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Northern Railways to run Special Trains for Holi 2019:Check the Schedule

The festival of Holi is a symbol that depicts the significance of colours in our life. Without this colourful fest, our life is like a plain canvas devoid of any fun and excitement. A canvas shows its magical effect when bright colours and vibrancy infuses life in it. Same is the value of Holi festival in our life. Holi is not only a festival but a package of bright colors, emotion, values, blessings, tasty sweets, party, which acts as a catalyst in getting a change from our regular, sedentary life style. It’s the season when passengers travel from their workplace to visit their native for Holi celebration.

It’s the time when Indian Railways face a sudden increase of passengers traveling towards the northern zone of India. To make the journey smooth for passengers and with a view to allot a confirm ticket to every ticket to every passenger, Indian Railways had decided to run special trains to cater the confirm ticket needs of the passengers. Special trains may not have pantry cars attached to it. There are chances you might face situation of insufficient food supply or a little delay in reaching the destination. No worries! The journey via Indian railways has become comfortable and easy as there’s the facility to order food in train which will be delivered right at your berth. Order food of your choice in train via RailRestro and make your journey foodi-licious.

Northern Railway zone is going to experience a heavy rush of passengers, as the season of Holi is arriving. The commuters from all over the India will board their respective routes’ train and reach to their hometown for Holi celebration. As it is one of the most profound festivals celebrated specially in the northern zone of India, Railways have decided to run special trains which will facilitate the passengers to commute to their home town easily with a confirm ticket. This Holi, Indian Railways will introduce few trains which will clear the rush of extra passengers and make your journey soothing and comfortable. Let’s make this forthcoming festival the most entertaining and delightful one.

List of Trains and their Schedule:
04414/04413 Anand Vihar-Lucknow-Anand Vihar Holi Special Train
This special train 04414 will run from Anand Vihar on every Tuesday and Thursday from 12.03.2019 to 21.03.2019. On the other end train number 04413 will depart from Lucknow on every Wednesday and Friday from 13.03.2019 to 22.03.2019.
Stoppages: Ghaziabad, Moradabad and Bareilly stations.

04401/04402 Anand Vihar- Sri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra- Anand Vihar
This special train 04401 will run from Anand Vihar on every Monday and Thursday from 11.03.2019 to 21.03.2019 and the train number 04402 will run from Mata Vaishno Devi Katra on every Tuesday and Friday from 13.03.2019 to 22.03.2019.
Stoppages: Ghaziabad, Meerut City, Muzaffaranagar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar Contonment, Pathankot Cantonment, Jammu Tawi and Udhampur stations.

09005/09006 Mumbai central-New Delhi-Mumbai central Holi special AC Superfast Train
This special train number 09005 will depart from Mumbai Central on every Friday from 01.03.2019 to 22.03.2019 and train number 09006 will depart from New Delhi on every Saturday from 02.03.2019 to 23.03.2019.
Stoppages: Vadodara and Kota stations.

04502/04501 Nangal Dam- Lucknow- Nangal Dam Holi express Special Train
This special train will run from Nangal Dam on every Monday from 11.03.2019 to 18.03.2019. The other train number 04051 will run from 11.03.2019 to 18.03.2019, as a return journey.
Stoppages: Roop Nagar, Chandigarh, Ambala Cantonment, Jagadhari, Saharanpur Moradabad and Bareilly stations.

04612/04611 Sri Mata Vasihno Devi Katra-Varanasi- Sri Mata Vasihno Devi Katra
This special train will run from Mata Vasihno Devi Katra to Varanasi on every Sunday from 10.03.2019 to 24.03.2019 and train number 04611 will run from Varanasi on every Tuesday and Friday from 12.03.2019 to 26.03.2019.
Stoppages: Udhampur, Jammu Tawi, Pathankot Cantonment, Jalandhar Cantonment, Ludhiana, Ambala Cantonment, Ludhiana, Ambala Cantonment, Jagadhari, Saharanpur, Moradabad, Bareilly, Lucknow amd Sultanpur stations.

04998/04997 Bhatinda-Varanasi-Bhatinda Express Holi special Train (weekly)
This special train number 04998 will depart from Bathinda on every Sunday from 10.03.2019 to 24.03.2019 and train number 04997 from Varanasi will depart on every Monday from 11.03.2019 to 25.03.2019.
Stoppages: Rampura Phul, Bamala, Dhuri, Patiala, Rajpura, Ambala Cantonment, Jagadhari, Saharanpur, Roorkee, Laskar, Moradabad, Bareilly, Shahjahanpur, Lucknow and Sultanpur stations.

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