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Independence Day 2019: Time to Rejoice the Freedom and Sovereignty of India

“Dil se niklegi na markar
bhi watan ki ulfat
Meri mitti se bhi
Khushboo-e-watan aaegi”

These patriotic lines by Sardar Bhagat Singh enlighten the significance of freedom which was achieved after a long struggle from the British ruling over India. In History, India has faced several invasions, but British rule being one of them was spreading its wings and influence in the entire country consolidating their ruling power. Freedom fighters, who understood the importance of freedom, emerged and managed to inspire Indians in every direction with slogans like “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it” or “Tum Mujhe khoon do mai Tumhe Azadi Dunga”. It was the result of such revolutionary movements’ and series of battle which led India free from the chain of slavery on 15th of August 1947 and began to breathe in secular and free air.

With immense pride and preparations, India is going to celebrate its 73rd Independence Day on 15th August 2019. It is celebrated as a national holiday with flag hoisting, parade and fireworks. The entire city market, shopping malls, roads, public places, community clubs, schools and colleges are decorated to celebrate the nation’s struggle borne by our great freedom fighters to hoist the tri-color in the land of India. The entire nation is washed in the color code of the beautiful tri-color. The national festival of Independence has its own glam, own charm and beauty. Being an Indian, we all celebrate the day with great vivacity and contentment. The entire nation gets a tri-color demeanor on this special day, yet what emerges as the most beautiful place is nowhere than the Red Fort in Delhi, where the National Flag is hoisted with grandeur representing the Indian sovereignty and gratification. India is diverse in terms of culture, race, dressing, dinning, geographical locations, land forms, and structure, yet the national festival is a unique fest of Indian republic which holds the nation into one thread of unity.

If you are yet to see the beauty and resplendence of New Delhi, especially on the occasion of Independence Day, then you must plan to visit the national capital on this auspicious day. So don’t wait anymore, book your tickets to New Delhi and be a witness to the mesmerizing celebration of Independence Day. From July to September, the availability of the tickets for Delhi is quite easy; still, if your tickets are in waitlist; you can check PNR status online and plan for your journey in a better way.

New Delhi: During National Festival:
New Delhi is decorated as a beautiful bride to celebrate the freedom anniversary of our loving country India. New Delhi emerges in its best form on the Independence Day welcoming tourists from all over the globe. Strongly advocating for its beauty, grandeur and scenic places, the National Capital of India addresses the significance of Independence Day. Undeniably, the festival is equally cherished and celebrated with patriotic sentiments all over the India, but the celebration at New Delhi is certainly ‘awe-inspiring”. The ancient structures like the Red Fort or the India Gate can be seen ornamented with high mounting Indian flag flying high in the sky enhancing the dignity and honor of this precious day. Right from the nook and corners of the capital city, to the glittering markets, each and every location you visit, will be wrapped with patriotic tri-colors. The shopping complexes, eateries, fun & entertainment places give a plethora of “Independence Day Offers”.

The National Festival Celebration in Delhi:
The essence of this national festival can be seen at the Red Fort (the UNESCO world heritage site) where it is celebrated with great zeal and patriotism located in the heart of India. The Prime Minister unfurls the national flag on this day and delivers his inspiring speech. The national security wing, brave soldiers with a number of ministers, people and school children are present at the Red Fort for celebrating the festival. The flag hoisting and parade are worth seeing at this place. Apart from these attractions, there are number of things you can add on to your trip to Delhi to experience the freedom season. Jalebi is the most loved sweet on this day served everywhere.You can also order hot jalebis in train through e-catering service which deliver food in train to enjoy your trip to Delhi.

What else to add on to your tour to New Delhi
There’re a number of beautiful places and historical sites located in the National capital. This Independence day, you can experience some unique parts of Delhi which you might not have experienced earlier.

  • Walkway at Chandi Chowk: We’ll are aware of the Old Delhi and the famous food heaven called as Chandani Chowk. It is famous among the shoppers. Yet, the shopping experience at Chandani Chowk will be different as on this Independence Day. A pedestrian-friendly walkway of 300 meters length will be opened for the shoppers in Chandani Chowk area. So keep yourself ready to get into one of India’s oldest market in Chandani Chowk.

  • Kite Battle: Not only the mesmerizing sight of the parade, but also the Kite battle in the sky is worth experiencing in New Delhi. The tri-colored kite covers the entire sky as a blanket. If you love this ancient fun game, then you can become a part of this special event.

  • Swatantrata Senani Museum:The visit to the Swatantra Senani Museum at New Deli is another great activity in which you can indulge with your family members. The museum is located near the Red Fort which is dedicated to the Freedom fighters and Martys who has sacrificed their lives for our Nation. You may not have visited the place earlier. Make little time in your special-day schedule and add this visit in your list of to-do on Independence Day at Delhi.

  • Food Trial: Any celebration is incomplete without sweets or tasty food. Jalebi, the national sweet is preferred on this day. This tasty preparation is adored all over the Indian region especially in North & central regions of India. There are a number of restaurants and food corners celebrating Independence Day with tri-colored theme recipes. They prepare entire menu with a tri-color presentation in a patriotic style.

Independence Day in India is fervently celebrated throughout the nation. Let’s move to celebrate the spirit, happiness and joy of Independence at New Delhi.

RailMitra wishes every Indian a “Happy 73rd Independence Day 2019” Jai Hind……Jai Bharat.

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