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First Bio-vacuum Toilet Launched in Kalka-Shatabadi Express

  • Indian Railways has started to introduce bio-vacuum technology superficially used in aircrafts.
  • Railways have installed the first such toilet in the Kalka-Shatabdi Express.

Providing clean toilets on the train was a major challenge for the railway administration. Organic toilets are being installed in trains instead of traditional toilets. This change has been made in all premium trains. Now, going a step ahead, it is decided to install bio vacuum toilets in important trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Tejas, Humsafar and Vande Bharat express. Northern Railways has become the first such regional railway in Indian Railways to start using rakes with bio-vacuum toilets in all coaches of 12005 Kalka-Shatabdi Express from 27th January. Installing aircraft-style bio-vacuum toilet in trains was a priority of Indian Railways. The installation and management is being monitored by the higher railway authorities. This new experiment is getting much appreciated by the travelers. If you also planning to visit Kalka in next few days, then you can check train schedule online and book your seat in newly upgraded Kalka-Shatabadi express.

What is Bio-Vacuum Toilet?
Bio vacuum toilet is a high-end technology in which the bio-digester containers are installed beneath the toilets. Under this process, only methane gas and water are left after the sewage is decomposed. After this procedure, the water can be re-cycled and used in toilets. These gases are released into the atmosphere, while contaminated water is released onto the tracks after chlorination.

Benefits of Bio-Vacuum-toilet in Train
This type of toilet will be less likely to block. The initiative to upgrade the existing bio-toilet by the Railways has been taken in view of frequent complaints regarding toilet chokes by passengers. At present, there are complaints of blockages because of disposing plastic bottles, paper and other items of bio-toilet in railway coaches. Some more benefits are:-

  • Traditional toilets used to release human feces directly onto the rail tracks, due to which the metal of the rail tracks had high chances of damage. Also, it was not environment-friendly.
  • Flush toilets used to cost at least 10 to 15 liters of water once used. Whereas vacuum based bio toilet uses only half a liter of water in a flush.
  • The stations will now be clean and odorless which is a good step towards preventing many diseases.

Role of Bio-vacuum Toilets in Water conservation
The of bio-vacuum toilet technology is helpful in removing the odor emitted from the toilets of the trains and on the other end, this technique will also be useful in water conservation. This change in the rake toilet has been done in the coach care center in New Delhi of Northern Railway. Railways hope that this technology will save millions of liters of water every year. In future, it is planned to install bio-vacuum toilets in all premium train coaches.

Time Table (Train Schedule) of 12005 Kalka Shatabdi Express

  • The train departs from New Delhi junction by 17:15 hours from platform no. 1.
  • It reaches Panipat junction at 18:25 hrs at platform number 3 and halts for two minutes.
  • After covering 157 kilometers of distance it reaches to Kurukshetra Jn at 19:07 hours.
  • After crossing 199 kilometers it halts at Ambala Cant Jn by 19:55 for three minutes.
  • Maximum halt time is at Chandigarh with a stoppage of 8 minutes at Chandigarh.
  • The last station is Kalka where Kalka-Shatabdi express arrives at 21:20 hrs at platform no. 3.

Have you ever planned to travel via Kalka Shatabdi Express? Check the seat availability and book your tickets accordingly. You can also enjoy a ride from Shimla to Kalka in Himdarshan express which is the first train with Vista dome coaches running from Shimla to Kalka.

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