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Essential Hacks to Travel by Indian Railways  

India has an extensive rail network connecting almost all the major and minor areas of the country. Millions of people use the Indian trains as their most reliable transport mode. Whether to travel for short or long distances, people opt for trains. Even in India, Indian railways are called the lifeline of the nation. However, travelling by Indian railways can be crowded and uncomfortable. But you needn’t worry as you have landed at the right place. Here, we have shared some quirky hacks to help in travel by train hassle-free.



Top Hacks for Passengers Travelling by Train


Planning, booking train tickets in advance, and packing your bag light are simple tips you must hand on. However, we have listed some more hacks for you to travel by train in your comfort. 



Tips to Charge Your Mobile & Laptops on Train


Charging mobile phones and laptops on trains is restricted between 11 PM to 5 AM. So, ensure you charge your phone in the allowed time. And if you are boarding your train after 11 PM, you must keep your electronic devices fully charged. The Indian railways provide 110/220V AC that is safe to charge your devices. However, before charging your device, you must check the socket and its working condition. 



Save Transaction Charges on IRCTC Ticket Booking


During booking tickets through IRCTC, passengers can use several payment options, including net banking, cards, mobile wallets etc. However, if passengers pay ticket fares through a card, wallet or net banking, they must pay certain charges. You can use the UPI payment mode or Rupay debit card to save these convenience charges.  



Tips to Find Your Seat/Berth in Train


It’s the question that most often comes to our mind “How can I find my seat on a long train?”. If it’s the case with you. Here is a hack. Check your train ticket, and instead of checking the seat number, check for the coach number like S1, S2, B1, B2 etc. Afterwards, you can check the small display screen at the railway platform of almost all the major railway stations. The display board depicts the coach’s position. Once you find your coach, you can easily see your coach number. Although, if you don’t find the display board at the station, you can check the text written near the doors of each coach. In addition, make sure that you are updated with different types of travel classes of Indian Railways and their abbreviations to understand which type of coach it is, like first class, AC 2-tier, sleeper class, and others.   



Travel with Your Pets in First Class


Leaving your adorable pets at home alone is difficult. Indian railways understands it and allows travellers to carry their pets by train. Travellers can carry their four-legged friend in dog boxes through Second class luggage, brake van or AC First class compartments. To travel through AC first class with pets, you must book the entire coupe and get permission to carry their pets. The charge for carrying a pet through a luggage van is RS. 30/KG. And the charge for carrying a pet in the First class compartment is RS. 60/KG. If you have a small pet, carry it with you by booking the coupe in train. 



Get Your First Meal Free From RailRestro E-catering


Who doesn’t like something for free? RailRestro offers its first-time user free meals on trains at zero delivery charges. To get a free meal from the RailRestro train food app, you can download the app and place the order by providing your PNR number. RailMitra partnered RailRestro offers numerous food items on trains at over 450 stations of Indian Railways. As your first meal, you can order your favourite food, including Biryani, Pizza, Thali, Dosa and others on train. 



Tips to Get a Confirmed Seat Even After Chart Preparation 


Multiple times, it happens when you book your train ticket, and it doesn’t get confirmed. But, due to some reason, you can’t cancel your journey. In such cases, you can use this hack to get a confirmed seat on the train. Even after the chart preparation in the train, some seats in train remain vacant. You can check about such seats by visiting IRCTC’s official website and booking them for your journey. You can also contact the TTE in train to get confirmed seats.



Get Back Your Lost Things on Train


If you have lost something while travelling through Indian Railways, you need no worries. The Indian railways’ system under the mission “Amanat” helps rail passengers to recover their belongings. Under this service of Indian railways, you can upload a photo of your belongings and a description of it on the official railway’s website. Afterwards, RPF will locate your lost luggage; then, passengers can identify and retrieve their luggage from RPF personnel.



Tips to Use Washroom in Trains 


Using a public toilet can be challenging, and it’s even more difficult when travelling on a train. However, if you need to use the toilet on a train, try to wake up early to avoid long queues and use the toilet in better condition. In addition, you must know that you can walk through coaches in trains. So if you are in a sleeper class, you can walk towards the AC coaches to use the toilet. The toilets of those travel classes are found in a better condition. 



Hands-on Your Train Information 


If you want to travel by train without any hassle. Must have important information regarding your train, like train number, train name, halt duration at your boarding and deboarding station, major enroute stations etc. To get this rail information, you can take help from the train timetable app RailMitra. The app helps you check train schedules online. 



Must Note Important Numbers in Your Phone


You need to list out the numbers that can help you while journeying. Some important numbers for rail passengers are:


  • Rail Madad – 139 
  • Medical Emergency – 138 
  • Child Helpline Number – 1098 
  • General Enquiry – 1800111139
  • Railway Police – 1800111322
  • To Order Food Online – 8102888222

These numbers will help you throughout your train journey.


What should you not do while travelling by train? 


Smoking, consuming alcohol, and pulling chains in trains without any solid reason are some of the things that are prohibited in trains. To understand more about Indian Railways, you can read: 10 Major Indian Railway Rules You Must Know About


What are some tips for travelling in India on a long train route? 


Book tickets in advance, choose the right class, pack your bag light, carry your entertainment package, follow Indian railway rules etc., are some tips for your comfortable train travel on a long train route in India.  


You can even take the help of RailMitra- a rail enquiry app to aid yourself in checking train schedules, PNR status, live train running status, station details and more. You can also order food in train with RailMitra.

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