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List of Duronto Express Trains: Routes, Fare, Timetable

Duronto express is a category of the long-distance train operated by the Indian railways with the least number of stoppages from the source station to the destination station. Earlier, these trains did not have any ticket stops from the source to the destination but since January 2016, it is now possible to book tickets from particular original stops.


What are Duronto Express Trains?


Duronto means ‘restless’ or ‘non-stop’ in Bengali. In 2009–10, the first non-stop Duronto Express trains were launched which ran between Sealdah and New Delhi. In these trains, coaches have a special colour of yellow and green. At present, there are 26 pairs (total 52) of Duronto trains connecting several metro cities and other primary capital states of India.  


List of Duronto Express Trains


Download Duronto Train List and Time Table


History of Duronto Express Trains


The Indian railway ministry has been trying to come up with high-speed trains in India. Besides the Delhi-Amritsar route which became operational in 2007, several other routes came after the ministership of Mamata Banerjee including Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad, Hyderabad-Dornakal-Vijayawada-Chennai, Chennai-Bangalore-Coimbatore-Ernakulam-Thiruvananthapuram and Howrah-Haldia.


Meanwhile, Duronto express trains were launched with the high-speed rail network in India which ran between Sealdah and New Delhi.


Efficiency and Speed of Duronto Express Trains


Duronto trains are one of the fastest trains in India which also run faster than the Rajdhani express. For example-


  • New Delhi-Sealdah duronto express takes 16 hours while Rajdhani takes 17 hours. The journey adheres to a speed of 130km/h.
  • The Chennai, Sealdah, Yeshwantpur and Pune duronto express runs at a speed of 130 km/h.
  • The Howrah, Allahabad, Bhubaneshwar, New Delhi, Secunderabad, Hazrat Nizamuddin, runs at a speed of 120km/h.


Later, more features were introduced in Duronto express trains which brought about a hike in prices. Dynamic pricing is applicable on all the duronto express trains.


Food Delivery in Duronto Express Train



Passengers can order food in duronto train using e-catering facilities. Enjoy delicious Veg Thali, Non-Veg Thali, Jain Food, Chinese and local delicacies during your train journey on Duronto Express. Passengers can use food delivery in trains option to get fresh and hygienic restaurant-style food directly at their seat. You can order food in train travel using any one of these methods:


  1. RailMitratrain food app or website
  2. IRCTC e-catering Food on Track app or Website
  3. RailRestro app or website


Interesting Facts About Duronto Express


  • Duronto express is the only train which provides the same services which are provided in Rajdhani express.
  • Duronto express provides faster connectivity between the stations than other trains, especially the Rajdhani express; while being more affordable.
  • The duronto express has got the unique feature of yellow-green pattern to look different from other trains.
  • Apart from all the technical stops, duronto express’ halts are converted into commercial stops to increase the earnings.
  • Train from Ernakulam to Nizamuddin is the longest non-stop train service by duronto express.


Features and Facilities of Duronto Express Trains


  • Similar to Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains, Duronto Express trains are counted among the premium trains running on the track of Indian railways. These trains get priority on the Indian Railway Network as against many other express trains.
  • Duronto Express are among the fastest trains in India with a maximum speed limit of 130 km/hour.
  • Duronto trains run on lower fares and with fewer stops in comparison to the other high-speed express trains operating in India.
  • The coaches of Duronto trains are 24 meters long as compared to the regular coach length of 22.3 meters.
  • At the time of launching, Duronto express trains had five travel classes – AC 1st Class (1A), AC 2nd Tier (2A), AC Three Tier (3A), AC Three Tier Economy Class (3E), and Sleeper Class (SL). However, later the Economy Class (3E) was removed by Indian railways.
  • Currently, there are two types of Duronto trains – The first ones are fully air-conditioned trains with only 1A, 2A, and 3A classes and second ones are having non-air-conditioned sleeper coaches (SL) along with 1A, 2A, and 3A travel classes.
  • The main feature of Duronto Expresses is the LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) coaches. These coaches are built of stainless steel and have aluminium interiors, which makes them lighter in weight when compared to other coaches in the Railway system.
  • The nature of the LHB coaches of the Duronto trains is anti-telescopic. It means they are protected to the derailment and won’t flip or get turned over in the incident of a collision, mainly head-on collision. The LHB coaches also ensure fewer jerks even at higher speeds. 
  • The food prices are also included in ticket prices of Duronto Express trains. Depending on your boarding time and the duration of your journey, you will be provided with morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea/coffee, dinner, a bottle of water, etc. based on a pre-decided menu list.
  • Duronto express trains serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals based on the preference of the passengers. You have to submit your food preference at the time of ticket booking.
  • The coaches of Duronto Express trains are equipped with bottle holders, mobile charging points, LED night lamps, fire extinguishers, light switches, dustbins, and transparent sliding doors between coaches.
  • Passengers travelling in the AC coaches of Duronto express trains are provided with bed-rolls. For the passengers of non-AC sleeper class, bed-rolls are also provided on payment of specified charges, if demanded.
  • Indian Railways follows the system of dynamic pricing on all Duronto Express trains. This means the ticket prices of Duronto express are not fixed, and they increase depending on the demand and the number of seats reserved.
  • Passengers can book 2A, 3A, and Sleeper class seats in Duronto express through the Tatkal Scheme. However, as per the general rule of Tatkal, you can not book 1A category seats under this scheme.
  • Duronto trains also have a reservation quota for ladies in AC Three Tier (3A) and sleeper coaches. Any female, irrespective of age, travelling alone or in a group of female passengers can avail this ladies quota.
  • Men who are above 60 years and women who are above 58 years can avail senior citizen concessions in Duronto Express. It has a 40% discount for men and 50% discount for women. However, the benefit is offered only on General Quota when you book tickets. Tickets booked under the scheme of Tatkal don’t get any concession.
  • The trains include a pantry car providing hot cooked meals to the passenger. Duronto trains also allow outside food, and you can even buy stations food or the vendors selling food items inside the trains.
  • The trains have other superior features such as controlled discharge toilet system, and thermal and sound insulation to save you from noise and the harsh temperature of outside.


Duronto Express Train Routes


The 26 pairs of Duronto express trains connect a number of state capitals and metro cities, such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jaipur, Pune, Indore, Allahabad, Bhubaneswar, Nagpur, Secunderabad, Jammu Tawi, Chennai, and Patna.


Ernakulam Duronto train is a weekly Duronto Express which runs between Kochi and New Delhi. It is the longest-running Duronto Express train in India which covers the distance of 2,943 km.


The Duronto Express trains’ average speed is estimated at 140 km/h and 91 km/h. If a Rajdhani train takes approx 10 hours to finish a journey, a Duronto express is expected to end the same journey in 9 hours. The total time taken by Duronto Express travelling from Sealdah to Delhi is 16 hours 20 minutes, which covers a total distance of 1,453 km.


Duronto Express Seat Availability




If you are looking for the seat availability in Duronto Express train, then you can use RailMitra’s seat availability option. It tells you the accurate number of available and booked seats in different travelling classes of Duronto Express.


If you booked a ticket in Duronto Express train but got a RAC ticket or waitlisted ticket, then use RailMitra’s PNR status feature, which will not give you the current waiting status of your ticket.


Duronto Express Trains Ticket Price


Average ticket price of Duronto trains including catering service for AC three-tier is Rs 3,710; AC two-tier fare is Rs 5,305, and Rs 6,595 for AC tier one. 






Download Duronto Express Fare Table 2020-21


Incidents and Accidents with Duronto Express Trains


  • In January 2010, the passengers of duronto express who were travelling from Nagpur to Mumbai had complained about the passengers who were travelling without confirmed tickets in the reservation coaches.
  • In May 2010, at least 19 passengers of the duronto express were admitted to the hospitals after consuming food supplied by train.
  • In June 2010, another duronto express from the Howrah to Mumbai CST faced a huge interruption as its engine and generator were detached from other trains. However, the problem was rectified within an hour.
  • In June 2013 the duronto express from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Pune was derailed due to a landslide. Although no injuries were reported, the train reached relatively 5 hours late to Pune.
  • In Sep 2015, duronto express from Secunderabad to Mumbai had derailed at Martur station in Karnataka. Two passengers died and more than 30 were injured when eight of its coaches were also derailed.
  • On August 29 2016, Nagpur duronto express which was heading towards Mumbai derailed due to heavy rainfall that caused mudslides. No casualties were reported from the official statement by the railway department.


Duronto express is meant to provide ease of travel with the fastest connectivity at a reasonable price. India is continuously launching new trains at a quicker pace to attract a large number of travellers.


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Author: Nisha Singh

Nisha Singh is a travel blogger with a dream to explore the world and meet amazing people. She has been blogging since 2019 and considers it as the most enriching experience of her life. She loves to share her travel experiences. She is currently working