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How to Book Railway Ticket in Ladies Quota

Women play a crucial role in the society capable of sharing all the responsibilities of life. From domestic dramas to the corporate culture, women have always proved themselves by giving an appreciating contribution. They are tagged with the title of ‘Power and Strength’ that sets an example at every stage of life. In our country, women are treated equally but at some positions they have been rewarded with some special rights concerned with their safety and security. From education to employment and from medical to railways, ladies have been facilitated with some special quotas that help them to progress in the society, to keep them protected from the heinous crime occurs every day and to provide them all the proper facilities. In present scenario women are working and travelling alone but safety is the primary concern that comes in every way. Here, their provided quotas help them a lot when they travel, especially via train. There are special ladies coaches attached in trains that can be booked by availing the facility of ladies quota. Indian Railways is very much concern about the safety of female passengers so it has provided special quotas and coaches for them known as “Ladies Quota.”

What is Ladies Quota in Trains?
Ladies Quota in trains is the special coach and berth preferences given to the women or ladies from Indian Railways. These coaches are specially booked for females for their safety and security purposes. There are special female carriages attached in every train in which only female passengers and the woman having boy child less than the age of 12 can travel. Children above the age of 12 and the male passengers are strictly not permitted to board in these women special coaches. Apart from ladies special coaches, there are 4-6 berths which are already reserved in female quota in sleeper and 3rd AC compartments.

Number of seats reserved for female travellers

  • 6 lower berths are reserved in every sleeper class and 3 lower berths in each 3rd tier and 2nd tier coach are reserved for female senior citizen and pregnant women.
  • In trains like Rajdhani, Duronto and other fully AC trains, 4 lower berths per coaches are reserved for senior citizen, female senior citizen and pregnant women.
  • 6 berths (allocated all together) are reserved in sleeper classes for female travellers (like solo female traveller or female travelling with child whose age is less than 12 years).

How to Book Tickets in Ladies Quota?
To get the tickets booked in ladies coaches is quite not easier as there are number of females who commute alone or with their female gangs and have already booked the ticket. It is quite struggling to book the tickets in ladies coaches but there are other coaches that offer the seats or berths already reserved for female passengers. Women passenger can avail the facility of these quotas and can get their bookings. These seats are allocated at the mid of the compartment. Booking tickets under ladies quota will not cost additional charges. So, if you are a woman solo traveller or the one who is travelling in female group, take the benefits of tickets booking under female quota. It will help you to avoid the situation of RAC and waiting listed bookings.

If you’re booking your ticket through IRCTC’s website or via PRS counter, you need to select “Ladies” under the option of quotas. If the number of seats of ladies quota is sold out then you can try Senior citizen quota (if you are more than 45 years old). If you want to use pregnant women quota then you need to go on PRS counter for reservation. While booking ticket under pregnancy quota you need to show Pregnancy Certificate Form registered from legal medical practitioner.


  • No tickets will be booked beyond the capacity of this quota.
  • No additional charges will be added for using these quotas.
  • Vacant seats will be allotted to Handicapped or other ladies travellers.

Indian Railways have made the woman travelling secured and safe with such great initiative like female quotas in train. It encourages them to travel more and motivates them for #safetravelling and #securedtravelling. Indian Railways are blessed with more appreciating innovations concerned with female safety like tracking the live train running status to track the exact location of the train and all the relevant information regarding train tracking. Women are now feeling free and protected with these innovations that help them to travel alone as they are offered to book the tickets in female special quotas and other safety measures are also there to help them.

If it is about female travelling either solo or in group, the things that they can never compromise with are gossiping and food. These two are their major source of entertainment for the entire journey. Females are generally obsessed with their taste and look for variations to satiate the taste bud. Here, the only saviour that can completely justify their taste of food and tongue during train journey is RailMitra, the food travel mate. Travellers can order online food in train via RailMitra app to relish the journey as it assures for the best taste restaurant style food in train.

Women can freely avail the special quota rights and can show their gratitude to Indian Railways by twitting on its official twitter handle @RailMinIndia.
Enjoy the Special Quota and Safe Journey with Indian Railways!

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