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Things You Should Know About UTS Ticket Booking

You must have seen and been in long queues for your train journey. Sometimes, it might make you late, and you miss the train. During rush hours, getting the train ticket on time also becomes difficult. Here UTS ticket booking comes into use. 


With the UTS app, you can book your local train ticket or platform ticket online with your mobile phone in a second. It helps the passengers who travel daily and need to visit someplace without planning. Apart from this UTS app, you can use rail apps such as RailMitra to plan your quick train trip. With this app feature, you can check live station departure and arrival of trains within 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours. 


UTS- Local Train Ticket Booking App 


UTS stands for Unreserved Ticketing System. It is an app launched by Indian Railways’ subsidiary body CRIS in 2014 to generate or cancel unreserved train tickets, book seasonal tickets, renew passes, and purchase platform tickets. The initiative saves passengers from getting into long queues to take Printed Card Tickets (PCTs) for local train travel or platform visits.



Features of Local Train Ticket Booking App 


Available in Two Languages – The App supports customer convenience, so it works in both Hindi and English. Passengers can choose their language while booking tickets. 


Cashless Transactions – The UTS on mobile is a part of operation 5 minutes and the Indian government’s digital India flagship drive, which promotes cashless transactions. This app allows you to pay using R-wallet, Paytm, and other UPI or online payment modes during your train ticket booking. 


Contactless Ticketing – With the UTS railway app, passengers can easily book tickets online without visiting railway ticket counters.  


Paperless/Paper Ticket – CRIS (Centre of Information Systems) promotes a paperless ticket system with this booking system. Passengers can show their UTS train tickets on mobile instead of station counter tickets; however, if any commuter wants a paper ticket. In that case, they can get it from the cash or smart card-operated ticket automated vending machines (ATVM) installed at the booking hall at the station premises. To get the paper UTS ticket, passengers just need to punch the ticket number into the machine. 


Get Next Trains Details – The app feature also informs travellers about the next upcoming trains. Commuters can check trains to their destination stations. 


Step by Step Guide to Register at UTS App  


To register yourself on the UTS app, you will need to follow these steps: 

  • Find the UTS mobile applicationon the play store or apple iOS and download the app. 
  • Register yourself on the app using your mobile number, name, gender, and date of birth. 
  • There will be an option to generate the password. Create an exclusive and memorable password for your UTS app. 
  • Accept the terms & conditions of the UTS mobile app
  • Click on the Register button. 
  • Now log in with the user id and password to book tickets. 



Types of UTS Train Ticket Booking 


With the official android mobile ticketing app, passengers can book 5 types of train tickets. 

  • Normal Ticket Booking
  • Quick Ticket Booking 
  • Platform Booking 
  • Season Ticket Booking/Renewal
  • QR Booking 


Guide for Normal Ticket Booking

Passengers can book normal tickets for general travel from one place to another. 

  • Select the ‘normal booking’ option from the book tickets menu. 
  • Choose the ticket type from paper and paperless that you want to book. 
  • Enter depart station name/code and going station name/code. 
  • Select the type of tickets, such as passenger, mail, or express. 
  • Click on get fare. A payment page will open. 
  • Choose the payment method from R-wallet or other online payment methods. 
  • Pay your ticket fare. You will receive a message about ticket booking. 
  • In the UTS dashboard, there will be an option to ‘show ticket’; from that option, you can see the ticket. 


Guide for Quick Ticket Booking 


Quick booking features those train routes where passengers travel frequently or are set as a favourite train route. 

  • Choose a quick booking option from book ticket options. 
  • Select the paper or paperless ticket you want to get. 
  • Now, click ‘Next’. A new page will open. Choose your frequently visited routes. 
  • Pay ticket fare for your train ticket. 


Guide to Book Platform Ticket Online 


Passengers can book paper or paperless platform tickets with UTS.  

  • Log in to the UTS app. 
  • Enter the Station name or code. 
  • Select the platform booking option from the dashboard.
  • Click on  paper or paperless ticket as per your convenience.  
  • Choose the ‘number of people’ for whom you want to book the platform tickets. 
  • Select payment type. Either from R-wallet or other payment modes such as debit card, credit card, net banking or UPI. 
  • As soon as you pay the ticket fair, you get the platform ticket. It will be in digital form, if you have selected for paperless ticket, during platform ticket booking.  


Guide for Renew and Issue Seasonal Ticket 


With the UTS app, passengers can issue and renew season tickets online. 

  • Go to the Season Booking from ticket book status. The ticket will be valid from the next day. 
  • Select the book & travel option or the book & print option. 
  • Choose issue ticket or renew ticket as per your preference.
  • Select the source and destination station and proceed to the booking process. 


Guide to Getting QR Ticket from UTS App 


To do QR booking, you need to follow these steps. 

  • Visit your nearest railway station where the QR code is installed.  
  • Now, Go to the QR booking option from the Book Ticket Menu of UTS ticketing. 
  • Scan the QR code via the app.
  • Select the destination station name or code and fill in the other fields. 
  • Pay the ticket fare and get the ticket. 



Advantages of Using UTS Railway Ticket Booking 


UTS ticket booking has eased the rail passengers’ journey experience. Especially for those who travel daily by train or need to go for an unplanned trip. Here are some benefits of using the UTS mobile ticketing app: 

  • Passengers don’t need to wait in line for local train tickets. 
  • Passengers will get paperless tickets that will be environment-friendly and easy to show.
  • UTS tickets will be available online. 
  • Passengers in a few minutes can book tickets online. 
  • Passengers get some bonus on recharge of their Rail-wallet. The minimum recharge amount is 100 rupees, and the maximum wallet balance is 10,000. Passengers can recharge R-wallets in multiples of 100.



Rules to Use UTS Mobile Ticketing 


Some rules of using UTS mobile apps need to be followed for a better user experience. These rules are: 

  • When you have an active ticket, don’t change your handset. 
  • You can book only a ticket for the journey date. 
  • During booking the ticket, the GPS location of the mobile should be on. 
  • Passengers can book tickets only when they are in the range of 5 km to 30 m to the station premises. 
  • Passengers can’t print paperless tickets at ATVM. If they need a paper ticket, they need to select this option during ticket booking. 
  • With the unreserved ticket booking app, passengers can board the train 3 hours after the booking.  
  • To book platform tickets, you need to be within a radius of 2 km of the station or 15 metres away from the railway track. 
  • Passengers can book seasonal tickets for 3 months, 6 months, or a year. 
  • If a commuter chooses to book & print. That person is not allowed to travel paperless. 
  • You can not book a UTS ticket inside the station premises or by train. 
  • The UTS ticket booking is valid for express/mail/passenger and superfast trains. 


Can I Cancel the UTS Ticket?


Yes! You can cancel a UTS ticket only when you have taken a paper ticket, and the ticket booking amount is more than the cancellation charges. However, you can not cancel paperless tickets. 


How to Travel With a UTS App Ticket?


You can book travel tickets with the UTS app easily for train travel. The app is easy to use and convenient for each passenger. With its ticket, you can travel on any Indian train, which includes general coaches.  


Before booking the train, you can check the live arrival & departure of trains at any particular station. RailMitra is an AI-enabled app that will help you to do so. It is a railway enquiry app which provides various tools to check PNR status, live train running status, trains between two stations, live station arrival- departure trains, train fare, and station details. 

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