10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Once in 2020!

From improving your health to rejuvenation from daily life, we all know the benefit of traveling and believe that traveling is a medicine. If you want to be a great story teller, it is always advised to travel whenever and wherever possible. It has been found that those who travel at least once in a year are more focused, happy, and productive than those who don’t. Travelling is a highly effective way to make you feel relaxed and positive. So why not take some time off and give yourself a fresh feeling in the New Year 2020? Go, take a leave, and give yourself some quality time. Book your tickets via IRCTC or PRS counter. Don’t forget to order food online in train while you are travelling. You will get fresh and delicious food at your seat that will surely make your trip a memorable one.

Here are the top 10 reasons for you to travel at least once in a year:

  1. Travel to Earn, Learn and Stay Healthy:
    When you travel, you get to know and meet different people from various religions and cultures. You come to know about their living style, culture, rituals, and regional cuisines. You get a new and entirely different perspective of life. When you travel alone, you get the much needed time to think about your life in a better way. Our mind tends to think well in peace and serenity. If you always indulge yourself in your work, studies, or other tasks, you never get to reflect your true self. Travelling also provides you the opportunity to know yourself.

  2. Accept Challenges of Life – Be Adventurous:
    Everybody loves some adventure and thrill in life. Otherwise life would be so boring. If you want to move on for some adventurous trip; do not entertain any excuses to justify. Lack of time might be one of the reasons for not to travel but you need to plan and take some time out from your busy schedule. So don’t wait for the right time, move ahead fulfil your dreams of paragliding, skydiving, swimming, horse-riding, or whatever you wish to do. Once you complete your adventurous dream, you will definitely learn a new skill.

  3. Travel Helps You Move Forward in Your Life:
    If you are in some bad phase of your life, then before consulting a clinical psychologist, you should definitely go on a trip. Travelling is a great healer. It refreshes you and makes you forget about your current situation. Travelling is like meditation and proves to be very good for your mental health.

  4. You Just Need a Break:
    Being at one place and living the same kind of life for a very long time can make your mind dull. You become less productive at your workplace. Some refreshment and newness has become an essential thing for employees. You regain your lost strength and when you return back from the trip, you can work with double your efforts. If you are planning to travel but can’t decide the perfect place for your trip, we have an awesome list of great places to travel.

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  6. Travelling Will Help You Bring Back Your Happy past:
    Relocating to another city for a high paying job is a common phenomenon. As the time passes, you leave your happy memories behind and experience the heavy load of official work and responsibilities. This is the point where we need a break and travelling back to hometown will bring back all the good old memories and refresh you from within. You will get to meet your old friends there which will definitely bring back your past and fill you up with enjoyment.

  7. You Face the True Reality:
    Travelling gives you the option to experience all those places in person that you have read about on the Internet. You can never fully understand a place unless you visit there yourself. Sometimes, we come across several rumours, stereotypes, and misconceptions about other states and their cultures. But once you go there, you find a completely different look. So don’t just go on internet stuff to make your point about a place. Rather, you should visit and experience things yourself.

  8. Traveling Gives you Perspective:
    Travelling can change the way you think and perceive things. You might have a bad point of view on any specific thing or topic due to lack of understanding or any other reason. But when you travel, you have time to think properly and understand about yourself. Spending some time alone will help to clear your perspective.

  9. You Can Make Amazing Friends:
    Travelling gives you the option to meet people with similar interests. Thus, you can make great friends along the way. You will create unforgettable memories. If you’re one of those who like the company of people around, go to a group tour with your friends or family. At RailMitra we offer the facility of group order for train journey from where every member can order food online for a better foodie journey. Moreover, if your relationship isn’t doing great, travelling can help you strengthen bonds with your loved and closed ones. You can clear all misunderstandings while you are away in a different place.

  10. Sets You Free from That Shambles:
    You feel like there is so much going on around you that you have lost control over your life. Whether it’s the long traffic, people gushing & rushing, or the fast paced metro life, sometimes we just wish to be free from this chain. Honestly, you don’t have to free yourself from that chain; all you need to do is to loosen a little bit. The best and easiest way to do that is to set out on a journey and rejuvenate. When you return, you will feel new energy in your life.

  11. You Will Have Many Stories to Tell
    Travelling gives you experience. It makes you a mature person as a whole. You create new and interesting stories with every trip that you go on. So you become a fun person to talk to. You will make great friend easily. When you retire and you have grandkids, then you will be a great storyteller. People will seek advice from you in case they also want to go somewhere that you have already been.

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Now that you have all the reasons for travelling, we hope you will be more than convinced to pack your bag, book tickets, and fly off to your dream destination that you had always wanted to go to.

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