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80% Shramik Special Trains Have Been Run for Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

The Indian Railways has proved its usefulness during the corona epidemic and the lockdown in the country. Migrant labourers who are struggling to reach home during the crisis are being transported to their homes by Shramik special trains. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal says that the railway is doing its work fast. He said that by adopting all precautions to protect against the corona infection, the Railways is ready to facilitate the movement of people to help them reach their homes and families. The Railway Minister tweeted on Friday that so far it has been approved by the Railways to run 1,000 workers special trains to take the workers home. On Thursday, 145 trains transported workers to their homes. 80% of the total Shramik special trains have run for Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

35 Shramik Special Train Coming Today to Bihar

The process of returning of migrant labourers to Bihar continues amid lockdown caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). In this regard, on Saturday, a maximum of 35 Shramik special trains are reaching Bihar with the migrant labourers. Through these 35 trains, more than 43 thousand migrant workers will reach Bihar.

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The Complete List of Shramik special Trains Coming to Bihar on Saturday is As Follows:

• Mangalore-Hajipur – 6 AM

• Bengaluru-Katihar – 6 AM

• Pune-Barauni – 5.45 AM

• Jamnagar-Danapur – 3.35 PM

• Mangalore-Gaya – 5.30 PM

• Chennai-Bihar Sharif – 8.25 AM

• Coimbatore-Danapur – 2.35 PM

• Bolarum-Katihar – 6 AM

• Ludhiana-Araria – 2 PM

• Ludhiana-Motihari – 11.25 AM

• Faridabad-Katihar – 9.30 AM

• Ludhiana-Sitamarhi – 8.50 AM

• Bangalore-Muzaffarpur – 8.00

• Karamnasa-Araria – 8 AM

• Anand Vihar-Muzaffarpur – 12.35 PM

• Delhi-Bhagalpur – 1.35 PM

• Delhi-Saharsa – 2.15 PM

• Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar-Bettiah – 11.35 AM

• Chandigarh-Madhubani – 2.40 PM

• Panipat-Bhagalpur – 3.05 PM

• Gurgaon-Darbhanga – 10.45 AM

• Faridabad-Barauni – 1.20 PM

• Saharanpur-Bettiah – 7.35 AM

• Ghaziabad-Muzaffarpur – 1.40 PM

• Surat-Danapur – 9.15 AM

• Surat-Purnia – 10.25 AM

• Ahmedabad-Barauni – 10 AM

• Rajkot-Siwan – 3 PM

• Palghar-Kishanganj – 10.55 PM

• Bandra-Katihar – 7.30 PM

• Bandra-Purnia – 11.15 PM

• Jalalpur-Araria – 11 PM

• Karmnasa-Muzaffarpur – 9.30 PM

• Bhuj-Chapra – 11 AM

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Shramik Special Trains Help Migrant Workers

The Railway Minister said that due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was difficult to get the workers to their homes in lockdown, but the railways paved a way by running Shramik special trains. These trains, which are sending workers to their homes, are proving to be a boon for them. Due to the closure of the work during the extension of the lockdown, when faced with the issue of having no money in their hands, the helpless migrant labourers left for their home on the tracks and roads.

Home Ministry Permitted State Government to Bring Back Migrant Workers

After the increasing number of migrant workers coming back home on foot, the Ministry of Home Affairs permitted to the state governments to call their residents back who are stranded in other states with the means of rail service. This was followed by running Shramik special trains for Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Mizoram, Odisha, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttarakhand. Before boarding the train, the health of the passengers is being properly investigated.

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