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How to Create a New IRCTC Account Online and Book Indian Railways Tickets

Imagine! You plan a trip to visit Goa, Manali, or Shimla to refresh your mind. For this, you may have to be in a long line at the Railway’s ticket booking counter, waiting for your number to come, so you can get your tickets. Sometimes you may not get the ticket on your own, and hence you will need to call an agent to book the tickets for you.


All this might irritate you. Then, why don’t you learn to create your ‘individual account’ on IRCTC and take your ticket commands in your hand? Sitting on your comfortable sofa with some snacks and booking your ticket for a happy and stress-free journey.


IRCTC is an acronym for Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation that aids passengers in booking and canceling their train tickets using the IRCTC website and apps. Users can conveniently use these apps or websites on their mobile phone/tab/desktop. However, users need to create an IRCTC account to register on the authorized IRCTC website/app before booking tickets.



Easy Steps to Create a New IRCTC Account


Creating an IRCTC ticketing account is an easy process that will help you plan all your dream journeys hassle-free. You are just in need of following these simple steps. Read Patiently to understand it.


Step 1: Visit the authorized website of IRCTC named IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System


Step 2: Click on the option Registration will be shown there in the left of the menu bar just after ‘log in’.


Step 3: Fill in the Basic Details that include a user name, password, preferred language, security question, and answer. Ensure to enter that security question and its answer that you won’t forget, as you can use these to recover your IRCTC account when you forget your password.


Step 4: Click on continue to move to the next page. That asks for Personal Details.


Step 5: Provide your Personal Details such as; name, occupation, date of birth, marital status, nationality, gender, email id, and mobile number. Ensure that you provide your valid email Id and mobile number. You will get a unique code that you will need to enter to verify your authenticity. Additionally, in order to avail of the Aadhar based benefits on the IRCTC eTicketing website, enter the exact name as mentioned in your Aadhar card.


Step 6: Click on the continue button. Doing so will take you to the Address page. Enter flat no/house no, street, locality, pin code, city, state, post office, and phone no.


Step 7: Select the office address option, whether it is the same or different. If you want to copy the residential address to your office address, select YES. And, if you have selected NO. Enter the office details, including flat no/house no, street, locality, pin code, city, state, post office, and phone no.


Step 8: Check out the optional box stating ‘Please inform me about IRCTC Co-branded credit card through Phone/Email/SMS’ if you want to receive emails, calls, or SMS from IRCTC.


Step 9: Enter the random captcha (text from the image), which will appear there to verify that you are not a robot.


Step 10: Check the box that says you have read and agree to all the terms and conditions.


Step 11: Click the button “Register.” You will receive a message stating to register successfully.


Things to Know Before Creating a New IRCTC Account



What Is User ID?


User Id is the username which should be a combination of name and number. It needs to be unique, consisting of 3 to 35 characters in a format like namya2001. It is essential because, with it, only the technology of IRCTC will recognize you in their system. Therefore, it is necessary to log in to the IRCTC account.



Documents to keep handy before generating your account


Aadhar Card: Keep your Aadhar card handy while generating your account on IRCTC to enter your exact name mentioned in your Aadhar card. It will help you to take the aadhar based benefits in the future. However, it is not compulsory. You can also provide your Aadhar number, which is optional.


Address Proof: To provide your complete address, keep your address proof with yourself, where all the information like flat, street no, locality, pin code, city, state, post office, and phone no are mentioned. If you prefer to enter your office address, keep the office address with yourself. Note that in the section of Flat NO/ House No/Building No/Floor No, you can enter an invalid number if you don’t know about it, but it should be at least 3 or a maximum of 225 characters. It can contain letters, signs like “,-_:()/”, numbers, and spaces.



How to generate a password for a new IRCTC account?


Generate a memorable password for the IRCTC account as it will help you in login yourself to the system of IRCTC. The password of the IRCTC account should contain a minimum of 8 characters and go up to 15 characters. It is also compulsory to use at least one capital letter, one small letter, and a number digit like Namya2001.



IRCTC account can be suspended


There are many reasons to get your IRCTC account suspended.

  • If your last login is older than six months, the account will be suspended automatically without any prior notice.
  • If you have given the wrong information, such as your address, email id, or mobile number, your account will be failed in IRCTC verification. It has been mentioned on the first page of basic details that garbage or junk values in the profile may lead to account deactivation
  • If you book so many tickets from your individual id each day or so often. It looks like suspicious activity to IRCTC.
  • If you visit the IRCTC website too often without purpose resulting in traffic from your device on the IRCTC site. The website will consider you as spam and deactivate your account.
  • If you use tricks like ‘hacks to book Tickets using the IRCTC website’ or an auto fill script tool like a magic tool to fill the information fast to book tickets, your account might get suspended.

To save your account from suspension, don’t visit the IRCTC ticketing website, time to time without any purpose. Provide correct information like your name, address, date of birth, email id, and mobile number. Also, remember that your account is individual, not an agent account, so book tickets for yourself and some of your loved ones.


Remember, you are allowed to do a maximum of 6 reservations up to 6 passengers each calendar month with your individual account. Also, don’t use illegal tricks to book tickets faster. Moreover, login into your account each month at once to protect your account from getting suspended just because of inactivity.



Guidelines to Book Indian Railways Tickets from Your New IRCTC Account


Booking tickets for Indian Railways is very convenient by using IRCTC mobile app and website. To book tickets, follow these guidelines.


Step 1: Visit the IRCTC website or download the IRCTC app on your mobile phone.


Step 2: Click on the login button from the homepage and enter your user id and password to sign in.


Step 3: Go on the ‘Train Ticketing’ option and click on the ‘Plan My Journey’.


Step 4: Enter your boarding station, date of journey, destination station along with your class of train (AC/Non AC/Sleeper/Sitting) from which you want to travel.


Step 5: Check if the seat/berth is available on your choice of train or not.


Step 6: If the ticket is available, click on the ‘book now’ option.


Step 7: Provide all the required information asked to book your ticket.


Step 8: Enter your valid mobile number.


Step 9: Enter the captcha to verify you are not a robot.


Step 10: Make a payment using UPI/Debit Card/Credit Card/Paytm.


Step 11: Finally, you will get a message on your mobile phone containing information regarding your tickets, including PNR no, train number, date of journey, class, etc. Showing this reservation message to the Ticket Collector/Traveling Ticket Examiner/Traveling Ticket Inspector and anyone to claim your seat/berth is sufficient for your train journey.


Can I Create Two IRCTC Accounts?


As per the IRCTC rule, you can create only one account with a mobile and email id.  However, you can create two accounts using two different email ids and mobile numbers, which are not registered with IRCTC.


How to Create an IRCTC Account if My Number Is Already Registered?


If you are using a new number, but the previous owner of the number used it to register himself/herself on IRCTC, you won’t be able to create a new account.  However, you can raise a request by calling the IRCTC helpline to remove or delete that registered account. In another case, if you have already used your mobile number to create an IRCTC account, you can easily delete it to create a new one.


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