Indian Railways will use Face Recognition Technology to stop Crime at Stations

India is an emerging and developing country of Southern Asia. It is world’s largest democracy and one of the fastest growing economies. Several steps and economic development plans have been taken to convert India to Smart India. It’s the digital era and it’s the high time to portray our India as Tech-India and the Indian government, in no time, has taken steps towards digitisation, safety, financial and economic growth.One of the main assets contributing to our economic growth is the Indian Railways. It’s the only transport giant which operates throughout India with various zones and divisions. Indian Railways has shown its activeness and proved that it is one of the base and financial backbone of our country. Here, Indian Railways is planning to take step towards the safety of passengers by recognizing and identifying the criminals through digital means and disallow them from entering into railway premises. As Indian Railways is increasing its facilities and features; passengers can use them to book food online in train and even address their complaints on social media. Recently, it has announced to implement face recognition technology at railway stations.

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Face Recognition Technology by IR:
After the 26/11 terrorist attack, Indian Government is always on high alert regarding safety of our country and citizens. The most preferred network to enter in any part of India is through Railways. Indian Railways is on the journey of adopting new technologies to providing better safety to the passengers. It decided to release a face detection machine that will be used for two purposes – detection of faces of passengers to check whether he/she is a criminal or have criminal records in the past and another purpose to find the prime reasons of train accidents. Railway Protection Force, (RPF) will connect it with the existing criminal records for easy recognition. The Face Recognition System (FRS) will be connected to the criminal existing database so that if any criminal,tries to operate any anti-social activity in the train, he/she will be traced and caught easily, thus making the passengers’ safe and secure.

Another purpose to use this system is for finding the reasons of train accidents or misplacement of trains from its track. It is announced that the FRS will also be set in engine to recognize the face of drivers. It will be implemented to check the actions and movement of loco pilots to prevent any minor/major accidents. It means the FRS will show whether the driver is sleeping or is in a drunken state. If FRS finds any driver in sleeping condition, it fill ring the alarm into nearest control room and also in engine to wake up him. The control room will take action against him.This would be the complete overhaul situation for Railways to launch such system to recognise criminals face in millions of the passengers. But the software is designed in such a smart way, that if the photo in the database is of 10 years ago, even then the system will detect it from the criminal database and inform to the RPF.

It is not hidden fact that the Railway stations are the most common target place for mishappening. The primary aim of the Railways is to provide better security with latest features. Fortunately, the IT hub of our country, Bangalore is the first city where this technology is installed.