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10 Tips for Solo Female Travelers in Train

Traveling is always inspirational. Many travel quotes display that the most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself, and to view this beautiful world, you need to travel. There are many travelers or travel bloggers, adventurous enough, to travel in any part of the world and gain ample experience in life by visiting places miles away from their home. India is a home to many incredible places and sightseeing. Places like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and few cities of Madhya Pradesh are a reservoir of tourist attractions. Temples, caves, five-star restaurants, gardens, parks, and ancient wonders are the primary attractions of any state or city.

Female Travelers
In India, the zeal and excitement to travel in train is best defined when we’re on a trip with our family. Friends traveling in a group continue to have fun and are always in a plan to make their journey merrier, adventurous and full of excitement. However, there are many instances when females have to travel alone to certain destinations or they are on a trip to travel throughout the incredible India. These female travelers have to plan and execute their journey in such an effective manner that it becomes complacent and free from any hassles. So, if it’s your mom or sister heading to meet her son/ brother, or any female traveler planning for a solo trip to some great destinations in India, here are some tips to follow for an undoubtedly safe journey.

  1. Plan and Book your Tickets in Advance: This is one of the most mandatory tasks where every traveler must be attentive enough. When you book your tickets in advance, you will be free from the last minute rush or tatkal bookings which will cost extra. You may get a confirmed ticket with the coach and berth number printed on the ticket. However, there are chances you might receive a RAC status or a Waitlist status ticket. Do not worry! There is enough time till journey date. There are high probabilities of confirmation of your ticket.

  2. Pack your Essentials in the luggage: Apart from dresses and accessories, there are many other necessities like medicines, mobile chargers, power bank, toiletries, sanitary pads, moisturizing cream and a small first aid kit. These are a must to carry. Make sure you do not pack them in your heavy luggage which is to be placed under the berth. There should be a separate handbag for the same to carry.

  3. Check your PNR number regularly: As discussed, there are chances; you might get a ticket with RAC or waitlist status. Therefore, check PNR status and confirmation probability every day till the date of Journey.

  4. Carry a Dummy Wallet: It’s compulsory! A dummy wallet contains some expired credit/debit cards, some cash, fake identity proofs and other duplicate items. The dummy wallet is necessary as your original wallet will be safe from any robbery.

  5. Relax on the Day of Journey: Try to complete your packing beforehand. It will save much time on the day of journey and you might be relaxed from any last minute rush. If you’re carrying a bag full of home cooked snacks, it’s the time to keep the bag untouched and leave it for your son/brother, waiting for you at the destination station. Let him and his friends enjoy the food you have cooked. Order your food in train from RailMitra and enjoy hygienic, restaurant food, delivered on your train berth. Do not depend on the unhygienic pantry food or food sold by the local vendors at station premises.

  6. Rail Mobile Applications: There are various mobile applications which railways have launched for the safety of passengers. RailMadad is one of them through which passengers can lodge complain which will directly be sent to the higher officials of the Indian Railways. The complaint will be resolved and regular reporting of the status of complaints will be sent by the officers to the senior railway officials. RailMitra app is an AI-based mobile application and the best travel mate for your journey. It provides all railway inquiry details to the passengers who are planning a train journey.

  7. E-catering Mobile Application: There are many trains which are devoid of pantry cars. Travelers, in this case, can relax and download RailMitra mobile application through which food of your choice can be easily delivered at the desired station. These e-catering companies are a boon to non-pantry trains.

  8. Save these helplines numbers in your smartphone: Be smart! Save railway helpline numbers in your phone book. The numbers are 182,139, 1322, and a toll free number 1800-111-322. Make sure that the phone battery is fully charged up to 100% throughout the journey.

  9. It’s time to commute to the station. Check train running status in advance! Finally, the day arrives to board the train. There are two cases: The train has to depart from the destination station or the train has already departed from the station and your boarding point is from other station. In both the cases, you have to check the train running status regularly as to where your train is located at a point of time. Through this inquiry, you can get an estimated time of arrival of the train. Be prepared with your luggage when the train arrives.

  10. Always Choose AC 2 tier or AC 3 tier for the journey: The AC coaches of the train are considered safe and preferred mostly for any journey. Try to book your tickets in these coaches. If there is a rush, postpone the journey till you get confirm AC Class ticket. Do not prefer sleeper class or Chair Car for the journey.

Are you planning for a solo trip to some exotic locations? There are awesome destinations in India and abroad to venture and discover something best in the world. Solo traveling signifies freedom to live and unlocks the clogged pores of maturity and experience. So, either you choose rail or road; solo female travelers must follow these tips for their convenience and safety. Make your travel experience enriching and enjoyable.

  • Pack less and be more mobile
  • Protect your valuables like cash, cards and identity proofs.
  • Research about the destination you’re going to visit. Make sure you know the popular tourist attractions of the place.
  • Be friendly and casual with other fellow travelers.
  • Do not share the location of your stay to anyone during the trip. Play Safe!
  • Do not accept any offers from strangers like food items or a drop to hotel/home.
  • Do not share your plans for the day.
  • Try to meet locals and extract more information about the place.
  • Carry your essentials in a separate bag. First aid kit is a must.
  • Avoid traveling at night by road. It can be dangerous. Rest at a hotel and start your journey the next day.

RailMitra wishes every solo female traveler a very Happy and a Safe Journey. Enjoy your travel in a New Year 2019!

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