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AIMS Portal: Indian Railway Employee Payslip, AIMS Mobile App,RESS Registration

The Indian Railway is the fourth largest railway network in the world and has many employees who work day and night. The AIMS portal of Indian Railways is a government-run website with regular updates for all key employees. Now all Indian Railways employees can check their salaries and benefits online. The Accounting and Finance Department of the Indian Railways has launched the official website of the AIMS portal to offer its employees various online services. The AIMS Indian railway portal enables railway workers to view their salaries, benefits, pensions, health insurance and other benefits of the Indian railways. The self-service railway portal can be easily logged in by any railway worker, train driver, conductor, train driver or conductor. With the login on the portal, users can access all the above e-services from any station in the country. Know all the details about the AIMS online portal of Indian Railways and AIMS railway employee info.

How to Register on the AIMS Portal?
Here you can get the detailed information about AIMS mobile app and RESS login and registration process:

  1. Open your favourite browser and search for the AIMS portal and click on AIMS home page.
  2. You can see the option of “Employee Self Service”. Click on that.
  3. It will open the AIMS Portal Login page, but down at the bottom, you can see the “New User Registration” link on the screen.
  4. Click on the link which will open the AIMS Portal Registration page on the window for new user registration.
  5. Enter your Employee Number, Mobile Number, and Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY format in their respective fields.
  6. After entering all the details, click on the Submit option that will send the initial password to your mobile number after verification is successful.
  7. Enter the password sent on your mobile number and tap on the “Register and Login” button on the page.
  8. To get the initial password, you should send a text message to 09821736069 with “START” in the message body.
  9. You will get the option to change the password of your account after successful access.
  10. The system verifies the password and the RESS registration process completes here. You will be sent to the home page of RESS thereafter.

How to Login on the AIMS Portal?

  1. Open the official website of the AIMS portal in a browser.
  2. Tap on the “Employee Self Service” option on the web home page on the screen.
  3. Here, you can see the AIMS Login page on the screen.
  4. Enter your User ID and password in the provided spaces and click on the Submit option on the screen.
  5. Congratulations, you can now successfully get access to your account quickly and can check your RESS Payslips, view information, and all other services.

Note: All staff/officers are advised not to share their personal information/ bank account details/ OTP to anybody on the phone, email or SMS.

Different Services offered by AIMS Portal Indian Railways
After planning to end departmentalism through Indian Railways Management Service (IRMS), railways is continuously simplifying it’s system.The AIMS portal is a big step towards Indian Railways digitalization. It enables railway workers to view their salaries, benefits, pensions, health insurance and other benefits of the Indian railways. The self-service railway portal can be easily logged in by any railway worker or train driver. By logging on to the portal, employees can access all the above e-services from any station in the country. You can also check the number of trains, train drivers, conductors, and RESS android app railway employees list in the country. With the RESS (Railway Employee Self Service) facility, all registered railway employees can check the status of their train, station and station information. Employees can check for station number, train number, and station name as well as station address.

The main functions of the Accounts Department of Indian Railways or AIMS may be categorized broadly as follows:

  1. Proper budgeting of earnings and expenditure, pertaining to rail operations
  2. Keeping the accounts and compilation thereof at the end of each financial period according to well-established procedures and formats.
  3. Internal check of all transactions, both receipts, and expenditure.
  4. Scrutiny of investment proposals
  5. MIS Reporting

AIMS Portal Salary Slip Download
You can download railway salary slip online by following these simple steps:

  1. You can check your payslip through the AIMS portal from accessing your account with the correct login credentials. All the information is available on the dashboard of the employee account.
  2. Open the login page of AIMS and get access to the account using the login details.
  3. You will see the account tab, and find the RESS pay slip option in the employee account from the services.
  4. Choose the month of the payslip you want to download and click on it to download.
  5. It will display the AIMS employee payslip on the screen. You can also click on the print option to get the hardcopy of your salary slip.

AIMS Portal Customer Service
In case you need any further assistance regarding the AIMS portal and Indian Railways accounts department, you can contact your higher officials. Employees can also write an email to the given address.

For any queries/suggestions
DF (CCA), Railway Board

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the full form of AIMS Indian Railways?
    AIMS is short for the Account Information Management System.
  2. Why is there a need for AIMS Portal Indian Railways?
    The AIMS portal for railway employees is an online website that helps workers with salary details. India’s railways employ many of the country’s citizens and employ more than 1.5 million people in the railway sector. Indian Railways and maintains the “AIMs Portal Login” as part of its online service for employees of Indian Railways.
  3. How to Login to the AIMS Online Portal if I Forget Password?
    Follow these steps to get back to your AIMS account if you forget the password:
    Tap on the “Forgot Password” link below the login section of the page.
    It will redirect to the password recovery page with the text fields on the screen.
    Enter your User ID and Mobile Number that you had registered with.
    Enter your date of birth and tap on the submit option. It will send a temporary password to your registered mobile number.
    Using these details log in to your account and reset your password again from the online web portal.
  4. What is the AIMS Payroll Management System?
    The payroll management system deals with payroll, payroll management, and payroll processing as well as payroll information for all employees and contractors.
  5. What is Railway Employee Self Service?
    Railway Employee Self-Service (RESS) is an online system for employees developed by the Center for Railway Information System (CRIS). With the AIMS accounting and information management system, railway employees can view information such as train number, station number, and station address, as well as the number of trains, train drivers, and conductors in the country.
  6. What is the AIMS Mobile Portal?
    AIMS portal aims mobile lets you get the details easily anytime and anywhere. Many of us use smartphones for different purposes, and, keeping that in mind, railways have launched the ‘AIMS mobile portal’.
    The app is available with the name RESS in the Play Store and has a simple interface. It offers all services that are available in the web portal and uses far less memory space, and no need to log in at any time. You can download the AIMS portal mobile app from here: RESS – AIMS Mobile App
  7. How to Fill the HRMS form for Railway Employees?
    HRMS form provides monthly payslip, tax forms, form 16, paying bills, career development searches, provident fund, loans & advances, income tax details and more. To fill up the HRMS form, login to your account and go to your dashboard. From there, you can download your salary slip, view benefits, etc.
  8. Can an Employee Register to the AIMS Portal without Aadhaar?
    If no updated Aadhaar data is available in the employee database, employees can register to the RESS (Railway Employee Self Service) portal by clicking the “Not Having Aadhaar” link and providing 11 digits of employee number and valid mobile number and date of birth.
  9. How to Register for AIMS SMS Alert Facility?
    To subscribe to the SMS alert services of the AIMS portal, you need to send an SMS with “ START” as message body to 09821736069. Thereafter, a confirmation message will be displayed.
  10. How to file a Complaint on the AIMS Portal Indian Railways Regarding any Issue?
    Employees can send an email with their question to, which will be treated by officially keeping the AIMS administration. Railway employees can request some form of password reset, login Issue, salary payslip issue, etc via the same mail and report as a complaint.
  11. What is HRMS Login and Benefits of ESS & HRMS Security?
    HRMS is termed as Human Resource Management system. It is a combination of process and system under Human Resource Management & Information technology using HR software.

    Following are the facilities of HRMS:

    1. Managing payroll
    2. Recruitment and on-boarding
    3. Employee information
    4. Performance evaluation
    5. Benefit administration
    6. Learning management
    7. HRMS security and selection
    8. Employee self-service
    9. Employee self-scheduling

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