15 Easy Ways to Make Coronavirus Lockdown More Productive

If the global coronavirus pandemic that is currently gripping the country is to be defeated, the most important thing that you can do is to disinfect and wash hands at home and distance yourself from others as far as possible. Even with increased protection against coronavirus and COVID-19, people often forget about the lockdown, where the general public is locked in homes. The government has clearly said that anything and everything will be done to keep you at home and safe from coronavirus. In such a scenario, cabin fever can start quickly, not only among people who work from home but also among those who do not. So, we’ve put together a list of some expert tips on preparing your family for COVID-19 and what to do and which things to stay away from during the lockdown to make your time productive and efficient.

Here’re 15 Productive Things You Should Do During Coronavirus Lockdown:

COVID 19 offers the opportunity to spend quality time with the family and indulge in some fun indoor activities.

    1. Revisit photo albums
      Going through old photo albums brings back wonderful memories. According to a survey, flicking through your old photos makes you much happier than eating chocolate, listening to music, or even watching your favorite TV show.Sit down one of these days with your old pictures to step back in time and connect to those better, simpler days.
    2. Binge-watch Netflix
      It’s no brainer that people will jump on the couch and start watching TV these days. Netflix and other streaming platforms have launched several new and exciting shows these days that you should definitely watch. There is nothing more comforting than eating and binge-watching your favorite shows.

    1. Read a book
      It is rightly said that “Books are our best friends”. Books will enhance your knowledge of people, society, history, and culture. Apart from that, they can be great entertainers as well. According to research, people who read books regularly are smarter and efficient than those who do not. So, no more excuses now. Pick up your favorite book and start reading.
    2. Listen to podcasts
      Podcasts are a great medium to learn something new and get information about various topics. If you have never been to the fascinating world of podcasts, then there is no better time than this. There are lots of amazing online audios available to listen that cover everything from health and entertainment to technology, politics, and new ideas. Give it a try, you will thank us.
    3. Do home workout
      Your body needs constant activity to function properly. All this eating, sleeping, and watching TV makes your body dull and weak. WHO recommends a 30-minutes workout for everyone. This will not only enhance your immunity but also make you active. You can also split your workout session into three parts: 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon, and 10 minutes in the evening. If you’ve been dreaming about getting fitter, take up Yoga or Pilates, or attend a practical home fitness class online.

    1. Relive your childhood
      We can all agree on this point that playing Ludo, Carrom, Snake & Ladder, etc. in our childhood was awesome. Most probably, those classic old-age games are still lying in your storeroom eating dust. Take those games out and sit down with your family for a happy time. This will cheer everyone up and bring back good old memories.
    2. Cook something new
      There is nothing more productive than to pass your free time cooking. Health experts also suggest that cooking imparts a sense of happiness in our brain and helps you relax from tensions. If cooking has always been a daunting task for you, then this is the perfect time to learn it. There are tons of online cooking recipes and tutorials available online to help you overcome your fear.

    1. Try learning new musical instruments
      Always wanted to learn guitar but the constant work didn’t allow you to do that? You can learn whatever and whenever during this leisure time. There are a plethora of YouTube videos and tutorials that will teach you to play any musical instrument. Sit down with your instrument and start practicing. Who knows if you have a hidden musical talent inside you?
    2. Learn a new language
      Learning a new language may seem a little difficult and challenging at first. But hey! Nothing great can be achieved without hard work and dedication. Now is the time to learn some fancy new words and impress your friends when the lockdown is over. Next time, when you meet your friends, don’t greet them with a boring “Hello”, instead say “Konnichi wa”.
    3. Clear and update your phone
      Did you always press the “Not now” button when your phone asked for an update? Now is the perfect time to update and refresh your phone. Mobile phones need constant cleaning from junk files, cache files, and other unnecessary stuff. So, download the CCleaner app and run your phone through it. You will definitely feel the change. Phones become much faster and smoother after cleaning, so don’t postpone the update this time.
    4. Clear out your wardrobe
      Amid the regular hustle and bustle of your busy life, your wardrobe suffers the most. It must feel like people are just using it and nobody cares about it. So, now that you have got so much free time, you can resolute its complaints. Take out all your clothes and brush your wardrobe from the inside out. Then, after carefully arranging and folding your clothes, put them back in your wardrobe. It will be a fun experience.

  1. Clean and organize your house
    Always wanted that old sofa out of your living room, but didn’t have time to do that? Now that the country is in complete lockdown, you can rearrange things in your house, move stuff from here and there, and put them as you please. Your house will never look the same after rearrangement. Little changes bring big happiness.
  2. Quit a bad habit
    You wanted to quit smoking or alcohol but didn’t have enough strength or willpower to do that. The government-mandated lockdown has put a barrier – lack of access to bad habits which can give a push that you needed all along. So, it is a good time to finally say goodbye to those vices.
  3. Take care of yourself
    Indulge in some self-care during this time. Amid the busy schedule of your daily life, you don’t give proper time to your body. It needs care and service as well. Make a face pack at home, wash your hair with natural ingredients, ask your partner for a massage. These are some of the things that you can do only if you have excess time. So, don’t miss the chance.
  4. Talk to your old friends and relatives
    It will not kill you to remember your long-distance relatives and year-old friends. Call them or contact them on their social profiles. Who knows something good may come out! Everyone is busy in their busy lives, so it is not a matter of grave concern that you are not in contact with your relatives. But remembering them now and then will not hurt you. Amid this lockdown, you can make some good relations with people.


Social distancing and living in isolation can be difficult since human beings are social creatures, after all. It can feel weird, disoriented, or disconnected to have to keep your distance. Many people tend to get frustrated and take help of bad habits. But lockdown does not mean depression. It can be frustrating but adopting bad habits can worsen them. The health ministry in its statement has clearly mentioned that the use of drugs, alcohol, or any such substance to cope up with the boredom of Lockdown can make the situation worse and affect your health adversely. It’s necessary to adopt some tips to make the lockdown period healthy.

    1. Do Not Cultivate any New Bad Habits:
      Lockdown is not an excuse to get bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, weeding, etc. If you smoke 2 cigarettes a day, don’t make it 3 or 4. The point is, don’t become a chain smoker if you have got the free time. Use your time constructively. Make your family aware of safety tips to combat Coronavirus and make sure they follow it.

    1. No Unnecessary Strolling on Streets
      Social distancing means you have to stay away from people as far as possible. So, try to be outside your home as little as possible. It is not a permanent thing; you will get your time. You can again go to parks and roam freely. But lockdown means staying at home. Understand that and respect that.
    2. Don’t Spread Misinformation:
      The last thing that our country needs during coronavirus pandemic is fake news and rumours. So, don’t believe in fake news and don’t spread them as well. Beware of WhatsApp forwards and news from unauthentic sources. If you get any such news from anyone, check the authenticity of that message before blindly forwarding it to everyone.

  1. Don’t Break the Rules:
    Lockdown has been implemented for a reason. It is to curtail the spread of deadly coronavirus. So, accept the situation and follow the orders of the government. Don’t be a rule-breaker. If a policeman stops you to ask where you are going, don’t fight with him. Tell him politely your reason to go outside.

However, sitting at home for 24 hours can be frustrating, thus leading to social isolation. Here’re some ways to handle social isolation.

How to Handle Social Isolation?
We have heard the spread of COVID-19 and its rising cases throughout the world. The 21 days lockdown is meant to prevent the deadly infection of COVID-19. PM Narendra Modi has requested the citizens to stay at home for 21 days and strictly follow the rules of lockdown. Television, social media, newspapers, social circles, and other sources are always updating the nation about the latest moves of the government and the condition every country is going through. The lockdown has completely restricted us to move out of our residence thus leading to social isolation. Staying at home can be quite nice for some time, but can also be boring and restricting. Here are some ways to keep positive and cheerful.

    1. Make Yourself Busy: Indulge yourself in a regular schedule. Help your family in their tasks. If you’re allotted with work from home by your office, it’s the best time to think creatively for your assignments.
    2. Eat and Drink well: Consume lots of fluids. Though it’s the lockdown period; but essentials are available in the market. Switch to fruit diet. Also, be physically active. Do simple indoor exercises that will keep you fit and feeling fit.

  1. Stay Away From Negative Emotions: Fear is the common emotion every country is going through these days. Distract yourself from negative emotions. Choose to listen to music, switch back to the melodies of Bollywood during the 90s, reading, watching an entertaining program on television. If you had any old hobbies like painting, gardening, or stitching, go back to them. It’s a golden time to rediscover your hobbies. At the same time, teach your family and prepare them to fight from COVID-19.
  2. Extensive care for senior citizens: Elderly people may feel confused, lost, and need help. Offer them help by getting them what they need, their medicines, daily needs, etc.

Handling Emotional Problems:
Clinical psychologists and mental health experts have stated that the lockdown period can be frustrating and there’re probabilities that mental health can be affected. Special care has to be taken for patients who are suffering from clinical disorders and are underlying medical treatment. The hormonal secretion in the body leads to various emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, and stress. But coping up with this situation at home is easy If you’re facing such emotions on a low/medium/high level. Ask these questions to yourself.

  1. What is under my control?
  2. Am I unnecessarily worrying about the worst thing that can happen?
  3. When I have been stressed in the past, how have I managed?
  4. What are the things I can do to help myself and be positive?

At times when you feel anxiety practice breathing slowly for a few minutes. Slow down your mind. Think of something calm and serene. Feeling lonely or sad is also quite common. Stay connected with others. Communication can help you to connect with family and friends. Call up people whom you haven’t spoken to and surprise them. Discuss happy events, common interests, exchange cooking tips, share music. If any of these emotions persist for several days, despite your trying to get out of it, talk about it with someone. If these emotions increase and you feel helpless and thoughts like life is not worth living strikes your mind, then call at helpline number 080-46110007 for advice from a mental health professional or contact your doctor/mental health professional.

Our country and the whole world are currently facing the worst crisis of this century. Let’s fight with this virus together and support our government. We will win, Corona will lose!

Author: Rohit Choubey

Rohit is an avid blogger as well an eminent digital marketeer. He has immense passion towards food blogging. His hobbies include travelling, cooking and watching movies. He is the content analyst for RailMitra.

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Author: Rohit Choubey

Rohit is an avid blogger as well an eminent digital marketeer. He has immense passion towards food blogging. His hobbies include travelling, cooking and watching movies. He is the content analyst for RailMitra.