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What is Train Running Status?

Every train in the Indian Railways has a particular timetable based on which it completes the journey from its source station to the destination station.  There are several trains running on a particular route through which the passengers get a choice to select the train they want to travel in. RailMitra through its AI- based interface and services have made planning a train journey easy and entertaining. One of the services of RailMitra include the “Train Running Status” through which the passengers can easily know what is the current location of your train, the late status and what would be exact/expected arrival/departure time of the train to make the journey process smooth and hassle-free.  The live train running status of the train is highly required for the passengers, as it guides them for a successful planning to board the train and continue their journey with comfort and complacency.

How to Check the Train Running Status online

Keeping an access to the live train running status online is mandatory for the travelers to spot your train online. Any passenger needs these three main components or any of the two, at least, to track live train running status.

  1. Date of Journey (DOJ): It’s the date on which the passenger has to board the train and continue his journey. The date of Journey is printed on the ticket and mentioned in the text message forwarded by IRCTC, on the registered mobile number, after booking of tickets.
  2. Train number and Name: As an identity, each train has a specific five digit number attached to it. Eg. Patna Rajdhani has a number “12309”. This is an identification of the train and also reveals which route it will travel.
  3. Source and Destination Station name: Source station is the station from where the train journey starts and the destination station is the station where the journey ends. Eg. The Patna-Delhi Rajdhani express departs from the Rajendra Nagar Terminus (Source) and ends its journey at New Delhi Railway Station (Destination). These details are mandatory for checking the train running status and other details like inquiry of seat availability in train, arrival and departure of trains, or trains between stations.

RailMitra is an active platform for the travelers which helps them 24*7 through its wide array of services. RailMitra has emerged as a one-stop application for all railway inquiry needs, turning your journey into an enjoyable and delightful experience.  Unlock the live train running status for Indian railway trains to get all the train running information like the exact location of any train and its real arrival/delay status.

One can easily check the train running status on mobile using RailMitra by entering the train number. As soon as the passenger enters the train number, the name of the train appears. Click on the train name and hit the red button beside the box. Wait for a second! Your schedule and status will be clearly displayed on the screen. This is one of the fastest ways to spot your train in real time.

Components of a Train Running Status Inquiry

As the screen reflects the Indian Railway train running status, a traveler gets all the details regarding his journey. This schedule is 100% accurate as RailMitra application is backed with latest real-time GPS location mechanism, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and highly technical programming which supports and appropriately fetches the exact result from its huge and well maintained train running status map, backend database consisting intricate train details. Some of the components displayed on the screen which assures the result are:

  • Date of Journey: The date on which the traveller has to board his train for the journey.
  • List of Station Names: A list of station names between the source and destination station.
  • ETA or Estimated Time of Arrival and ETD or Estimated Time of Departure: The expected time of arrival and departure of the train whether the train is on time or delayed.
  • Halt time at each station: The schedule will display the halt timings of the train at each station.
  • Current station: The final result for which every traveler waits! It shows the exact location of the train or the exact station where the train is in a halt position.

Why do Passengers need to check their Train running status online?

During the pre-digitization era, the planning and executing a journey with a level of ease and comfort was something next to impossible as there were things unplanned which created a mess from the beginning to final step of the journey. After the adoption of digitization by IRCTC, planning a train journey is easy. So if you have the question, 'Where is my train', then Railmitra will help you spot your train at your fingertips. RailMitra is a fine example of a congregation of technology and automation, which solves the railway needs of the passengers.  Every train passenger need to check their live train status because:

  • It helps in time management: Time management is crucial. If you don’t reach the station on time to board the train for journey, there are high probabilities to miss the train. Through this service, every traveler can manage their timings to catch the train on time.
  • Devise a strategy for journey:  Every activity needs a strategy for its successful completion, and so is the train journey. Apart from managing time for the journey, it helps in devising a plan which helps the activities to go in a smooth way.
  • Easy Traveling initiation: Nowadays traveling is not that hectic like before. Travelers were not that mobile to travel to any location of India at any time. Thanks to the digitization. Now every traveler can easily plan and go for a journey as the railway services can be easily accessed via internet like ticket availability check, booking of tickets, hotels, cabs etc. Once the ticket is booked you can easily spot your train using the train running status and plan to explore beautiful India and its heritage is on without any Inconvenience.

  Choose RailMitra and plan your train journey without inconvenience!