A Step Ahead With Intelligence Backed Information

Our data in terms of ticket availability are based on analytical studies on the data we have compiled over years and this helps in delivering better predictions and hence delighting you always in making travel decisions. RailMitra is a one-stop solution that furnishes an expanse of data-based travel discovery at your fingertips. So get connected for an inclusive Rail journey information experience!