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What is Train Schedule?

Train schedule is soemthing which is lingering into minds of every traveler when they are esither planning to travel or are on the go to start a train journey. A quick know-how of train schedule is vital as it helps in avoiding last minute escalations in terms of packaging, cab bookings and more.

Tracking Train Schedules With RailMitra

Raimlitra is powered by real time train schedule updates from Indian Railways. The tech enabled interface let's you connect directly with the servers and fetch the schedules at 100% accuracy rates.

How to Check Train Schedules?

Checking your train schedule is lot easier with RailMitra. Here is the way out:

  • Start entering train number or name or choose from auto-suggests.
  • Once you enter and select the train schedule you are looking for, just hit Enter.
  • You will be presented with train schedules and escalations in the schedule if there are any updates.

Thus RailMitra helps you to plan your travel in an easier manner. Check your train schedule today!