8 Signs Displaying Your Hidden Love for Train Journey

A famous quote reveals that “Everything is a railway junction where past and future are sliding over”. When a traveler compares his life with a train journey, there are many factors similar beyond the imagination. It’s truly said that life and a train journey is very much close to each other. Life comes to a halt in many instances and so the trains at stations, both performing a race towards a destination or goal. Though many of us don’t accept the fact that journey via train is the most fun-loving and enjoyable, everyone of us must have experienced a lovable and beautiful journey once in a lifetime which got engraved forever in our mind. It’s unexplained, but the hidden love for train journey is something we all have in our heart and soul. Words like trains, journey, stations, etc., are the words which soothe the ears and traveling spirit of any traveler. We love to watch the zig-zag serpent motion of a running train, the whistles of an engine, the stations, book stalls, food stalls, and the high-pitched sound of vendors shouting with their maximum strength to sell their tea/coffee and food stuff. Well, these are a glimpse of a railway journey where one feels a high degree of satisfaction and amusement.

Tours, excursions, picnic or short trips are a part and parcel of life. One can’t afford air-tickets every time for a journey. On such occasion, a journey by train is the cheapest and most comfortable as there are a variety of seats available to book via Indian Railways. One can easily check the seat availability and book tickets according to their plan and budget. Today, Indian Railways is online. All the services of railways are now easily available via high-speed internet and within a few clicks from the comfort of the smartphone. This makes a journey by train always an interesting experience. Every station the train crosses has its own history and specialties. When you love train, you start to love their rhythm and start to feel the freedom of being suspended between two places and every journey becomes a golden journey unforgettable forever in life.

So, if these 8 instincts appear in your behavior, right after hearing the news of a train journey, feel free to admit that you have a hidden love for the train journey.

  1. You jump with joy having tickets in hand: Whether its an over the counter purchase or an online transaction displaying your confirm ticket on the screen, you feel like king/queen of any kingdom. Yes, the confirm tickets give you immense happiness and joy as you are now confirmed about your seat and the journey. This joy doubles, when you get tatkal tickets booked without any internet error. Though the journey is planned after a week or so, you start feeling enthusiastic and start planning from that day.

  2. You check PNR Status regularly: Though the confirm ticket lies in your purse or in the IRCTC account or in the form of a message, you feel satisfied by checking the PNR status every day. You start loving the screen which displays codes like CNF/A2/34 or CNF/B5/46. If yes, then it’s the time to admit strongly that you are a train journey lover.

  3. You love to meet new people and share food with them: Whether you are a solo traveler heading for a trip to explore the wonders of the world, or traveling a group for an excursion or trip, you love to make friends and mingle with the fellow passengers. This happiness doubles when good food or snacks accompany your journey. You share food with other passengers and love journeying with chitchats.

  4. You feel windows as your TV or Netflix: You can’t resist to watching favorite TV shows, movies, web series, likewise, you can’t take your eyes off the scenic landscapes, rocks, mountains, tunnels, farmland, and people raising a bye-bye action to the train passing by. It becomes your TV or Netflix. You don’t need a camera to click and record the scenes and save them in your memory card. Your mind is enough to capture these picturesque beauties of nature.

  5. You love to drop down at every station and buy anything: Stations are a representation of colorful India where people from every location can be seen waiting for their train. If you are happy in the station, then the station becomes your train and if getting down at every station is like an adventure and buying anything like magazines, food items, a packet of biscuit, tetra pack juice, or a bottle of water makes you happy, then admit now that you are a train lover.

  6. You get enough time to sleep: Sleeping or power naps make you creative. Research and studies have proved that nap doubles your concentration making you creative. You love to take short naps and again look through the window as to guess in which part of India you are and what’s the next station.

  7. You love to get food served at your seat: Anyone can lose their appetite, if visits pantry car of the train, but you feel like the most respectable person when a vendor serves you food at your seat. The meal served by the pantry car seems to be appetizing and most delicious on the earth. Infact, each time you hear the food and water seller pass by, you stop him to ask what’s on the menu! Also, you love to browse the pamphlets distributed by the station food vendors and get confused on whether to order any item or not. However, having food in train of your choice is no more a dream. RailMitra, provides an option to order 100% hygienic food made by top restaurants. Order them today and get it at your seat.

  8. You love to walk in train and feel happy to stand at the door: You love walking through the length of the train, to the pantry car, just coz it’s so much fun. Moreover, standing at doors and feeling the gush of fresh air on your face is something you would always love to do, at intervals.

  9. If you are happy and feel these eight factors while traveling, it means that you are already having a deeply ingrained feeling of train journey. Remember, Happiness is a great journey!”

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