Coronavirus Effect: Railways Will Not Provide Blankets to Passengers

The Corona virus effect has proven to be a disaster for the world. India is also concentrating on the prevention of this disastrous problem to save its citizens. Indian Railways, from time to time, has taken decision to protect passengers’ against corona virus attack. The coach attendant will no longer provide blankets with bedroll to passengers in the AC coaches. This initiative is taken from Saturday. Passengers have not been given blankets in all the premium trains of the Railways including Rajdhani Express. In the direction of extra vigilance and awareness of Corona virus, now the temperature of railway AC coaches will be fixed at 25 ° C so that passengers do not need blankets in the AC coaches.

Railway Divisions have started its action
At present, the temperature in the coach will remain hostile for safeguarding the passengers. Blankets will be given to passengers only in the most urgent or special circumstances but this arrangement will also be for shorter time which will be closed further. Western Railway Division will start implementing this action as soon as it gets directions from Indian Railways. Railway official said that blanket facility has been discontinued in all trains including Rajdhani Express from Saturday.

Removal of curtains from AC Trains
On the other hand, preparations have been started to remove the curtain from the AC coaches of the trains. In a few days, the curtains will be removed from all coaches. Metal items and handles are being cleaned with a sanitizer. Liquid soap is being kept in all class coaches toilets for hand wash.

Helpline number has been released for corona virus effect
A helpline number has also been issued for the station master working at the station. In addition to it, a helpline number has been issued by the district administration. With the help of two helpline numbers, the station master will be able to get information or information immediately if any problem or patient is found. The two helpline numbers are 202-213-1364 and 202-262-0375.

Passengers are being made aware
At the same time, awareness against corona virus is also being made by the Railways to make passengers aware at the stations. Through digital screens at station premises, the passengers are informed about the protection tips from Corona effects. Millions of passengers travel daily through Indian Railways. Keeping this in mind, Railways is not taking any risk. Railway staffs have been instructed to clean the station regularly to avoid any kind of infection.

110 positive cases of corona virus confirmed in the country
Coronavirus is spreading across the country continuously. In India, the figure of corona infected patients has increased to 110. The most confirmed cases have come from Maharashtra, where many positive cases have been confirmed. In many states, along with the closure of school, college, mall, cinema/multiplex till March 31, public programs have also been canceled or delayed to next notice.

Earlier, East Coast Railway has also directed to remove blankets from trains. According to JP Mishra, PRO of East Coast Railway, East Coast Railway has directed to remove blankets in Tier 1, 2 and 3 train coaches in view of the danger of corona virus. In view of Corona virus outbreak and panic, passengers are being made aware through posters and messages on digital screens at New Delhi railway station. Cleanliness is being given more attention, sanitizers have been kept in place and masks have been given to the staff. An isolation ward has also been made here for infected patients.

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