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Mahakumbha Special: Lip-Smacking Food at Prayag Raj Kumbh Mela

 Gone are those days when taking a ritual bath at Triveni Sangam (confluence of The Ganga, The Yamuna, and  Saraswati )was a single reason to head to the Praygraj (earlier known as Allahabad).

In the modern era, people of different backgrounds visit with different aspiration and this city welcomes all of them with warmth, love, and care. Devotees heading to Praygraj enjoy the aesthetic beauty and attractions of Kumbh Mela and move for “Shahi Snana” which is an extraordinary feeling itself. People from all over the globe congregate to explore this exotic diversity and capture the beauty of Sangam as a remembrance forever. The shiny days and mesmerizing bright nights of the tent city at Prayagraj is a must visit

Cuisines Available at Prayag Raj Kumbh Mela 2019

The craze for holy Sangam and Triveni is so popular that thousands of pilgrims arrive every day to have a glimpse of three sacred rivers flowing to wash all the sins, and this strong belief of millions fascinate them to visit the religious capital of Uttar Pradesh, called the Prayag Raj.

As you are going to enjoy the journey with your group traveling to the divine destination, what goes common with all of the travelers is to get good food in train.  RailMitra is your travel companion and the ultimate solution to food issues. Now travelers can taste the regional cuisines and other taste pallets by ordering them within few clicks.  At Kumbh Mela, you will find all of the north Indian food varieties at different stalls. You can also look for south Indian, Italian, and continental food junctions scattered everywhere.

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When it comes to food all the explorers and passionate tourist love to munch the taste of regional spices and the intense flavors of Allahabadi cuisines would leave you amazed. Prayagraj Kumbh Mela is an invitation to the food lovers who love to explore from street food to exotic cuisines available at restaurants.  Let’s have a look at the tasty treats specially made ready for you:

Tahari: The name itself is quite unknown but the taste of “Tahari” would leave your mouth open saying Wow. This cuisine is popular and specially prepared in kitchen and dhabas for instant appetite. The cuisine is more or less like Biryani which is a mixture of spices and veggies cooked with boiled rice. Remember, the taste of Tahri is completely different and the topping of local tadka enhances the taste. Do try this cuisine while exploring the divine “Prayag-Raj” Mela.  

Allahabadi Churmure:  You must have munched fried corns while traveling in different parts of India. Once you are in Maha kumbha Mela try the “Allahabadi Churmure”. It is made of puffed rice corn and other variety of corns mixed well with chopped tomatoes, onions and lime juice. A sprinkle of fragrant spices makes this dish exotic and tastes heavenly.

Daulat Ki chaat: Yummy!!Don’t get confused with the name. Daulat ki chaat is actually a sweet recipe for sweet lovers. If you are looking for a lip-smacking sweet dish of Allahabad,then it is highly recommended during your visit to Maha Kumbha this year. Don’t miss this special taste.

Fulki ( Golgappa/Panipuri/Foochka): All the terms take you to the same destination of taste. This street food, commonly known as Panipuri, is found at every corner of the city. But the taste of Panipuri at Prayagraj is different than you would have tasted earlier at other parts of the country. The tangy taste of water filled in puffed crunchy poori tastes awesome.

Kali Gajar Ka Halwa: You will find this taste nowhere. Kali Gajar Ka Halwa is an exotic dish which you will find only at Prayagraj. If you are in Allahabad don’t miss the chance to treat your sweet taste bud. This sweet dish is not only tasty but full of healthy nutrients. Make your holy travel planning absolutely tasty.  

Dahi Jalebi: Favorite of all the Allahabadians!  It’s a breakfast option to start your day in a local style. All the food vendors ranging from the stalls at every corner of the street, either Dhabas or any multi-cuisine restaurants would welcome you with this breakfast option. So, start your day with this crunchy breakfast you would love to have.

Dehati Rasgulle : The favorite dessert !!!  When it comes to Allahabad we instantly say Dehati Ke Rsagulle. The Rasgulla is associated with what we say “Kala Jamun” or Gulab Jamun you have tasted in north Indian regions. Presentation and Allahabadi preparation of this rasagulla is its USP. A must try sweet dessert of Allahabad.

Dam Aaloo: Exactly the same picture comes in your mind that you might have tasted in north Indian corners of the country. But what’s missing, is the taste you can’t have anywhere rather than Allahabad. Stop at a local dhaba or a restaurant to enjoy Dam aaloo with Kachoris in chilling winter. It’s a luxury.

Imrati – Rabri: The list would be incomplete without this cuisine. Though it looks like Jalebi the difference is hidden in its taste. It looks bigger than Jalebi and made of “urad dal” (white lentil bean) and less sweet than Jalebi. Do try this and treat your day.

There are lots to explore. Book your tickets and plan your journey to delve in the divinity of “Maha Kumbha -Prayag raj Mela. Check your PNR status regularly and plan your travel accordingly. RailMitra is your travel buddy accompanying you throughout the journey to make it pleasant and hassle-free. Don’t wait. Pack your bags and get ready to explore the most sacred Prayag Raj Kumbh mela. The divine city invites you.

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