The Women in the Kitchen: Creating Wonders with Taste and Blend

It is said that women in the kitchen best suited with the womanhood. They have the power to change a mere bricks-built house into a happy home. Certainly a sweet home is not completed without a corner of the kitchen where love is cooked with great taste of food. In a country like India, different cultures and diversity of lifestyle are cherished and celebrated with vast culinary art which attracts people a lot.

From ancient times women have been the “Hero of Kitchen”. These women have marked their strong presence in homely kitchen. They have served love in the form of food on the dining table. With the changing time women started coming out of the boundaries and explored different dimensions of self-growth and development. Women experts in their culinary arts chose their kitchen only as their profession and have proved themselves as a perfect chef serving some of the best cuisines. Circumstances never matter when it comes to food. Be it in home or the delicacies served in restaurants or enjoy ordering food online in train, we love to treat ourselves with tasty food. Let’s meet to some of the eminent women chefs who have put their effort in food industry and proved themselves as a culinary genius.

Pooja Dhingra:
The first name which strikes in the mind is of Pooja Dhingra. She has been one of the best women chefs who brought the first Macaroon shop in India. She is also successfully running her own brand “Le 15 Patisserie” chains in India. Her specialization lies in the confectionery art specially the french desserts. No doubt she has offered a wide range of sweet tooth options for bakery lovers.

Ritu Dalmia:
She is another leading name in the women chefs of India. She is a professional expert in preparing of Italian-Indian fusion cuisines. Being specialized in Italian dishes she presents her preparations with a blend of Indian spices. Chef Ritu Dalmia has earned the fame of being “Celebrity Chef” and is a successful restaurateur. She owns her restaurant in New Delhi named as “Diva”.

Veena Arora:
The food industry of India is blessed with a chef who has been awarded with multiple awards for her culinary skills.She has received the title of “Best Lady Chef” by Ministry of Tourism in India. Veena Arora is a famous name in the industry with a fact that she never got any proper training in cooking. She is contributing her services in the Hotel chains of “The Imperial” as an executive chef.

Bani Nanda:
Another name in the list of successful ladies in the kitchen! She has worked for “The Oberoi” for few years. Bani Nanda is not only a name but she also a young entrepreneur leading her own brand “Miam”. She owns Miam patisserie located in New Delhi. No doubt, Bani Nanda young chef has brought French culinary in India by her specialization In French culinary. She experimented with pastries and cakes to bring Indian and French tastes together in single bite.

Anahita Dhondy:
This fame also belongs to the Indian kitchen serving the delicious cuisines to foodies and taste explorers. She is better known as the master lady behind the “Soda-Bottle-Openerwala”. Anahita Dhondy owns a café and bar located in Mumbai. Her invention lies in creating special kinds of Persian cuisines in the Café. She has been awarded with many awards including “The Young Chef Award” etc.

Amrita Raichand:
Amrita Raichand is a renowned name in the industry and a popular face for the household appliance giant “Whirlpool”. She is also called as the “Celeb Mom Chef”. She is spreading her culinary magic in Indian kitchens by the popular TV show “Mammy Ka Magic” on Food Food. She is a best example of a lady standing strong in corporate culinary culture.

Tarla Dalal:
Though she is no more in this world, yet her thousands of cookery tips, and a number of recipe books, still celebrates her name in the Indian kitchens. Tarla Dalal has also hosted many cookery shows. She has been awarded many times for her culinary arts and presentation. Certainly the lady is one of the pioneers among the Women famed Chef on international level.

Nita Nagraj:
The list will go incomplete without mentioning this fame of Indian kitchen. Spending almost three decades in the corporate kitchen while working for some of the eminent hotels, the lady chef Nita Nagraj has earned her name into continental cuisines. She works for Jaypee hotels and an expert to serve Continental cuisines on the table.

Pankaj Bhadouria:
Titled as the first “Master Chef of India”, Pankaj Bhadouria is absolutely a cookery-storm in Indian Kitchens. The lady is known for its first master chef contest winner, a reality show aired on Star Plus promoting the culinary arts of India.

Shipra Khanna:
This lady rules the industry with her cooking skills. Cookery books, TV shows, restaurant consultancy and finally the Master Chef season-2 winner! It’s her culinary journey. Shipra Khanna is also known as the most young and glamorous celebrity chef in the world.

That’s the brilliant list of 10 women broadening up the hunger hooks in India and also beyond the geographical boundaries of India. These women are serving India with their contribution in cooking and culinary industry. If you are also among those who love food, then must explore the different regions of India to satisfy your tastes buds with global cuisines. You can taste variety of cuisines in Indian trains by ordering food online in train via e-catering service which delivers you the restaurant food in train at your berth. So keep enjoying your travelling passion and explore the untouched parts of India with the regional cuisine. Food is something that we all fall in love with so keep munching and keep exploring the Indian tastes in different regions of the country.

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