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What is the Train Schedule?

Every passenger who plans a train journey is succumbed to face the last minute hassles of an unorganized decision. Today, the Indian Railways time table is available digitally on smart phones. This has made the unorganized pattern of journey planning into a strategic and smooth one. Train schedule is one of the most crucial elements that keep lingering in the minds of every traveler when they are either planning to travel or are on the go to start a train journey. A quick know-how of train schedule is vital as it helps in avoiding last minute escalations in terms of packaging, cab bookings and more. In such case, an app in need is an app indeed. RailMitra app is an AI-integrated application which helps the travelers to plan their journey in advance and assist you throughout the journey.  

Check Railway Schedule via RailMitra app:

RailMitra assist you in your planning to search for trains providing complete timetable about a particular train being searched by the user. Before planning up for your vacations, holidays, business meetings or even if it’s a short term journey; it’s important to have a glance at the online train schedule which is helpful in planning a trouble-free trip.  Train Schedule displays information like stations covered by that particular train, train time, train arrival time and departure time at stations and intermediate stations, train route, days on which the train runs, distance and halt time. IRCTC has made the bookings procedure comfortable to get all the information about Railway time table and train schedule in just a click.

What is the use of train time schedule?

Lucidly by scrutinizing out the train time table and Railway time schedule one can easily strategize in planning their journey wisely and avoid the last minute rush. Train journey are the most nostalgic moments of any traveler as the sound of the chugging wheels, mingling up with other travelers, watching the terrains out of window etc. are memorable throughout life. To enjoy such experience you need a confirm ticket. If you are unable to get a confirmed ticket in the desired train, you can seek other trains through a timetable that runs on a similar route for a smart train schedule. It is also important to check out whether the train runs on daily basis, weekly basis or on specific days before booking for reservation. If you know about your desired train in which you want to travel, then you just have to enter the train name or five digit train number. The interface will display all the information that will appear on the page. The RailMitra train running schedule helps you in answering the travelers’ query muddling in their mind like:

  • Arrival and departure time of trains
  • Intermediate stations and their halt timings
  • Days on which train runs
  • Train routes

The train schedule feature of RailMitra app helps passengers in getting detail information about the train arrival and departure.

Planning your journey with RailMitra is the best option to know about all the details of train services in one go. Apart from checking out the online time table, travelers can also have a glance at the Indian Railway Time table chart available at the platforms.

How to Check Train Schedule?

Checking your train schedule is easier with RailMitra. Here is the way out:

  • Start entering train number or name or choose from auto-suggests.
  • Once you enter and select the train schedule you are looking for, just hit Enter.
  • You will be presented with train schedule and escalations in the schedule, if there are any updates.

What are the factors which affect the IRCTC train time table between two stations?

There’re many factors determining train punctuality. Whether it’s the climatic condition or any operational cause like change of engines or track repairing; these factors influence the train running system which is reflected in the train schedule.   
What are important terminologies associated with the timetable?
Some of the terminologies associated with Indian train time table are train name, train number, intermediate stations and Train status.

  • Train Name: It is the name of the train like Sampoorna Kranti Express, Rajdhani Express, Sampark Kranti Express etc.
  • Train Number: Each train has a certain five-digit number to specify each train uniquely. This information is essential to recognize among thousands of other trains running on that same day.
  • Intermediate Stations: All the stations along which the train crosses its route are included in a list of intermediate stations. All the stations between the source and destination are intermediate stations.
  • Train Status: The train status gives the users an idea about the present location of the train, list of the upcoming stations, and expected time of arrival at the upcoming stations and the delay.

Also, you can grab a bite of your favorite meal on the running train and could make it utterly delicious and spicy. Enjoy the box of happiness and fresh taste from RailMitra. RailMitra highly recommended you to check out the Railway timing before planning your next train travel. Find the train schedule today for that next pleasant train trip of yours!

Thus RailMitra helps you to plan your travel in an easier manner. Check your train schedule today!