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600 Coaches of Indian Railways parked Together for the First Time

Indian Railways has suspended passenger, mail and express train services from 24 March to 14 April to deal with the spread of coronavirus. Special freight and on-demand parcel trains are operational to ensure the supply of essential commodities across

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IRCTC ने ट्रेनों के संचालन पर 30 अप्रैल तक लगाई रोक! नहीं चलेंगी ये प्रमुख ट्रेने

कोरोना वायरस की महामारी से जूझ रहा भारत को फ़िलहाल राहत मिलने की उम्मीद दिख रही है। कोरोना वायरस का संक्रमण रोकने के लिए इस अवधि में देशव्यापी लॉकडाउन लागू किया गया है। इस महामारी को देखते हुए तमाम मीडिया रिपोर्ट्स के हवाले से यह खबर सामने आ रही है की द

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Indian Railways set up COVID-19 Fumigation Tunnel in Haryana

COVID-19 Fumigation tunnel is located at Jagadhari, Haryana Sanitization will start from entry gate to exit gate A special fumigation tunnel has been made in the Jagadhari workshop of Indian Railways. A fumigation tunnel or sanitization room has been c

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Indian Railways invented World Cheapest Ventilator-Jeevan

Indian Railways has designed a cheap ventilator that can be useful in saving thousands of lives amidst the spread of Coronavirus infection in the country. This low cost ventilator ‘Jeevan’ has been manufactured by Kapurthala Railway coach f


The #StayatHome Plea: Things to Avoid during the Lockdown

Social distancing and living in isolation can be difficult since human beings are social creatures, after all. It can feel weird, disoriented or disconnected to have to keep your distance. Many people tend to get frustrated and take the help of bad hab