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10 Best New Year Resolutions for 2020

New Year is one of the important festivals and everyone celebrates it with their own ways. Some celebrate by enjoying parties, some by sharing with others and some by making New Year resolution. Many of us frantically search about the New Year resolution ideas and try to implement them for a happier life. Resolutions are some positive acts which we pledge to implement in the coming year. However, after preparing a list of resolutions, we’re unable to follow them after a fortnight or month. The basic reason behind this fact is our busy and sedentary lifestyle which deviate us from our mindset of following them religiously. Whether it’s adopting a vegetarian diet and avoiding junk food, or quitting smoking; this year, let us adopt these 10 best new resolutions for 2020 which can be easily adopted for a better way of life.

  • Say no to Crackers; do not contribute to pollution:
    Crackers emit bad smoke which pollutes our environment. This year, “SAY NO TO CRACKERS” and save the mother earth!

  • Save Nature! Plant more trees: Our earth is going through mass deforestation. Let us pledge to plant trees which provides us fresh oxygen to breathe in.

  • Do not drink and drive: It’s illegal! Driving a car along with consumption of alcohol puts your life at risk. You will be highly susceptible to accidents. Avoid! This will save your life.

  • Stay Fit! Start doing Yoga: We know the importance of exercise and yoga in making our life healthy and fit. Try to include yoga and meditation in your lifestyle.

  • Create a positive attitude: Let all negative vibes get swiped away from your life. Include positive thoughts and attitude in your behavior.

  • Explore your Hobbies: Our daily style and responsibilities have made us forget our hobbies. This year, save some time for your hobbies. It can be either playing music, cooking or dancing.

  • Switch to a Healthy Diet: Dieting propensities might vary from one person to another. This year, let us switch to a healthy diet which builds immunity and strength in the body. Also, let us pledge to avoid zesty food in train during traveling and choose a healthier option indeed.

  • Learn New Skills: It’s the New Year and the time to update our current profile by adding some extra skills.

  • Quit Smoking and other Stuffs: We’ll remember the satirical advertisement and the character “Mukesh” who was represented as if he was struggling for life after the deadly consumption of cigarettes and tobacco. Let us set free ourself from the bondage of smoking and drugs.

  • Plan a vacation: For friends and families, who haven’t planned any vacation yet, must plan a summer vacation to rejuvenate their mind and soul. It’s an important part of life.

Unlock these ten New Year resolutions to contribute a healthy and better life.

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