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Spot Your Train Online With Live Train Enquiry from RailMitra

RailMitra helps you to track any train of Indian railways online with its Live Train Running Status feature. You can get accurate information about the IRCTC live train enquiry at your fingertips from the RailMitra app. RailMitra’s efficient GPS tracking functionality always ensures to keep railway passengers updated with the train status wherever they travel. With RailMitra, you can find all accurate information about your train running status, train's position, estimated arrival and departure time, any expected delays, along with the probable platform number where the train is likely to arrive. When you stay informed of your train's status, you can enjoy your journey with comfort and with a relaxed state of mind.

RailMitra goes further to ensure a comfortable journey to railway passengers by providing a host of other passenger-friendly solutions to a variety of railway related enquiries along with delivering restaurant food at train seat.

Where is My Train - Spot Your Train Online

RailMitra helps to locate the exact position of any train through National Train Enquiry System (NTES) platform. NTES provides easy functionality to check train running status online. So if you have the question, 'Where is my train', then RailMitra will help you spot your train at your fingertips.

What Is Train Running Status?

The live train running status of the train is highly required for the passengers, as it guides them for successful planning to board the train and continue their journey with comfort. Through the “Train Running Status”, the passengers can easily check the current location of any train, the late status and the expected arrival and departure time of the train.

Check and Get Accurate Train Running Status Online

Keeping access to the live train running status online is mandatory for the travellers to spot your train online. Any passenger needs any of these two details to track the live train running status:

  1. Date of Journey (DOJ): It’s the date on which the passenger has to board the train and continue his journey. The date of the journey is printed on the ticket and mentioned in the text message forwarded by IRCTC, on the registered mobile number, after booking the tickets.
  2. Train Number and Name: Each train has a specific five-digit number attached to it, e.g., RJPB Rajdhani has the number “12309”. This is an identification of the train and also reveals which route it will travel on.
  3. Source and Destination Station Name: The source station is the station from where the train journey starts and the destination station is the station where the journey ends. E.g., the Patna-New Delhi Rajdhani Express departs from the Rajendra Nagar Terminus (Source) and ends its journey at New Delhi Railway Station (Destination).

These details are mandatory for checking the train running status and other details like the enquiry of seat availability in train, arrival and departure of trains, or trains between stations.

Live Train Status Updates from RailMitra

RailMitra is an active platform for travellers, which helps them 24*7 through its wide array of services. RailMitra has emerged as a one-stop app for all railway enquiry needs, turning your journey into an enjoyable and delightful experience. Unlock the live train running status for Indian railway trains to get all the train running information like the exact location of any train and its real arrival and delay status. RailMitra, through its AI-based interface and services, has made planning a train smooth and hassle-free.

How to Check Train Running Status Online From RailMitra?

  1. Download the RailMitra App from the Play Store or visit the website
  2. Go to the section of “Rail Tools” and navigate to “Train Live Status”.
  3. You can easily check the train running status by entering the train number.
  4. As soon as the passenger enters the train number, the name of the train appears. Click on the train name.
  5. Choose the train's starting date from the given three options of Yesterday, Today, or Tomorrow.
  6. Hit the “Check Live Status” button beside the box.
  7. Your train schedule and live train status will be clearly displayed on the screen. This is one of the fastest ways to spot your train in real-time.

What is the Source of Train Running Status for RailMitra?

As the screen reflects the Indian Railway train running status, a traveller gets all the details regarding his journey. This schedule is 100% accurate as the RailMitra app is backed with the latest real-time GPS location mechanism, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and highly technical programming which supports and appropriately fetches the exact result from its huge and well-maintained train running status map, back-end database consisting intricate train details.

Components of a Train Running Status Inquiry

Some of the components displayed on the screen, which assures the result are:

  • Date of Journey: The date on which the traveller has to board his train for the journey.
  • List of Station Names: A list of station names between the source and destination station.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Estimated Time of Departure (ETD): The expected time of arrival and departure of the train whether the train is on time or delayed.
  • Halt time at each station: The schedule will display the halt timings of the train at each station.
  • Current station: The final result for which every traveller waits! It shows the exact location of the train or the exact station where the train is in a halt position.

Why Check Train Running Status Online?

During the pre-digitization era, planning and executing a journey with a level of ease and comfort was something next to impossible as there were things unplanned that created a mess from the beginning to the final step of the journey. After the adoption of digitization by IRCTC, planning a train journey is easy.

Every train passenger needs to check their live train status because:

  • It helps in time management: Time management is crucial. If you don’t reach the station on time to board the train for the journey, there are high probabilities to miss the train. Through this service, every traveller can manage their timings to catch the train on time.
  • Devise a strategy for the journey: Every activity needs a strategy for its successful completion, and so is the train journey. Apart from managing time for the journey, it helps in devising a plan which helps the activities to go smoothly.
  • Ease of travelling: Nowadays travelling is not that hectic as before. Travellers were not able to travel to any location of India at any time so easily. Thanks to the digitization, now every traveller can easily plan and go for a journey as the railway services can be easily accessed via internet like checking seat availability, booking of tickets, hotels, cabs etc. Once the ticket is booked, you can easily spot your train using the train running status and plan to explore beautiful India and its heritage without any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Train Running Status

Q) How to check train running status on mobile?

You can easily check the train running status of any Indian railways train through the RailMitra app or by visiting the mobile website of RailMitra.

Q) How to check IRCTC live train status through SMS?

You can check the IRCTC live train status using the offline mode by sending an SMS to 139 in the given format:

SMS Enquiry for Live Train Running Status

  • Format 1: SPOT <Train No>

Example: SPOT 12309

  • Format 2: LOCATE <Train Number>

Example: LOCATE 12309

Q) How to check IRCTC train status through a call?

You can make a call on Indian railway helpline number 139 and follow the instructions to choose the language. Press the suggested button to check train running status to learn details about the train's arrival and departure status.

Q) How does the offline live train status enquiry work?

The offline live train running status proves useful when the internet connection is poor. Once the estimated train running status chart is downloaded, you can refer to the same during the journey.

Q) Is the live train running status update through RailMitra more accurate than the Indian Railways?

Yes, the live train running status of RailMitra is found to be more accurate than that of Indian Railways. This is because Indian Railways derives details of the train status from the last stop of the particular train, which is subject to manual errors and delays. But, RailMitra crowdsources the live train status through the real-time GPS of the network of phones.

Q) Why do I need to check the live train running on my day of the journey?

You need to check the current train running status on your day of the journey to stay updated with any delays or last-minute changes in the arrival or departure status of the train. This will help you stay informed and plan your journey accordingly.

Q) Why can't I see the train running status details for my train?

In case you can't see the train running status details of your train, it could be due to any of the given reasons:

  • The train number is not valid or is incorrect.
  • The train does not run on that specific date.

Q) How does the Live Train Status work?

The live train running status is connected with the GPS of the train and sends real-time information about the arrival and departure time. When a train departs from a station, the status gets updated and sent to the server.

Q) Why the train's arrival on an estimated platform number not available for some stations?

The live train running status updates may not be sometimes available for smaller stations. Moreover, the train's arrival on a certain platform number is decided by the station master based on the historical arrival data, real-time train traffic at the track, delays of some trains, and cancellation of any train. This information may not be updated in the Indian Railways system at the time when you check for the live train status online.

Railway Enquiries and Services through RailMitra

RailMitra is a fine example of a congregation of technology and automation, which solves the railway needs of the passengers.

Choose RailMitra and plan your train journey without inconvenience!