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Live Train Arrival & Departure Status

Every time a traveler books a journey ticket, they receive an SMS or E-mail from IRCTC. The ticket confirms only the journey detail, but doesn’t assure of the arrival and departure of the train at the stipulated time mentioned in the tickets. One of the depressant factors of the Indian Railways which wastes the precious time of the passengers’ is the “Delay Announcement” at the stations.  It’s very unpleasing and troublesome for the auditory canals to imbibe.  There can be numerous reasons for getting a train delayed which affects the arrival and departure time at stations.

  • Rain/Foggy Weather: Sometimes the loco pilots have to limit the train speed due to the bad weather conditions like heavy rain, fog, or when the trains have to cross from a route facing any natural calamity like landslides or flood. These natural conditions generally delay the train by 8-10 hours.
  • Mechanical or Technical Fault:  The second reason to train delays can be any technical default in the engine or any mechanical problems in the train. Undoubtedly, it will affect the train running status and their arrival/departures.
  • Overheating of Tracks: The soaring temperature leads to overheating of the rail tracks and its expansion from the normal size. It’s a sign of danger as the probability of track buckling becomes high. The solution to this problem is to apply or wash the tracks with water to cool down. It takes hours and the train might be delayed for three-four hours.
  • Maintenance of the Trains:  Maintenance of train engines and coach is a tedious task. It takes several hours. There are chances for the delay of the train by an hour or two.
  • Disturbances on Track: There are instances like trees falling on the tracks, large stones on the way etc. which unlikely delays the train by hours.

RailMitra, a unique platform is 99.99% accurate and traveler-friendly which displays the correct time of departure and arrival of trains. Before the adoption of the internet by the Indian Railways, passengers use to commute to station and wait for the train, totally depending on the announcement at stations. The present era of digitization has made the job easy. The passengers, in the digital era, have applications installed in their phone or websites to get such information in a fraction of second.

RailMitra provides the exact and accurate details on the arrival and departure of trains. A passenger can accordingly plan their journey and save ample time if the train is late. RailMitra, with its highly technically advanced algorithm, updates the train schedule regularly, so that the passengers can plan their travel easily without any inconvenience. RailMitra assures the train travelers a current status of any rail inquiry.  All you need is a train name, train number, and the source or destination station codes. Enter the details and get the exact information for making a great plan and train travel decisions in an exceptional way. Travelers must prefer RailMitra which is an improved and upgraded mobile-friendly website which has modernised the way, travelers plan their train journey. The enhanced services of RailMitra are beneficial for travelers who love to journey via train. Go ahead and plan for a vacation or trip! RailMitra will be your perfect companion.