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Hacks to Make Your Boring Train Trip Interesting

Does a long train trip scare you because it makes you wonder what you will do during all that time? Let your worries go away with these amazing hacks. These tips will not only help you pass the time on the train but also keep you entertained and add value to your journey.



In this blog, we have talked about how to make the most of your journey time in an interesting way, whether you are travelling solo or in a group.


Tips to Defeat the Boredom of a Train Trip for Solo Travellers


Here are some interesting things you can do to beat the boredom of your train trip if you are travelling alone: 



Read Books, Magazine, & Newspaper 


Reading is one of my best hobbies. It lets you dive deep into the content, extract some knowledge, keep you entertained, connect with the characters, and more. You choose to read your favourite genre book, from romantic to informational. You can also read magazines and newspapers on trains to stay informed about current happenings, political issues, nations’ concerns and more. 



Write Your Heart Out 


While journeying, you can get enough time to think, feel and write yourself. So, don’t miss this chance to pen down your experience. You can carry with you your diary, trust, according to its use it doesn’t let you feel a burden. Writing is the best way to utilise your time. 



Enjoy the Views Outside the Window 


Live in the present! Stare outside the window of the train and just enjoy the view. Changing landscape, greenery, urban area, rural views, and train trip has a lot to offer you. Being on a train, you can see the country with a distinctive perspective. 



Take a Good Nap


What better option is taking a good nap on the train? Indian railways coaches are designed with a resonance frequency of suspension of 1.2 Hz, with which the human body is the most comfortable. You can sleep on the train for a few hours. 



Take a Culinary Trip 


Try a range of different cuisines on the train. At Indian railways, you can order various foods, including continental dishes, Chinese foods, traditional Indian foods, regional cuisines and more. RailMitra partnered with RailRestro, an online e-catering app which alloappws you to order food in trains with simple steps. 



Socialise Yourself 


If you’re travelling alone and like socialisation. Don’t hesitate on the train. While journeying, you can start a conversation with your co-passengers and make them friends, maybe only for a journey or a lifetime. Maybe you met someone like “Jab We Met- Aditya & Geet” on the train. Hoping for the best is always good for your mental and emotional health. 



Play Mobile Games 


Many mobile games are available online on which you can communicate with your competitors, play games and enjoy your free time. You can also choose to play offline games on your mobile phone. Set short goals for games and achieve them. 



 “On” Your Headphone 


How can a trip be interesting without using headphones? Listen to your favourite jukebox, podcast, instrumental music, and more on your headphones and relieve your emotions. Listening allows you to stay creative, lively, and healthy. It also relaxes your soul and makes you feel stress-free. 



 Watch Series or Movies 


To pass your time while journeying in the best way, you can watch your favourite series and movies. You can watch travel-based movies like Uunchai, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Yeh Jawani Hai Duniya etc. Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional movie industries have many movies and series to watch. However, for a better experience on the train, you must download your movies and series.  



Make Your Trip Schedule


In this world, which is running so fast, you need to schedule your things better. On the train, you get a penalty of time. You can give your mind a task to schedule your trip better. You can research the list of places you can visit on the destinations and priorities the places according to their popularity and preference. 


Tips to Make Group Trips Interesting 


Journeying in a group itself is an interesting way to travel in the country. However, we curated a list of tips to pass your time on the train in the best way. 



Spend Quality Time with Your Group Buddies 


Spend your quality time with your group buddies. It will help you burst your stress, share your problems, discuss serious issues, and crack jokes as funny as you can. These memories will stay in your heart. So cheers for the moment. 



Do Party 


Yes! Organising a party on the train is possible. With RailMitra food delivery in train services, you can order Party food- Pizza, Cake, Coffee, shakes, and more on the train. Group order on train facility allows you to order food for more than 15 people at once and celebrate your days even while journeying. 



Play Indoor Games 


In the chaos of hustle-bustle life, we forget to play with people present in front of us. Play some indoor games like ludo, chase, truth and dare etc. These games will make you nostalgic and, at the same time, entertain the entire folk. 



Get Out of Your Mobile Phones


We’re a generation addicted to the phone. But since, on a trip, you’re with your loved ones. Get out of your phone and enjoy their company. You can play indoor games, spend quality time, talk your heart out and, most importantly, enjoy those moments of togetherness. 



Capture the Moment  


Pictures capture the moment forever. So click as many pictures with your trip mates and make your group memorable for a lifetime. Moreover, while returning from your trip, you can also share pictures you captured on the trip with each other. 


These tips will help you in improving your trip experience. And keep indulging in activities that will not make you bored on the train.  


Can travelling by train turn out to be a boring experience? 


A long train trip can turn out to be boring, but with a bunch of tips and entertainment packages, you can make your train trip interesting. Utilise your time on the train in the best way and make it interesting. Watch a series you downloaded long back but couldn’t get time to watch, read your favourite author, stock your celebrity crush, call your friends and do what you love. Doing your favourite things during this precious time of train trip will definitely turn out your train trip into an interesting one. If you’re a foodie, You can also order and enjoy several types of food on the train. 


How can I plan my train trip in the best way? 


Selecting train types and coaches is the first step in making train trips hassle-free. And the other most important step is to get confirmed train tickets. To confirm train tickets, make sure you book your train tickets in advance. Check PNR status online to know the confirmation status of your train ticket. 


RailMitra, an all-in-one Indian railway app, helps you check PNR status, train between two stations, fetch station details, train fare and more online. You can also use the RailMitra app or website to order food on train. The rail app offers a range of food varieties on trains to satiate your food hunger. 

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