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Ask Disha- AI Initiative by Indian Railways for Customer Support

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Indian Railway has updated its services and website at regular intervals and introduces new facilities for the passengers. Recently, irctc.co.in allowed passengers to check the ticket availability without logging in to the website and today launched a chatbot called “Ask Disha” which is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based initiative which will digitally interact with the customers and auto answers the queries of passengers. This AI Initiative of Indian Railways will cater to all the traveling queries of the passengers. Indian Railways are no more inclined to a lumbering sarkari work culture, instead has become responsive towards the needs and queries of railway passengers.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) or irctc.co.in is a one- stop solution to book railway tickets, food for journey, hotels, cabs, air tickets etc. According to IRCTC, Ask Disha the AI-based chatbot will answer all the queries related to Indian Railways and easily accessible by the passengers for 24*7 efficient customer service. Honorable Railway Minister, Mr. Piyush Goyal tweeted:

Here are some of the features of Ask Disha which will ease the passengers’ journey.

  • Resolves the basic inquiries of a passenger: No more juggling from one website to another. Ask Disha will answer your basic queries pertaining to railway journey. IRCTC is rigorously working towards improving the knowledge of Ask Disha which would enhance its ability to solve customer queries with greater efficiency.

  • Zero wasting time and quick response: One of the useful features which Ask Disha offers, is the instant and effective response to the queries. Any passenger who types their query in the chatbot will get customer support within a fraction of second, as this feature answers quickly to the questions and asks for a feedback. This contributes to smooth travel planning.

  • 24*7 customer support: Bots never rest. It is always active to answer and justify your queries. This AI-based customer support service is available for 24 hours and 7 days a week. At any time or anywhere, just type your query and get it answered.

  • Support several regional languages: Language is never a barrier in India and so thinks the “Ask Disha”. It will support customers in many regional languages. Choose your language and start your conversation. Ask Disha will reply you in the same language.

  • Soon to be integrated on IRCTC Rail Connect Android app: Indian Railways will soon integrate this service into RailConnect Android app. Passengers can easily get their queries answered instantly by their phone.

  • Ask Disha will be voice-enabled: IRCTC has announced that the voice-enabled version of Ask Disha will soon be launched. This will enable the passengers to get audio reply for their query.

  • First government corporation In India to use Chatbot: Indian Railways is the first government corporation in India to launch and integrate a chatbot on their website. This gives Indian Railways a sheer recognition.

  • Great travel experience for domestic as well as a foreign travelers: The dream to a smoother and great traveling experience is live. Ask Disha- an AI-based initiative will provide every information to the traveler planning a train journey.

With an aim to provide complete user satisfaction, IRCTC is technically upgrading its services for a better journey experience. IRCTC is always on constant effort to provide an efficient and smoother journey experience in trains. On an average, four million people use IRCTC for booking of tickets. If you are blessed with a waiting list or RAC tickets for your planned journey, then check your PNR status regularly via RailMitra.

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