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10 Most Beautiful Railway Stations of India

India is a land of natural wonders. The diversified terrains of India offer beautiful sights to the people and that’s the reason people across the world come to spend their quality time in the wonderland of India. To make your journey beautiful and comfortable, Indian Railway ministry have taken tremendous steps. In the same segment Indian Railways have left no stone unturned to beautify the some of the railway stations of India. Some stations are beautified and altered while some are constructed or renovated attractively with world-class facilities. So whenever you pass by these stations make sure to glare at the constructions and architectural beauty of these railway stations.Keep journeying via Indian Railways and enjoy the beauty of these stations before reaching towards your destination. To make your journey more interesting order your favorite food in train via e-catering services and enjoy this scenic beauty with your favorite meal on your train journey.

Looking at the massive railway connection throughout the India, one should not be surprised to know that there are some stations of the Indian Railways which have been declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO. From the ever ending list of beautiful places of India, here are 10 most beautiful railway stations which have been listed where you must wish to de-board once and click some picturesque scenes of the station building. These are the most beautiful railway stations of India.

  1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus, Mumbai: This railway station is abbreviated as CST. The station building was constructed in 1887 named as Victoria terminus. This station is one of most beautiful railway stations of the world. This is also credited as the best railway building structure of the world. The station was renamed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus in 1996. Looking at its great structure and architectural fashion, this railway station has been adopted by World heritage site by UNESCO. So, whenever your plan for Mumbai, don’t forget to get a glimpse of this station. This place is not only a railway building but a museum. The art galleries at the station are a worth visit.

  2. Dhudhsagar Railway Station, Goa: The magical railway station of Dhudhsagar is a show-stopper! The railway station is located near the Dhudhsagar falls giving a mesmerizing view of natural beauty to the passengers. The blessing of the nature and hard work of Indian Railways has worked together and thus gave us a naturally beautiful and gorgeous railway station of Dhudhsagar.

  3. Cuttack Railway Station, Odisha: The station building of Cuttack railway station looks like the Rajputana Fort. The structure of the entry premises of the station is very beautiful and it has been constructed in the form of a fort which gives a glorious look. The railway station doesn’t look like the fort but it was a fort built in 14th century during Kalinga Empire. This railway station is very beautiful and also among the top 100 booking railway stations of India.

  4. Madhubani Railway Station, Bihar: This railway station of Bihar is also in the list. The railway station of Madhubani town is the most beautiful railway station of India, as the station premises have been painted beautifully with the world famous Madhubani painting. These paintings mainly depict the Lord Ram and Devi Sita (religious ideal according to the Ramayana, the Hindu Epic literature), Hindu deity and social messages. These paintings showcase many social messages in a creative form. Indeed the railway station of Madhubani is a worth visit.

  5. Howrah Railway Station, West Bengal: The railway station of Howrah is located on the bank of Hooghly River. It is a very beautiful railway station of India. The station is connected by the city with world famous and historic Howrah Bridge. The railway station of Howrah is also known for one of the oldest railway building construction of India. This station gives a pleasant and panoramic view of the city alongside the view of the Hooghly River flowing near the station. This railway station is also counted among one of the top ten busiest railway station of India having almost 23 railway platforms.

  6. Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station: Disclaimer! You have arrived in the town of Nawabs! The railway station of Lucknow Charbagh is neither a royal palace nor fort. It’s just a railway station building pleasing the hearts of passengers at its premises. The railway station building and premises of the station is very beautiful vibrantly painted with red and white color. The well-maintained garden and tall structure of the station make it stand strong in the queue of most beautiful railway station of India.

  7. Ghum Railway Station, West Bengal: Ghum railway station is a small railway station yet it is counted among the most beautiful railway stations of India. The Ghum railway station and its route is a toy train ride to Darjeeling. This railway station and railway route is the heights railway station of India and also counted as the 14th highest railway station of the World. The railways station and also the railway route from Ghum to Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful Railway route.

  8. Dwarka Railway Station, Gujarat:Surprisingly, beautiful railway station of Dwarka will confuse you certainly with its premises and building construction. This railway station serves the pilgrim town of Dwarka. The station building is built in a Temple kind of structure and this is what beautifies the station of Dwarka.

  9. Chennai Central: It is one of the oldest railway stations of India and a gateway to south India. The railway station of Chennai central is indeed a beautiful, vast and grand railway station of India. The station is also one of the top busiest railways stations of India. The infrastructure, cleanliness and maintenance of the station make it one of the most beautiful railway stations of India.

  10. Old Delhi Railway Station of India: Old Delhi is another beautiful railway station serving the Capital city of India. The Old Delhi station has been constructed in the same architectural style of Red fort. The building was built using the Red stone to give it a similar look to the closely located red fort. There were 4 clock towers still existing at the station premise which is now used as the water tank. The appearance of Old Delhi station is not less than a fort. This is what makes it one of the most beautiful railway stations of India.

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