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Exciting Things to do in Connaught Place, New Delhi

Sitting around the white-painted buildings and seeing the breathtaking sunset, bargaining with the street shoppers or directly go for some branded showrooms, youths showcasing talents under the tree appreciated by a huge crowd, these are some sceneries that best defines the heart of Delhi, “Connaught Place”- place where the soul of every Delhiites exist. From the busiest official morning to the soothing evening, Connaught place is a treat at every point. Located in the Central Delhi, this place is famous as Rajiv Chowk where one can always find a relaxing crowd indeed. Whether you are depressed or full of enthusiasm, the place best holds all your emotions. Surrounded by the white-painted buildings of the colonial period, the place looks so mesmerizing and lavishing to hang out or to spend a relaxing evening. There is nothing to miss out in Connaught Place as every corner has something exciting to offer.

The area of Connaught place is sectioned in different blocks which is quite confusing for the new ones. But, those who are frequent visitors are very well aware of every corner. Since Connaught place is just a kilometer away from New Delhi railway station, travelers, waiting for their trains and have to wait longer for their trains, can spend their time here. Those travelers who are halting at New Delhi railway station and want to taste the cuisines from the restaurants of Connaught Place can easily order food online in train at New Delhi Railway station and can continue the journey with the emotion of Delhi food. People wearing colorful stylish attires roaming around the blocks, sellers are sounding like “Aaiye madam ji, ye fancy earing appe bhot suit krega sirf 40 rupye main”, “padhiye Chetan Bhgat ki nayi novel, achhi print ke saath sirf 100 rupye main” etc., youth are sitting in cafeteria having burger and coke, all these amazing vibes of Connaught Place will bring you closer to the positivist and it reflects a kind of motivation and a spirit to do something better in your life.

Connaught Place shares its space with all groups of people. From the well experienced aged group to the exciting young bloods, everyone can cherish their moment in the corners of Connaught Place. There are some exciting things that one can do, if in Connaught Place. A few exhilarating things that should not miss during the visit of Connaught Place are:

Offering Prayer at Bangla Sahib Gurudwara
Bangla Sahib Gurudwara is too near to Connaught place where everyone loves to visit. It is located at the walking distance but, if want to choose vehicles to reach there can take a reserved auto cost Rs. 50-70. Doused in the purity of calmness, one can feel a kind of peace at the place. Charm of Bangla Sahib Gurudwara is its spellbinding lake side view and the mouthwatering “Kaadha Prasad”. The continuous hymns of ‘Satnam Wahe Guru’ create a soothing atmosphere. Another exciting thing that one can have during Gurudwara visit is by eating langar served with great love and respect.

Satisfy your shopping spree at Palika Bazaar and Janpath
Palika Bazaar is one of the great shopping junctions for bargainers. Here, one can shop all the fashionable items like clothes, footwear, accessories, and artificial trendy jewelries and can bargain on it till it comes to a satisfying point of the customer. It is an underground market equipped with the glittering shopping stuffs. Who want to miss to shop here, if it a one stop shopping solution at reasonable prices. Apart from this, another shopping corner of Connaught Place is Janpath market. Here, you cannot bargain a lot but the place offers you beautiful artificial ornamental stuffs which you cannot resist to shop. Beautiful rings and stylish neck-pieces, glittering earrings and nose pins are the major attractions of this market. From day to night you will find women buying fashionable items here.

Have some Burger and Snacks to Satiate the Hunger
Moving around the Connaught Place is exciting but you might feel tired. Want some refreshment? Step towards the E Block area where you will find the outlet of Burger King. Here you can try different veg and Non-veg Burgers as refreshments. Eat light and tasty burgers @Pocket-friendly Burger King Prices and satisfy your stomach till the next hunger during the visit.

Relish the Evening on Dance Floor Accompanied by Drinks
Delhi’s nightlife is popular and spending a night in Delhi’s bar and shaking feet on the loud music is a kind of dream. It is something that excites young blood inside you and the magic of glamorous night invites you to be the part of its magic. There are number of bars and pubs in Connaught place to thrill your mood. Here, you can try flavored drinks to keep your mood on.

Showcase the Inner Talent
Connaught Place is a kind of platform where you can showcase your interests and inner talents. If you are a singer and a guitar player, you can sit there and can perform to entertain the crowd and to seek the attention for your skill. Students make documentaries there on different topics. You will find artist making sketches. Groups of students are performing “Nukkad Naatak”.

Every corner of Connaught Place is a fun and full of excitement. It has a beauty that is beyond the explanation. It is a feeling, an emotion and a love for every heart. If haven’t visited yet, plan a journey just to feel the rhythm of Delhi.

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