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Train travel in India is the craziest, chaotic, and inspiring adventures to embark on. Planning a journey by train can be highly chaotic and unsettled; if not planned and executed properly. This give rise to hurly-burly situation and we forget to pack our needy stuffs and make our journey disarray. Many travelers are even not aware of the routes or the details of the trains between the stations they are going to travel and wander how to get the required train information. Sometimes, we also get in situation when our loved ones are traveling alone by train and we continuously get concerned about them. To make you comfortable in this situation and put your mind at ease, at RailMitra, you can check the train running status and know the location of your loved ones very easily. So to grab the insights about trains, their schedules, routes and location of train then it is advisable to plan your journey using Railmitra.

All the information that the user needs about like all the trains that run between stations, the details of the number of trains running, current train running status, operative days of the trains, train timings and a lot many more options are available on Railmitra. Railmitra provides IRCTC train running status queries for all trains of India. With a train inquiry between stations using websites or mobile app, the passengers can get an overview of all trains available for their travel route between stations. Indian Railway makes it easy to access all the information one needs on all the important trains running through the entire railway network.

Why Travelers inquire about Trains between stations?

Any train traveler, who wants to explore India and its rich cultural heritage via train, must know the locations and the nearest station for booking tickets. While inquiring about the Indian Railway train status between two stations the traveler can easily get to know about the trains running between the route, their timings, days of running and their seat availability. These details help in deciding about the available trains running in the route, class of seats and ticket fare. Through this inquiry passengers can filter train options for a route and perfectly decide the traveling plan. This inquiry can provide the traveler with immense options to choose from. Travelers through RailMitra can explore all the trains between any of the two stations and plan their journey effectively.  Railmitra is based on real time data from the Indian Railways with persistently updated results. You can get all the information about your train so that you can reach the station according to current train running status. You can also check the exact location of the train you want to track using Indian train live status.

How to Inquire about Trains between stations from RailMitra?

RailMitra is a technical approach and a mobile website which helps the rail passengers to get the details of routes, stations and timings, which helps the traveler to plan and execute the journey in a simple manner. There are three main components required for the inquiry of trains between the stations.

  1. Source station name or station code
  2. Destination station name or station code
  3. Date/Day of the Travel

As the passenger enters the journey details, the screen will display the number of trains in the route, distance of the journey, running days, for a particular range of time. The traveler can choose the train of their choice and can get details about the selected train like number of stations it crosses, time of halt at each station, the departure and arrival time of the train, any details of train running status.  The details displayed on the screen are based on the scheduled train table. These are updated regularly as per the information provided by Indian Railways.

The RailMitra search is based on the latest Indian Railways and IRCTC schedules with precise data of different train timetables which help the user plan the travel much more efficiently. Want to know the train you are travelling in is running on schedule or train status of the same before heading out to the station then the live train status could be checked out using this application, to let people know about the exact running status of the train at that time. Railmitra fetches the data using IRCTC train tracking system from Railways servers to provide information in real time situations. It is very much useful to know the details of train status between stations in advance and make decisions related to your further journey.

What information do we get in train between stations?

Railmitra provides you vast information so that you can plan your journey easily like Train number, Train name, Source and destination, Expected arrival and departure time and the specific days on which the train runs. This would help you in organizing a captivating journey with Railmitra.

Where do you want to travel? Don’t plan your journey in a hurry. Check the trains running between the source and destination station via RailMitra to plan an unforgettable journey. One can also book food online in train via Railmitra- the best food in train app.