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How to Book Season Tickets via Indian Railways?

Seasonal railway tickets are those tickets which are provided by the Indian Railways to travel by mail/express/Superfast trains. The Indian Railway grants privilege to the seasonal ticket holder to travel with a fixed period of time. These tickets are provided to daily passengers who need to travel every day. The tickets are granted from one destination to another for commuting purposes. These seasonal tickets are very helpful for those people who commute every day to go to office, college or any other places of interest. The tickets are allowed for sub-urban and Non-urban areas of India. However, if you’re planning a train travel, it’s mandatory to know the train running status and the train schedule for boarding the train on the scheduled time.

Types of Season Tickets:
Season tickets are granted on the basis of monthly or quarterly basis commonly referred as:
Monthly Seasonal Tickets (MST)
Quarterly Seasonal Tickets (QST)

The quarterly seasonal tickets and monthly seasonal tickets are valid from the date of their issue and till the date of expiry (monthly and quarterly). It is advised to renew the tickets before the 10 days of its expiry. The ticket renewal can be made three days prior to the date of its expiry. Both these tickets allow the passengers to travel between the two destinations specified in the season tickets. One person can hold only one season ticket pass to travel via Indian Railways.

Documents for Availing the Season Ticket Pass
There’re some documents to be provided at the time of availing the seasonal ticket. You need to produce some documents at the time of form filling. They’re:

  • Address proof of temporary and permanent residence
  • Passport size recent photograph of the applicant
  • Photocopy of address proof by Government authorized cards/documents
  • A photo copy of Government authorized ID card with photo attached. (Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card / Aadhaar Card)
  • Cash for selected type of season ticket (Monthly / Quarterly)

How to Apply for Season Ticket Pass:
One can apply for seasonal ticket pass by online and offline modes. One needs to follow some procedures and submit the required details and documents in order to get a seasonal ticket pass for train travel.

Online Mode:
To apply for a seasonal tickets pass you need to follow these steps:
Visit the UTS mobile app and submit all the required details asked for the season tickets passes.

Offline Mode

  • Visit your nearest railway station
  • Ask for a seasonal tickets pass from ticketing window or reservation officer
  • Fill all the details such as Name, address , mail ID and other details
  • Put passport size photos on the specified form
  • The railway staff re-verifies the given details and issues the seasonal ticket in minutes.

A season ticket pass is issued by Indian Railways to the passenger or applicant is actually a plastic coated card. This card contains all the information of the passengers including both stations name, passenger’s name, age, card number, class and validity etc. the card has to be accompanied by the passenger along with a photo ID card recognized or issued by Government of India. The seasonal ticket pass and photo ID card has to be presented to the ticket checker when asked.

Seasonal Ticket: Fees and Charges
The seasonal tickets are provided on a very basic charge by given concession to the daily passengers who hold a season card. The amount for first class and second class season ticket may vary.

  • Second class seasonal ticket with superfast surcharge – 150 /month or 450/quarterly.
  • For 1st class seasonal ticket with superfast surcharge is also same amount for 15 single journeys for monthly and 45 single journey/ quarterly pass.

You can also contact to the nearest railway station to know more about your preferred railway routes and fees related to it or download the list from Indian Railways official website.

Season Tickets Pass for Students:
There are some privileges provided to the students by the Indian Railways. Provision of season tickets at nominal rates is also one of those privileges. The seasonal tickets (monthly season tickets and quarterly season tickets) are provided to students who need to travel every day to their educational institution or school or college for study purpose. The charges are half than the normal seasonal ticket price for monthly season ticket to the students. The charges for the quarterly season tickets are 2.7 times than the monthly season tickets. The age of student should not exceed 25 years (Gen), 27 (reserved category) and till the age of 35 in case of research scholar. For reserved category students belonging to underprivileged caste registered under government (SC/ST) have a different fees attached with season ticket.

  • MTS – 50 % lower fee than normal students’ season ticket pass
  • QTS – 2.7 times than the students’ monthly seasonal ticket fee

Free Seasonal Ticket Passes to the Students
The program named as “Millennium Gift from Railways” was introduced with the free seasonal passes granted to the students for commuting from their home to school. Under this program free monthly passes are provided to the boys studying up to 10th standard and the girls studying up to 12th standard. Only monthly passes are provided under this railway program for the students. The continuation of the passes is done on the basis of demand. The students are allowed to use this pass till 150 kms from the specified source. Also, students having the card cannot travel into the reserved classes. There are multiple public welfare schemes initiated by Indian Railways and seasonal ticket passes are one of them.

Can Season tickets be used in Express/Superfast express trains?
No! The season tickets are only used for passenger trains. Season tickets are issued for First and Second classes only and these tickets are valid in the class for which they are issued, upto 150kms only.

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