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Check Train Time Table Online from RailMitra

You can easily check the train time table online of any Indian Railways’ train from RailMitra and get the details of the train schedule, arrival and departure time, halt duration, expected platform, and intermediate stations in the train route.

Check IRCTC Train Time Table Online

Checking the IRCTC train time table online will help in planning the train journey in advance. You can stay informed about the right time of arrival and departure of a train and plan your journey according to the train schedule.

How to Check Train Schedule from RailMitra?

RailMitra helps you check the train schedule online through the website and RailMitra mobile app. You can easily check the train time table online through RailMitra by following the given steps:

  1. Visit the RailMitra website www.railmitra.com or download the RailMitra app from the Play Store.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Train Schedule’ option.
  3. Enter Train Number or Train Name in the ‘Train Schedule’ box and select the desired train from the autosuggest options.
  4. Hit the ‘Check Train Schedule’ button.

What Is Indian Railways Train Time Table or Train Schedule?

Train time table simply shows the timing of a train on its route. Train Schedule displays information like stations covered by that particular train, train time, train arrival time and departure time at stations and intermediate stations, train route, days on which the train runs, distance and halts time.

Train Time Table Details

  • Arrival and departure time of trains
  • Intermediate stations and their halt timings
  • Days on which the train runs
  • Train routes

What Are The Factors Which Affect The IRCTC Train Time Table Between Two Stations?

There’re many factors determining train punctuality. Whether it’s the climatic condition or any operational cause like a change of engines or track repairing; these factors influence the train running system which is reflected in the train schedule.  

What Are Important Terminologies Associated With The Timetable?

Some of the terminologies associated with the Indian train time table are train name, train number, intermediate stations and Train status.

  • Train Name: It is the name of the train like Sampoorna Kranti Express, Rajdhani Express, Sampark Kranti Express etc.
  • Train Number: Each train has a certain five-digit number to specify each train uniquely. This information is essential to recognize among thousands of other trains running on that same day.
  • Intermediate Stations: All the stations along which the train crosses its route are included in a list of intermediate stations. All the stations between the source and destination are intermediate stations.
  • Train Status: The train status gives the users an idea about the present location of the train, the list of the upcoming stations, and expected time of arrival at the upcoming stations and the delay.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Indian Railways Time Table

1) Why One Needs to Check Train Time Table?

To know about the train route or train schedule and related information, it is essential to take a look at the online train timetable. It assists you to plan your journey wisely and avoid the last-minute rush.

2) How to Check Train Schedule Online by RailMitra?

Checking train schedules is very easy with RailMitra. Start by entering the train number or name or choose from the autosuggestion. Once you enter and select the train schedule you are looking for, just hit the “Check Schedule” button. You will be presented with train schedules and changes in the schedule if there are any updates.

3) What Is ‘Train Schedule’ or ‘Time Table’?

Indian Railways train time table shows the current running status of a specific train. The train timetable has information about the train timing during its full journey - starting from its departure station, halting time duration at the stoppages on the intermediate stations, and ending at the terminating station.

4) How Can I Check Train Schedule and Timetable?

To check the train schedule or time table, visit the website of RailMitra or you can download the RailMitra app from the Google Play Store. Head over to the “Train Schedule” option. You can get updated and accurate train information with a single click.

5) Why Check Train Schedule and Timetable by RailMitra?

RailMitra is a complete train journey planner app for all Indian Railway passengers. You can check the train schedule as well as the timetable for all trains on our app or website easily and conveniently. The server data is constantly refreshed to provide you with the latest and updated information every time.

6) How to Check Train Schedule and Timetable through Mobile App?

The RailMitra app is designed to offer convenient service to all passengers. If you are a smartphone user, then make use of the latest technology and download the RailMitra app from the Google Play Store or Apple store. It is completely free and offers loads of railway-related services such as train schedule and timetable all in a single place.

7) How to Check If Train Is Rescheduled?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, some trains are diverted or rescheduled. In that case, RailMitra provides you with an updated list of rescheduled trains for upcoming days. You can easily check which trains are rescheduled for today with the RailMitra app or website and plan your journey efficiently.

8) How Can I Check Train Status through SMS & Call?

For all train-related enquiries and complaints, you can use railway customer care number 139. You don’t need a smartphone to use Indian railways services. You can call on 139 from any mobile device at any time. Apart from calling, train helpline number 139 also provides the option to check the current train running status through SMS and USSD.

9) What Is the Use of the Indian Railways Train Time Table?

The Indian Railways time table tracking system was introduced in India in 1860. The primary objective of the train timetable is a synchronization of the running of trains across India on the basis of train routes and halting stations. The real-time update of the train time table ensures that all the trains run in sync at their specified timing without clashing at the same platform.

10) What Factors May Disrupt the Train Timetable Updates?

Several unforeseen circumstances may disrupt the train timetable. Such factors may include natural disasters, heavy fog, heavy rainfall, accidents, and man-made causes such as strikes.

Railway Enquiries and Services through RailMitra App

RailMitra is an all-in-one railway app with useful features for every Indian railway passengers. RailMitra app helps you along your train journey with its railway enquiry features of:

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