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Eid-Ul -Fitr: The Festival of Aromatic Food and Community Meals

Ramadan is a communal celebration and a time to deeply feel our own perseverance and humanitarian reflection. It comes to an end with the beginning of the next lunar month of Shawwal. The day is marked by seeing the beautiful crescent moon after the completion of 30 days of Ramadan. The festival of Eid is one of the most awaited and most celebrated festivals for Muslims. The festival is all about spreading happiness all around in the society and community. Children are presented with gifts and money on the occasion which gives them endless happiness. New clothes, traditional attires, varieties of dishes and togetherness of dear ones, this is what “Mithi Eid” brings for the children. The festival is equally chuckling and enjoyable for elders. The festival brings happiness, piousness and communal harmony in the society.

Eid: The Festival of Mughlai Cuisines
The festival of Eid is the best time for having tasty and traditional food items. The festival is overloaded with different cuisines like and savories. The festival of Eid is also associated with the “Fast Breaking Feast Day” all over the places wherever Islam is practiced. The journey to “Fast Breaking Feast” isn’t easy. One month of intermittent fasting and serious control over the diet is not easy. When it comes the day of Eid, everyone eats heart fully. To make Eid festival flavorful, here are some of the food items which will double your Ramadan festivity. In this era of fast pace life, the time crunch is a factor, yet the festival is known for some of the most delicious and slow-cooked recipes such as Biryani and Kebabs. Sewaiyan is the main cuisines of the day along with below-mentioned dishes. Here’re some of the most delicious dishes prepared on Eid.

  1. Nawabi Biryani: Biryani is the main food item prepared on this day. Biryani is a slow-cooked preparation that is made of the finest variety of Basmati rice, spices and meat. The Nawabi Biryani has a special aroma and rich amount of dry fruits mixed in Biryani. The sweet and sourly flavors of special raisins make this preparation a perfect one for Eid.

  2. Butter Chicken Curry:Eid special plate is incomplete without this dish. The Rich amount of Butter marinated chicken cooked in a rich gravy of onion, ginger and garlic, has its own die heart fans. Do try these cuisines on this Eid in a new preparation style. Marinate the chicken pieces into yogurt and some spices before cooking. The taste and aroma both go fabulous by perfect marination of spices and yogurt.

  3. Chicken Lollypop: The crunchy chicken leg pieces are next to heaven for every chicken lover. Try this crunchy chicken leg pieces at home on this special day. The heavy spices and fatty pieces are an exotic treat for the tongue. So treat everyone coming to your home with this amazing recipe.

  4. Badami Gosht: One of the most loved cuisine and cooked especially on the day of Eid. Badami Gosht is prepared with a heavy amount of almond paste. The almond is used as a thickening agent and a base for gravy. It helps in making the thick spicy curry and then mixed well with chicken pieces. This food item can decorate your dining table and make it more alluring.

  5. Chicken Kulcha:Try Chicken Kulcha to accompany the curries on this Eid. The filling of spicy chicken preparation can drive the people crazy for having some more loaves of this unique item. Grind the chicken and cook it well with mixing up spices and then make the chicken Kulcha to add a new flavor in the loaves of bread.

  6. Kesari Mal Pua: Malpua is the sweet dish that is made throughout the Indian regions on special occasions. Malpua becomes tempting and tasty on the Eid celebration. A must kept savory on the table of Eid Lunch.

  7. Galauti Kabab: Lakhnawi cuisines have its own space in the Indian cookery arts. Galauti Kabab is fondly eaten in all over Indian regions. This Eid spread the big smile on the faces of every Kabab Lover. Prepare GalautiKababTikki on this Eid for your loved ones.

  8. Mutton Rogan Josh: This is a special cuisine to must be cooked on a special occasion. Eid is the best time to cook this delicious item. This food item is made of Red meat of lamb pieces. This cuisine is going to be the most attractive part of your “Eid special dining”.

  9. Image Credit: Steffi’s Recipes

  10. Sahi Paneer: Indian plates are incomplete without paneer preparation, especially when it is the occasion of a month awaited Festival of Eid. Prepare Shahi paneer to give it a royal touch into your Eid special menu. Give a sweet creamy touch in the paneer preparation and serve it with a lot of love.

  11. Sahi Khurma:Every meal is incomplete without a perfect sweet dish to accomplish with. On this occasion of Eid, Shahi Khurma goes completely with Eid special dessert. The tasty preparation is made of milk and dates that prove to be the best sweet dish to be served after the Eid Meal.

The Day of Communal Harmony and Brotherhood
Eid is not just a festival in fact it is a feel, it is time to forget all the bad memories and restart the life with happiness. On this day, people visit home of their loved ones and celebrate the festival together. The festival is also known for community lunch and dinner parties where the party is enjoyed with our neighbors and relatives. So choose some of the best dishes according to your preferences and prepare Eid meal with aromatic preparations. If you are in train and going to be part of Eid festival with our friends and relatives, then you can order some of the Eid special food in train to get a perfect feel of Eid. You can also order Eid special food in train for your loved ones who are travelling a long way to come to you. Make their arrival with the real gift of food by ordering food in train by e-catering services. Stay happy and stunning on this Eid by spreading love and unity in the society. Spread smiles, help people and enjoy “a month fast breaking” festival of Eid. RailRestro wishes you a very Happy and “Mithi Eid”.

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