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Now get Free Platform Tickets for Railway Stations in India

For the convenience of visitors and to remove the unnecessary crowd from the platform, Indian Railways had stated selling platform tickets to control the visitor’s inflow. At present it costs Rs.10-Rs.20. If you’re going to railway station to receive your family members, then you don’t have to spend Rs.10 to get a platform tickets. Under Railway’s ‘Fit India Campaign’, you will get free platform tickets. All you have to do is some exercise! You will get a platform ticket for free after exercising. Railways have installed an exercise machine at Anand Vihar railway station to keep people fit. If you do sit-ups during the scheduled time, you will get a platform ticket for free. Railways has started this initiative under the Fit India Movement. The unique machine is installed by a private company.

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Workout and Get Platform Tickets For Free:
A unique experiment was performed at the Anand Vihar railway station in New Delhi. Here, visitors are getting free platform ticket on sit-up exercise. A machine has been installed here, which generates a free platform ticket after your exercise. Platform tickets can be taken free of cost after performing exercise in front of the installed machine. Railways officials said that machines will be installed on the same model at other railway stations of country. Its direct benefit will be given to those who are visiting to Railways stations for leaving or receiving passengers. In the waiting time passengers attendant will be able to exercise and get a platform ticket for free.

How to get free Railway Platform Ticket:
The name of this machine is ‘Squat Kiosk’ or squat machine. As per rules, the condition, people will get platform tickets free by performing a (sit-up) exercise for 30 times in 180 seconds. You have to pay 10 rupees for a platform ticket, so now you can save 10 rupees by performing sit up exercise.

Health checkup is being done from health ATM
Railways have also made efforts earlier under the fitness movement. Health ATM kiosks have been installed at many stations in the country for health checkup of passengers. Here the traveler can get 16 tests like BP, blood sugar, hypertension etc. in a very short time at a nominal cost. A nominal fee of Rs.50 rupees is being charged. This experiment is still new for India. Earlier this type of experiment has been done in Moscow and many countries of the world.

Massage facility at Anand Vihar Railway station
Passengers can also remove their fatigue at Anand Vihar station. If you are tired during the journey, foot massager kiosks have been installed at the station. Here, passengers can get their feet, hands, shoulders massaged by paying a very nominal cost. Different fees are charged for this.

Significantly, sit ups are an essential part of strength training. It tones the muscles. A similar machine was installed in Mosco before the Sochi Olympics in 2013. Here, 30 riders who completed the meeting were being given a free ride in the subway. Indian Railways is planning to start these unique services to all premium railway stations of India in mission Mode to promote the Fit India movement.

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