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High-speed Rail and Hyperloop Trains: A Technical Vision of Indian Railways

Technological change is an overall process of invention, innovation and technical processes. India is a country undergoing technological development which has made life easy like never before. Indian Railways have also adopted technical changes and enhanced travelers’ experience to another level resulting in a huge change. From the online booking of tickets to ordering food in train, the continuous endeavor of Railways is an achievement for the transport giant. One such technical adoption is the high-speed trains launched for the passengers in certain routes which reduces journey time. Indian Railways, in addition to the current line of train has introduced the fastest running trains like bullet train i.e. the Vande Bharat Express which runs between New Delhi and Varanasi.

At present, India is preparing to introduce one of the highest speed trains in India i.e. Hyperloop trains. It is the upcoming project in India which would seem like a Utopian age. So, India has the list of fastest long- distance trains which helps to reach your destination in less time. Passengers traveling in these trains can use e catering service via RailMitra app and order online food in train. The RailMitra app also provides facility to check your train schedule, train running status and PNR status.

  1. Vande Bharat Express/ Train 18
  2. Vande Bharat Express train is a first-ever engineless train and also the first train to have been constructed from scratch in India. During the time of test running, it has recorded a top speed of 180 km/hr but commercially it runs at the maximum speed of 130 km/hr that Indian Railway tracks can safely handle. The speed of Vande Bharat Express is expected to reduce travel time by almost 4-5 hours. It is one of the fastest trains in India which was known by the name Train 18. Two trains are covering two different destinations i.e. New Delhi to Varanasi and other is New Delhi to Katra which is a gift for the passengers traveling directly to Katra for a devotional trip to Vaishno Devi.
    Overview of Vande Bharat Express
    New Delhi to Varanasi Route– Train no.22436 New Delhi – Varanasi Vande Bharat Express departs from New Delhi railway station at 06:00 and reaches at Varanasi at 14:00.
    New Delhi to Katra Route– Train no.22439 New Delhi – Katra Vande Bharat Express will depart from New Delhi railway station at 06:00 and reaches at Katra 14:00.
    Vande Bharat Express Ticket Price
    Executive Class Fare– Starting at Rs- 2,800- 2,900
    Chair Car Fare– Starting at Rs- 1,600- 1,700
    Speed and distance to be covered
    130 kmph and 752 km
    Vande Bharat Express: Days of running
    This train is scheduled to run five days in a week.
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  3. Gatimaan Express – 160 km/h
    Gatiman Express (Delhi to Agra) is India’s first semi- high-speed luxury train that offers a wonderful experience during journey. The maximum speed of this train is 160 kilometer per hour which runs between New Delhi Hazrat Nizamudin and Agra Cantonment station. During your journey, you will find hostess and three managers who will accompany you to felicitate. Passengers’ can enjoy their welcoming by flowers and chocolates. Gatiman Express semi luxury train has a total of 10 coaches which is painted in grey and blue with a strip of bright yellow color in the middle. The train has two restaurants possessing stylish décor. Gatiman Express train comprises two executive AC chair car and eight AC chair car coaches.
    Overview of Gatimaan Express
    Gatiman Express– Train no.12050 New Delhi – Agra will depart from New Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station at 08:10 and reaches Agra Catt at 09:50. In its return journey, the train will depart from Agra at 05.50 PM for reaching Nizamuddin at 07.30 pm.
    Working days of Gatimaan Express: It runs six day in a week except on Friday.
    Gatimaan Express Delhi to Agra Fare: Fare of Ac chair car is – 750
    Fare of executive AC chair car is 1500

  4. Mumbai Rajdhani Express – 140 km/h
    Mumbai Rajdhani Express Mumbai and Delhi is a superfast train from which you can Delhi just in 10 hours. Mumbai to Delhi, Mumbai Rajdhani Express cut down the travel time by strengthening infrastructure under mission rafter initiative. As with normal train it takes 15 hr 30 min to cover the distance between Mumbai and Delhi. Indian Railway is planning to increase the speed of train up to 160km/h as currently it is running 130 km/ph.
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    Overview of Mumbai Rajdhani Express:
    Mumbai Rajdhani Express- Train no.12951 Mumbai to Delhi will depart from Mumbai railway station at 17:00 and reaches Agra Catt at 08:35.
    Working Days of Mumbai Rajdhani Express: It runs seven days in a week.
    Mumbai Rajdhani Express fare
    1A- INR 4,790
    2A- INR 2890
    3A- INR 2145
    2A- INR 1,725
    3A- INR 1,330
    Sen. Female
    1A- INR 2,880
    2A- INR 1,775
    3A- INR 1375
    Sen. Male
    1A- INR 3,315
    2A- INR 2,030
    3A- INR 1,550
    Tatkal Fare:
    2A- INR 2,953
    3A- INR 2,255
    2A- INR 2,205
    3A- INR 1620

  5. Sealdah Duronto Express – 130 km/h
    Sealdah Duranto Express is a superfast express train that runs between Sealdah and New Delhi. Sealdah Duranto Express started its service from Sep 2009. It comes under non-stop type express trains of Indian Railway and most time- efficient train on the Grand chord route.
    Overview of Sealdah Duronto Express
    Sealdah Duronto Express- Train no.12259 New Sealdah –New Delhi departs from Sealdah railway station at 18:19 and reaches New Delhi at 11:30.
    Running Days:
    Provide four days service in a week.
    Sealdah Duronto Express fare
    1AC- INR 4,895
    2AC- INR 2,925
    3AC- INR 2154
    1AC- INR 2,575
    2AC- INR 1675
    3AC- INR 1,275
    Sen. Female
    1AC- INR 2,820
    2AC- INR 1,725
    3AC- INR 1310
    Sen. Male
    1AC-INR 3,270
    2AC- INR 1,985
    3AC- INR 1,495
    Adult Tatkal
    2AC- INR 2,987
    3AC-INR 2,220
    Child Tatkal
    2AC- INR 2,220
    3AC- INR 1,615

Hyperloop System Trains in India
Hyperloop is an alternative to short-distance air travel where the transport is much faster than the existing rail network. India is preparing to launch Hyperloop system for the convenience of travelers, which is currently in development by several companies. From a distance it seems like a gigantic white caterpillar snaking its way across. Hyperloop makes it possible to travel 700 miles in an hour in floating pod which races along inside giant low- pressure tubes either above or below the ground. Hyperloop as a technology is at a concept- cum- experimental stage over world. Government is planning to set in three routes which are:

  • Mumbai –Pune Hyperloop: It is a proposed 1000 km/hr Hyperloop system that will take 14 minutes commute from Mumbai to Pune. The current time to travel from Mumbai to Pune is 3 days which will be reduced to 14 trains. This hyperloop train will carry 10,000 commuters per hour.
  • Vijayawada-Amravati Hyperloop: Through this Hyperloop project the 40 km distance between the two cities can be covered in just six minutes.
  • Bengaluru – Chennai Hyperloop: This Hyperloop project will reduce the travel time to 20 minutes between Bengaluru to Chennai.

The Difference in Hyperloop Train System vs Traditional Trains

  • The pods will carry passengers which will travel through tubes or tunnel from which most of the air has been removed to reduce friction. It will allow the pods to travel 700 miles per hour.
  • The pods are designed to float in the air just as the basic idea of an air hockey table. This magnetic levitation will to reduce friction instead of using wheels like a train or car.

While traveling via Hyperloop one will feel like you’re riding in an elevator or a passenger’s plane. However, Hyperloop which is much faster than the India’s first bullet train is expected to launch in the next four to five years. It will turn the country in a utopia age were traveling to your destination is just your thought away.

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