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10 Double Decker Trains in India for Short Routes

Indian Railways Double Decker trains are two-floor express trains with a bi-passenger seating arrangement. These twin deck trains are spacious than conventional coaches; therefore they can carry more passengers and goods on board. The new Double Decker LHB coaches are manufactured with stainless steel in Kapurthala Coach Factory.


In India, the train journey is the most fascinating and thrilling experience. Railways are commonly popular as the “Transport Lifeline of the Country”. With the advent of technology, Indian railways have improvised their services in every possible way to comfort their passengers.


Since railways are the cheapest mode of transportation, sometimes you find a heavy rush on ticket booking counters and websites. Railways started the service of Double Decker Trains on specific routes to manage the rush of passengers. 


Indian Railways will operate fully Air-conditioned Double Decker trains. With the capacity to accommodate the double number of passengers, the first double Decker train in India was flagged off in October 2011. It covered the route between Howrah and Dhanbad. However, these trains are mostly air-conditioned, but few of them are not, like Flying Rani, the train that runs between the route of Mumbai and Surat. 


If you plan to travel via Double Decker train, firstly check the seat availability and then book your tickets.


Here is the list of top 10 Double Decker trains of Indian Railways that you must know:



1. Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Madgaon AC Double Decker Express


The train first started on December 19, 2015. Earlier, the train was scheduled to run three days a week, but currently, it runs two days a week. The train starts its journey from Lokmanya Tilak Terminal and reaches its final destination by covering 565 km.


If you have booked the ticket in advance, you can freely enjoy the journey without any hassle. But, if your ticket is showing on the waiting list, check the PNR status and get yourself updated about your berth confirmation and allotment. It also highlights the percentage or probability of birth confirmation. For fast updates, visit the RailMitra website and get all the latest train information. 

  • Train Number -11085
  • Departure Point – Lokmanya Tilak
  • Destination Point – Madgaon
  • Departs Time – 5:33
  • Travel Time -11hrs. 75 Minutes


2. Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad Double Decker Express


Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Double Decker Express started to commute the travellers from the economic city of India to Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is also popular as a business hub in India. The train started to provide its service six days a week. Business travellers mostly prefer to board this train which takes 7 hours to reach Ahmedabad. This train was the first-ever in India that displayed advertisements.

  • Train Number – 12931
  • Departure Point – Mumbai Central
  • Departure Time – 2:30
  • Distance – 493 km
  • Travel Time– 7hrs. 20 min
  • Destination Point – Ahmedabad Junction


3. Chennai – Bangalore Double Decker Express


This double decker first operated on April 25, 2013 and it connects the two major cities of South India, i.e., Chennai and Bangalore. The two Mero cities are the giant business locations in India. As a result, business working people frequently board the train to save the time of journey as it takes less time than other service trains. This train is surprisingly a gift to the people that helps them commute easily. The train has 10 coaches, fully occupied with an air conditioner. 

  • Train Number – 22625 
  • Departure Point – Chennai
  • Departure Time – 07:25
  • Distance – 358 km
  • Travel Time – 05hrs. 45min
  • Destination Point – Bangalore


4. Lucknow Junction – Anand Vihar Double Decker Express Train


Lucknow is the city that perfectly tells the epic historical glory of Nawabs and Delhi, the city that everyone admires. There are many trains to connect these two wonderful cities of India. This train was started on April 25, 2015, and that takes just 5 hours to reach Delhi. The train commutes the travellers four days a week on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  

  • Train Number – 12583
  • Departure Point – Lucknow
  • Departure Point – 05:00
  • Distance – 479 km
  • Travel Time – 05hrs. 45min


5. Jaipur – Delhi Sarai Rohilla AC Double Decker Express


The train runs between Pink City Jaipur to Delhi Sarai Rohilla. Jaipur is one of India’s most visited tourist places that attract people across the globe. The international travellers who visit Delhi cannot go back without taking a royal tour of Jaipur. Indian Railways runs a budget-friendly Jaipur –Delhi Sarai Rohilla AC Double Decker train that commutes the travellers back to Delhi. It covers a distance of 303 km and takes the time of 4 hours and 30 minutes.

  • Train Number – 12985
  • Destination Point – Jaipur
  • Departure Time – 06:00
  • Distance – 304 km
  • Travel Time – 03hrs. 40min

6. Bhopal-Indore AC Double Decker Express


This Double Decker Express train of Indian Railways is a fancy and luxurious train that runs between the interstate of Madhya Pradesh Bhopal and Indore. It provides service to the passengers seven days a week. This is a interstate double decker train. 

  • Train Number – 22183
  • Source destination – Bhopal
  • Departure Time  – 06:00
  • Distance – 224 km
  • Travel Time – 3hr 35min
  • Destination Point – Indore


7. Mumbai –Surat Flying Ranee Double Decker Express


This is the first Non-AC Double Decker Express train that runs between Mumbai and the textile city of India, Surat. Indian Railways flagged off the train in the year 1906. The train started in 1906, and it covers a total distance of 263 km. Then, a pantry car was attached to it, but later it was replaced with 2nd AC coaches. The train runs seven days a week. 

  • Train Number – 12921
  • Departure Point – Mumbai Central
  • Distance – 263 km
  • Travel Time – 4 hrs. 40 minutes 
  • Destination Point – Surat


8. Vishakhapatnam – Tirupati Double Decker Express


Vishakhapatnam – Tirupati Double Decker train serves the Southern zone of Indian Railways. The train runs three days a week, and it started its service on December 31, 2016. It will be helpful for pilgrimage visitors who come to Tirupati Temple from all across India and World. 

  • Train Number – 27707
  • Departure Point – Vishakhapatnam
  • Departure time – 22
  • Distance – 760 km
  • Travel Time – 13hr 10min
  • Destination Point – Tirupati


9. Utkrisht AC Double Decker AC Yatri Express


It is a fully luxury double Decker train that serves the routes between Vishakhapatnam and Vijayawada. This is considered the second most luxurious double Decker express train of Indian Railways. The train has the capacity of 120 seats per coach, with 50 passengers on the upper deck and 48 on the lower deck. Rests 22 are accommodated at the end. The train always runs on time and reaches its destination.

  • Train Number – 22701
  • Departure Point– Vishakhapatnam Junction
  • Departs at – 05:45
  • Travel Time – 5 hr 30 min
  • Distance – 350
  • Destination Point– Vijayawada


10. Howrah –Dhanbad Double Decker Express


The train started its service on October 1, 2011, covering 259 km of distance. It is the first double decker train that runs between Howrah in West Bengal to Dhanbad in Jharkhand. With it’s launch India became the third country to operate double decker train after USA and United Kingdom. 

  • Train Number -12385
  • Departure Point – Howrah
  • Departure Time – 08:35
  • Distance – 259km
  • Travel Time – 4hr 15min
  • Destination Point – Dhanbad

Order Food Online in Double Decker Express Trains


Travellers can book a meal on wheels through e-catering providers. Indian Railways e-catering service is also available in double-decker express trains of India. Above all, their food will surely spice up your journey. You can order varieties of food, including veg, non-veg, Chinese, Italian, South Indian, and North Indian Delicacies.


Can I track the Live Running Status of Double Decker Express Trains?


Yes, you can check the live running status of Double Decker trains. Visit RailMitra to check the train running status of all twin deck trains, including Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Madgaon AC Double Decker Express, Mumbai –Surat Flying Ranee Double Decker Express, Vishakhapatnam – Tirupati Double Decker Express and many more.


How can tickets be booked for Double Decker Express Trains?                         


Double Decker train tickets can be booked online through the official IRCTC app. Indian Railway’s rules for booking double Decker tickets are not special. So, you will need to follow similar steps as booking train tickets online or offline.


Is Tatkal Quota Available in Double Decker Trains?


Yes, booking online tatkal ticket quota system is available in Double Decker trains. You can check the seat availability of these trains online on the RailMitra website and its train enquiry app.


IRCTC will launch more twin decker trains in the coming months. Stay in touch with RailMitra to get all the information about Indian Railways Double Decker Trains. Besides, you can check the status of your ticket’s 10 digit PNR number, train schedule, and live running status of all the IRCTC trains. 


The journey is more than travelling; experience it with us through the Great Indian Railways!

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