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Group Food Order by RailMitra

Some people love to travel in a group with friends, colleagues or family; others might plan a corporate journey, a sacred trip or, a destination wedding and many more.

A group journey in a train is itself a celebration that creates fun and memorable moments when planned in a strategic matter. It’s the food in a group journey that boosts the fun to enliven an entertaining railway journey.

Imagine a platter of hot and fresh restaurant-style food accompanying your train journey at your desired railway stations? If you hate the bland and tasteless pantry food cooked in unhygienic conditions, then it’s time to switch your food ordering preferences from train food to e-catering apps for a delicious treat.

It’s time to get the RailMitra app installed on your phone. One can now order food in train from RailMitra mobile app.

Types of Groups That Travel in Trains

Whether it’s a trip with family, friends, or colleagues, there’s nothing better than sitting around and enjoying a meal together gazing at the natural scenery outside the window. After the introduction of e-catering, it has become simple and easier for railway passengers to organize food in bulk for a group journey. Any group of members travelling in trains can order delicious food in trains:

  • It might be a mid-year excursion,
  • Trip to fascinating locations with friends and peers,
  • A wedding trip,
  • A religious tour of some specific communities that follow their food norms and culture

RailMitra is on a continuous endeavour to fulfil the group food requirements of any of these groups. RailMitra delivers hot and fresh meals that are budget-friendly with a variety of food options and hygienic packing. We also offer customized food preparation as per the passengers’ requirements. We believe in delivering great taste, delicacies and love to perceive satisfaction and smile from the passengers.

How Group Food Order Work on RailMitra?

RailMitra follows a straightforward strategy and strongly believe in meeting every demand at the right time. After receiving group orders from a particular train number and a specific coach, our selected food partners prepare meal boxes as per the requirements of the group. These boxes are hygienically packed and released out for delivery by our efficient food delivery executives. They are informed in advance of your coach and berth numbers to avoid any delivery hassles. Our large network of FSSAI licensed food partners works hard to deliver what you want.

Just log in to RailMitra, the best food in train app for services and we commit you to the best food during your train journey. Call us at 8102888222 and our advisors will connect you immediately for a better food ordering experience.

How to Order Group Food in Train from RailMitra?

You can order Group food on trains from RailMitra by following the given steps:

  1. Visit the RailMitra website or download the RailMitra app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Navigate to the “Group Order” tab.
  3. Fill the form to share your train journey details and request a callback with a representative.
  4. Add details of your name, mobile number, and PNR number of any passenger travelling in the group. Also, add details of the food options you want to order for the group.
  5. You will receive a callback from a representative for confirmation of a number of travellers, food choices, date of journey, boarding stations, train name, time of delivery, price, discounts, and payment details on your bulk food order.
  6. Your group food order on the train will be successfully booked after the confirmation.
  7. Your bulk food order will be delivered at the desired date and time on your train seat. Enjoy your meal and train journey with your group!

Why Choose RailMitra for Group Food Order?

Being a traveller-friendly app, RailMitra is associated with its premium catering partners at 450+ stations which provides the passengers with tasty food in train and ready to serve a group travelling on a train. Any particular group with bulk food requirements can call RailMitra at 8102888222 and our representatives will assist you further. Some of the prominent reasons to choose RailMitra over other catering brands are:

  • Responsive and simple to order food: It is very easy to order via the RailMitra app or by calling. Sign in and fill the query form. Our representative will contact you immediately.

  • Cost-Efficient: Ordering food in bulk goes economical with combo meals and platters. One can avail heavy discounts when a passenger orders in a bulk. These discount ranges from 20%-25% and sometimes even 30% during festive occasions. Also, we provide online coupon codes and discounts for a group orders.
  • Customizable: We provide a variety of foods and create immense choices for travellers to choose from. From vegetarian meals to non-vegetarian cuisines, from Jain food to local specialities, we offer everything in train. One can customize group food orders as per the requirement.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Group Food Order 

    How can I order food for the group journey via RailMitra?

    Visit our website and click on the group food option present in the header. Fill the enquiry form given on the page entering your journey details and submit. Our executives will call you and ask for details like PNR number, order details etc.

    Is there any specific time schedule for group orders?

    Passengers can order food for the train journey from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day. Order online or call the customer care number 8102888222. You can also book your group meal a week ago.

    Is COD is possible in group order?

    The e-caterer asks you for a certain payment in advance which ranges from 30-40%. This confirms your order. The rest of the payment is done by Cash on Delivery (COD) to the delivery executive in the train during meal delivery.

    Is it necessary to provide the PNR for group orders?

    Yes! It’s mandatory to possess a PNR number for a group order. While booking for group orders it is necessary to have a PNR number. Our executives will ask for your PNR number and book your order in advance for the journey date.    

    How can you save on Group meals?

    It is highly suggested to order combo meals in a group journey as they tend to save money. Sometimes group order discount ranges from 20%-25% and sometimes even 30% during festive occasions. Use code GROUP20 to get a discount of 20%.  

    Can we order food from multiple restaurants in group order?

    You can order multiple items from the same restaurant, but you cannot order from multiple restaurants in the same order. Food orders of INR 2000 and above are considered group orders on which one can avail a discount of 20%.

    Do you have discounts for bulk orders or group orders?

    Yes! We have discounts for a group order. Check our offers page for saving options.

    How are the items delivered?

    All items will be delivered to the payer of the food. If you are the group organizer the delivery boy will call out your name in the compartment and hand over the package to you.

    Railway Enquiries and Services through RailMitra App

    RailMitra is an all-in-one railway app with useful features for every Indian railway passenger. RailMitra app helps you along your train journey with its railway enquiry features of:

    Download RailMitra, an all-in-one railway app from Google Play Store to order food in train and avail railway enquiry services on the go, such as checking PNR status, train timetable, train between stations, train seat availability, train fare enquiry and more.

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