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5 Corners and its Famous Festivals Celebrated in November

India is blessed with the title of “Land of festivals” as it is the land of cultural diversity. From yoga to travel destination,there are many more things that attracts visitors from centuries. Being a passionate traveller, visit anywhere in the country, you’ll find people are celebrating the days with a great enthusiasm. Celebration is a grand part of India and there are numbers of festivals that are celebrated in different corners of the country. From South to North and from East to West, every corner of India is popular for different occasions that call the tourist across the globe. Starting winter is the great time to plan a trip to explore or to plan any trip. There are many grand carnivals that are celebrated in the starting of winter i.e. in the month of November.

November Monthwel comes the winter and it is also begins the great celebration in different corners of India. Festivals give the glimpse of the culture of the country. Except all the rituals, people enjoy it by dancing, singing ritual songs, games like cards, drinking and having delicious food items. Not only Indians, foreigners also love to come to India and to get dissolved in the charm of Indian festivals.

Here’re some popular festivals from five corners of India celebrated in month of November with great pomp and show:

Rann Utsav (Kutch):
It is a carnival of music, dance and natural beauty of Rann. This awesome festival of Kutch offers a magical site to see the white desert. Like every year, this Utsav will start in the last of October and will end in February. This Year the gala will start on October 28 and will end on 23rd February, 2020. Plan your trip for this breath-taking festival. You can check the train schedule via RailRestro and then can get your tickets booked.

Chhath Puja (Bihar):
Chhath Puja is the most admired and pious festivals of North Indian States. Since this festival is celebrated on the sixth day of Diwali, so it is known as Chhath. This festival is devoted to the God Sun. This year chhath Puja will be celebrated on 2nd November, 2019. Since the charisma of this festival is popular worldwide, tourist love to come India to witness this festive pride of Bihar.During this sanctified festival people avoid consuming non-veg food items, Onion and Garlic. While travelling in train one can also order pure veg food in train.

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Hampi Festival or Vijaya Utsav (Hampi):
Hampi was the capital of Vijayanagar Empire which was one of the biggest empires of Indian History. This Utsav highlight the heritage of Karnataka. The biggest attraction of this festival is its Light and Sound shows. Karnataka government organises this festival every year in the first week of the month of November. This three day festival attract tourist from all around the world. Apart from light and sounds this festival offers many more things like shopping of musical items, fashion items, Jumbo march, crackers show, classical dance and many more.

Sonpur Mela (Bihar):
Sonpur Mela is one of the most popular cattle fair. It is one of the biggest fairs of Asia, arranged in Sonpur, Bihar. Many people visit here for cattle trading. Apart from cattle trading, visitors enjoy to stay in tents, watching its famous circus performances, martial art performance, fair rides, dances, magic acts and so on. Sunrise bathing in the Sone River is one of the important rituals of starting of this fair. This year Sonpur Mela will be celebrated from 20th November, 2019. So, before leaving your house for this fair, cross-check your PNR status to know the exact status of your booking via RailRestro.

Guru Nanank Jayanti (Amritsar):
On November 12, 1469 the founder and first guru of Sikh was born in the village of Talwandi, located in Lahore, Pakistan. On this auspicious day, Sikhs celebrate as the birth anniversary of 10 Sikh gurus with full devotion. The celebration starts 48 hours before the anniversary date and ends on his birthday with a roaring slogan “Jo bole so Nihal – Sat Shree Akal”. Guru Nanak Sahib introduced the five “KS” for Sikhs and that are – Kesh, Kara, Kangh, Kaach and Kripaan. Usually, Sikhs don’t worship any idol and believe that God is amorphous. Langar is prepared in Gurudwaras and served to everyone free of cost. They believe once you came in the shelter of Guru Sahib, you’ll not sleep without satiating your hunger.

Apart from these famous festivals, there are numerous local festival celebrated in different corners of our country. Not only November, every month of our country fills with festivals which attracts tourists to be part of this festival.
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