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Railways Will Deploy Isolation Coaches at 215 Stations of the Country

The Indian Railways is fully prepared to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic. Railways has planned to deploy 5,231 isolation coaches across the country to fight with the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, the railways is planning to serve these isolation ward rail coaches at 215 railway stations as emergency health care centres to treat people infected with the coronavirus. Moreover, health care facilities have also been provided at 85 railway stations. Indian Railways has instructed all the state governments and union territories that 130 railway stations can also be converted into health care centres. But the state government should provide them with the necessary medicines and facilities.

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Guideline Prepared Between Health & Railways Ministry

Railways has deployed more than 2500 doctors and more than 3500 medical staff to fight COVID-19. The railways had planned to make 20,000 isolation coaches in the fight of COVID-19 pandemic. In the first phase, work on more than five thousand coaches had started. At present, railways have converted 5231 coaches including total isolation coaches at various locations. According to the Indian Railways, along with the food and drink facilities at these centres, electricity, water and safety will be provided by the Railways. In this context, the Central Government has also issued a guideline to the government of all states. This guideline has been prepared by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with Railways.

Railways Will Deploy Coaches on Request of State Govt.

The Ministry of Railways has converted 5,231 coaches of the train into Isolation Care Centres. All these coaches can be used to take care of the patients infected with the coronavirus. Apart from this, Railways is also equipped to prepare PPE kits for its front-line workers. If the state government and union territories need help from Indian Railways, then the state government will have to make an application to the Railway Ministry stating their requirements. Based on the needs of the states, the Railway Ministry will choose the location to deliver these coaches. After the selection of the place, the train will be delivered to the station.

Suspected Covid-19 Patients will Get Admitted to Isolation Coaches

Ministry of Health has decided to use coaches for corona infected patients. Considering the increasing number of corona infected patients, the Ministry of Health has decided to use the train coach as a Covid-19 care centre for suspected patients of coronavirus and minor category infected patients. According to the Ministry of Health, patients will be admitted to coaches based on their symptoms. They will be sent to the hospital after their symptoms or health condition change. Separate cabins will be set up for suspected patients with serial numbers so that the infection does not spread. If the situation is serious, only two patients will be admitted to a cabin.

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