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How to Book Railways Retiring Rooms?

Indian Railways is a vast transportation network of Asia which helps in commuting millions of passengers every day. It is a blessing in transportation sector that people choose to travel in terms of affordability. The best part that makes the Indian Railways more comfortable and advanced means to travel is its facilities provided to the travellers. In the modern era, with the advancement of technology, railways have adopted full-fledged digitization and advanced its sector to facilitate the passengers. From on board facilities to all the possible availability at the station premises, from online ticket booking to online food ordering in train, Indian Railways has set an example to ease the journey.

Have you ever experienced that your train is delayed and you have to wait longer at station premises? Or you surely have faced any circumstances when you had to wait at Railway station for a longer duration? The continuous loud railway announcement, hassled and crowded platforms irritates the passenger to wait longer and it spoils the mood of journey. It also makes the station premises overcrowded and busier. Indian Railways analyzed the situation and decided to make a specific area for the travellers who have to stay at station for longer. This special area is known as Retiring rooms where passengers can wait till their train arrives/departs.

What is Railways Retiring Rooms?
Retiring room is a hotel kind of accommodation provided by Indian Railways at almost every railway junction for a stay when there is a gap in journey for more than 3 hours and you want a space to rest or to wait. Booking retiring room is a facility you can avail to avoid the rush of platforms when waiting for the trains to arrive and depart. You can book the rooms according to your need and comfort. There are both AC and Non-Ac rooms available in an affordable price. Railways provide retiring rooms with single bed, double bed and dormitory rooms. If you are a solo traveller and concern about your privacy, you can opt for single bed retiring rooms and when you are travelling with your family or a group of two or 4 people can choose double bed rooms. You can also share your rooms with other guests by preferring the dormitory room services.

Prices of Retiring Rooms
Indian Railways have offered such luxurious service in a budget-friendly price which you can avail easily to avoid the excess crowd of platform. Price to book retiring rooms varies according to the station. If you are booking rooms at small stations, it is quite cheaper but when you will avail the facility of rooms at big stations like New Delhi, Chennai, Lucknow, it will cost more in comparison to the small stations. Prices also vary according to the slot and duration of booking. Charges depend on the criteria of booking like the type of rooms and bed you want to book. But, it is quite affordable than staying in hotels. The minimum slot of booking is 3 hours while the maximum duration to book the rooms is from 12-48 hours.

Note: The minimum charge that one has to pay is for the duration of 3 hours which will cost is Rs.25 and the maximum price that one has to pay is for the slot of 24 hours which will cost Rs.200.

How to Book Online Retiring Rooms at Railway Stations?
The concept of retiring rooms is one of the great innovations brought by Indian Railways to facilitate the travellers when there is a longer break in their journey timing. Passengers can book the rooms either at their source station or the destination. It completely depends where they want to make their stay. But, the most important term that comes in way is how one can book the retiring rooms? With the revolution in digital world and mobile phones, it has become easier to avail the facilities on finger tips. Railways have welcomed such concern with an open heart that makes the journey easier. One can login to IRCTC ticket booking portal and can book the retiring rooms within a few clicks. Here’re the steps that follow the rules of booking retiring rooms.

  • Step 1: Go to the IRCTC website and click onto the option of “At Station.”
  • Step 2: When you click the option of “At Station”, you can see the option of retiring rooms, just click on that, it will redirect you to the page of retiring rooms.
  • Step 3: Login to your IRCTC registered account, if you are not registered with IRCTC, there is another option of “Guest account” which you can login to book the rooms.
  • Step 4: When you will log in, it will ask you to enter the 10-digit PNR number, mentioned in your ticket. Enter the number and click on the search button. The moment you will click on search button, it will display all journey details like Train Number, Arrival date time, Departure date time, Source station and Destination Station.
  • Step 5: Select the station where you want to make your stay. If you want to stay at source station, click at the option of “Source Station” and if you want to book the room at your destination point, click onto the option of “Destination Station”.
  • Note: The option it will ask you to choose is check in date and timing, checkout date and timing, types of rooms (AC or Non-Ac), Types of bed (single, double, dormitory), Quota (General, Female).

  • Step 6: Now click on the option of “check availability” and see the details and select the option that suits you and make the payment to book the room.

Arrangement in Retiring Rooms:

  • For solo traveller there is a single or double bed which she/he can book.
  • If the number of passenger is two, there will be a double or two single beds available in a room.
  • There will be three single beds or a double bed and a single bed in a room.
  • If there are four travellers booking a room, there will be four single beds or two double beds.

Booking of bed depends on the budget and the availability of rooms. If there is no private rooms available, one has to share it with other guests by choosing the option of dormitory rooms.

Conditions/Rules Applied with the Booking of Retiring Rooms

  • The maximum number of travellers to book the room will be equivalent to the number of travellers mentioned on ticket. If the ticket is booked for 5 travellers, rooms can be booked only for those five passengers.
  • One cannot book the retiring rooms with waiting ticket. Passengers travelling with confirm ticket can only book the rooms.
  • There is also a facility of cancelling the booked retiring rooms but with a deduction which will depend on the slot and timing of cancellation.
  • Retiring rooms are booked with the IRCTC accommodation facility.
  • When the rooms are booked online, it could not be cancelled offline or from counter.
  • Identity proof is required while booking rooms.
  • Booking is available between 12:00 AM to 11:30 PM.

There are many other facilities offered by Indian Railways for the travellers. Post waiting in retiring room at the source station, when passenger will board the train, it would not be less than a treat because here you can relish your journey with great dining experience offered by RailMitra. RailMitra, the authorized e-catering partner of IRCTC delivers online food in train at more than 600+ stations to satiate your taste bud and hunger. Download the RailMitra app and get the food delivered right to your berth.

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