5 Reasons Why Train Travel is Better Than Airlines

Railway platform and trains are the places where Indian crowd throngs to board the train and reach their destination. It is popularly known that India is a land of cultural diversity and an exclusive example of the fact can be easily visualized at any railway station. Indian Railway acts as a string which threads different people of India altogether into one. We might have cursed and blasted at Indian Railways for some dreadful experience in the past, but can’t deny the fact that there are railway journeys with pleasant experience engraved forever in mind.

The festive season has arrived, and people travel from one part of India to another. In this season the role of Indian Railways become crucial. The race to book tickets keep soaring high, the size of the serpent style queue at ticket booking counter increases and the internet connection become lousy and dead after a time as the server is overloaded by mass used for booking tickets. The railway platform is seen crowded with travelers and it’s the place to realize and view the assortment of Indian culture. Every single platform in India is loaded with travelers and their heavy luggage, waiting for their train to board. Travelling via train is a fun as you meet several personalities from all over the India in a single coach. Chit-chats, a cup of tea/coffee, snacks, food, co-passengers are the best companion to pass your leisure time.

Another mode to travel during festive season is the Airlines. Various airline companies pop up with their offers life cash back, purchase points, discounts etc which allures the public to plan journey via airplane. Traveling via airlines is not budget-friendly for everyone. Airline tickets are generally priced higher if booked in an emergency during last few hours. It will crash the budget instantly. As a solution, Indian Railways is the best choice for everyone as it is pocket-friendly and provides classes of seats like Sleeper, AC, General, Chair car, for every passenger to choose as per their pocket and distance.

Here are some reasons why one should choose Railways over airlines for an unforgettable journey.

  • You get to enjoy the scenic beauty outside: As the train moves from the source station and stars its journey by crossing the outskirts of the city, one can easily enjoy the spectacular beauty of nature, which proves that India is not only a country of concrete and buildings. The high mountains, huge rocks, farm fields, tunnels, forests, rivers, and breath-taking bridges, etc., reminds us of our childhood days when journey via train was one of the dreams coming true. Soak yourself in nature to breath the unpolluted air and enjoy the high-speed zig-zag movement of the train.

  • Taste Special Dishes at Special Stations: Though every station on a journey is special, but some stations or junction becomes exclusive by their food specialties. Like Agra and Itarasi junction are famous for Petha, Mathura for Peda, and Vijayawada is known for its south Indian dishes and high-quality cashews, there are many stations famous for a certain special food item. So, if you are a foody, and want to taste the delicacies across India, then a long-distance journey is your best friend. You have an opportunity to drop down at every station and buy popular food items. Now, having food in train of your choice is easy. Hot and fresh food will be delivered right at your seat within few clicks. RailMitra, provides multiple choices of cuisines, which are prepared under 100% hygienic condition and by top restaurants. One can now book food of choice online during the train journey.

  • Unlimited Group Fun: Are you traveling in a group with friends? If yes, then you can easily fight with the boredom of long journey. Singing, dancing, playing cards, truth and dare, I never game, are some of the leisure time hacks which will sway you to another world of fun and entertainment. One of the group members can be seen checking the train schedule to know the upcoming halts. You will completely forget your tension and worries of life and start capturing these moments as selfie and videos for the “Safar ki Yaadein” folder, later placed in the drive of your system.

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  • Shopping at cheap prices: The market inside the train is mobile. You can get Chinese items like toys, torch, mobiles, decorative items, books for children, ladies’ specific items like hairbands, ear rings, handkerchiefs and food items like fruits, Chana Jhor Garam, masala sprouts etc. It’s also a market for adult products like cigarettes, pan masala, Gutkha etc. Visit this mobile market and purchase anything of your choice at cheap rates. Sometimes, it’s good to explore and experience low-rated shopping.

  • Mingle with co-passengers: Traveling on the Indian train is a great experience. You will find people with different culture, language, dresses which displays authentic India. A variety of discussions like cricket, politics, food, stations and their funny names, tips to protect luggage etc. is heard in every compartment.Trains are a reservoir of information and knowledge. Apart from the jokes and games, when you mingle with the co-passengers in this running university, the knowledge exchange is as valuable as a treasure.

If you plan a journey via Indian Railways, then check the train running status at intervals to know where the train is placed and at what time will it reach to the source station.

Some points to ponder during the journey are:

  • You may get RAC tickets in festive season. Know in detail the IRCTC rules for RAC tickets.
  • Received a ticket with code like “WL10/WL7”? Do not worry! Keep checking your PNR status. Railways add extra coaches to every train for the passengers to get a confirm seat.
  • Do not get down at every halt. There may be a stoppage of few minutes with high probability to miss the train.
  • Choose for an overnight train, if possible. It is of great convenience.
  • Carry Sanitizer and extra toiletries in your luggage.
  • Carry your travel pillow and other accessories, if traveling via sleeper class.
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended.
  • Carry enough water for the journey. scarcity of water is serious in the trains having no pantry cars.

Hats off to the Indian Railways, as it introduces us to the mind-boggling diversity of India.

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