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How to Reach Pondicherry From Major Indian Cities

A beautiful destination in South India, Pondicherry is a perfect place to spend your vacation. The city has everything from bustling beaches and French colonial buildings to historic sites. Pondicherry, officially known as Puducherry, is a Union territory of India, surrounded by the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad are some of the major nearby towns. From these cities, you can reach Puducherry conveniently. 


Plan a Trip to Pondicherry by Bus, Air, or Train


Travelling to Pondicherry is easy by rail, air and bus. The city has good connections with the major Indian cities. There are several trains, flights, and state & private buses to reach Pondicherry. 



Road Trip to Puducherry 


Puducherry is well-connected by road. You can drive to Puducherry or take a bus from Chennai (170 km), Bangalore (375 km), Coimbatore (380 km), Mahabalipuram (100 km) and other cities. At regular intervals, buses start from these cities. Moreover, you can also book intercity cabs to reach Pondicherry for your vacation. 



Travel by Flight to Puducherry 


The nearest airport to Puducherry is Pondicherry (PNY). Direct flights from Bengaluru and Hyderabad are available to it. Besides this domestic airport, Chennai International Airport is well-connected with all India’s important cities and international destinations. You can easily get a flight to Chennai and afterwards take a train, taxi or bus to Pondy. 




Train Journey to Puducherry 


Travelling by train to Pondicherry is convenient and economical. You can check the trains between stations nearby Pondicherry and your city and find a suitable train to reach the French city. Puducherry railway station is in the city. Apart from Puducherry station, Villupuram railway station is the closest railway station to Puducherry. 


Travel Plan to Pondicherry From India’s Major City





The distance between Delhi to Pondicherry is around 2,635 Kilometres. You can travel by flight or train to reach Pondicherry. However, you won’t get a direct flight (without any stoppage) to Pondicherry from Delhi. You will need to reach Bengaluru/Chennai and board another flight to travel to Pondy.  


If you’re looking for a train trip from Delhi to Pondicherry, there are multiple train options to reach Puducherry. 


How to Reach Pondicherry from Delhi by Train 


  • New Delhi Pondicherry Special Superfast Train (22404) runs directly from New Delhi to Puducherry. The train takes around 38 hours to reach the destination. 
  • You can take a train to Pondicherry’s closest railway station Villupuram Junction from Hazarat Nizamuddin, and afterwards, you can board a local or any superfast train to reach Pondy. Multiple trains between Villupuram junction to Pondicherry run that takes 45 to 60 minutes to arrive at Pondicherry. Local buses are also available. 
  • You can also board a train to Bengaluru and afterwards take a bus or other direct commute modes to reach Pondicherry. 





You can get a direct flight to Pondicherry from Hyderabad. However, limited options are available. A direct train from Hyderabad to Pondicherry is not available. You’ll need to change trains to reach Pondicherry. 


How to Reach Pondicherry From Hyderabad by Train


  • Take a train from Hyderabad to Chennai, and afterwards, take a bus/cab from Chennai to reach Pondicherry. You can also take trains from Chennai to Pondicherry. 
  • You can also take a train to Villupuram junction to travel to Puducherry. The frequency of this train is high compared to other nearby Ponducherry stations. 





The city vested on the bank of river Ganga, beside the Bay of Bengal, one of the most populated cities in India. To reach Pondicherry, you won’t find a direct flight. You will need to reach Bengaluru or Chennai to visit Pondicherry. However, a flight journey will require long waiting hours. Trains are one of India’s most preferred travel modes to reach Pondicherry from Kolkata.


How to Reach Pondicherry From Kolkata by Train


  • Howrah Pondicherry Express (12867) runs directly from Kolkata to reach Pondicherry. The train takes around 33 hours. It is a weekly express departing from Howrah on Sunday. 
  • Moreover, you can also take a train to Chennai and other nearby stations to Pondicherry to visit the city. 





The emerging IT hub of India, Pune, is one of the cities famous among youths and employees. Pondicherry is a perfect weekend getaway for people living there. From Pune, people can reach Pondicherry by first arriving in Bengaluru or Chennai and then boarding a flight to Puducherry. However, you have multiple options if you’re looking for a train journey to Pondy city. 


How to Reach Pondicherry From Pune by Train 


  • Puducherry Express (11005) follows a direct train route from Pune to Pondicherry, which takes around 30 hours. The train runs three days a week on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. 
  • You can also take trains to Villupuram station from Pune and take a taxi or bus afterwards. 
  • You can also reach Coimbatore, Madurai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Thanjavur and take a taxi or train to be in Puducherry. 





Travelling from Ahmedabad, the cotton city of India, to the tourist destination Puducherry is convenient. The city has railway stations, an airdrome, and bus stands. To reach Pondicherry, you can get a flight with a stoppage at Bengaluru or Hyderabad. Besides planes, trains are a great commute mode for your trip from Pondicherry to Ahmedabad. 


How to Reach Pondicherry From Ahmedabad by Train


  • Direct trains are not available from Ahmedabad to Puducherry. However, you can take a train trip by taking a journey break at one or two stations. 
  • You can take a train to Villupuram Junction, VM
  • You can also take trains from Ahmedabad to Chennai and Bengaluru, and from there, take a convenient transport mode to reach Puducherry. 


Moreover, you can also plan to reach Puducherry from Nagpur, Patna, Jaipur, Indore, Chandigarh, Bhubaneswar, Trivandrum, Guwahati, Kochi, Goa, Calicut, Tirupati etc., conveniently. Several modes of transport are available to these cities to Puducherry. Although, always plan your trip first, so you and your travel buddies can handle the hassle and enjoy travelling. If you’re travelling by train, you can pre-book your meal and stay stress-free about food delivery in train. 


RailMitra, an AI-enabled app, offers various features to plan train tours efficiently. With this app, you can order food in train, check the PNR status of your booked train ticket to know the train ticket confirmation status, check the live train status, train schedule, train fare and more. 


FAQs Related to Pondicherry Tourism 


What are the Pondicherry Famous Places? 


Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Paradise Beach, Auroville, Rock Beach, Old Lighthouse, Promenade, Chunnambar Boathouse, Serenity Beach, Arikamedu, French War Memorial, Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Park Monument are some of the famous tourist destinations of Pondicherry. 


Which Time is Best to Travel in Puducherry? 


You can travel to Puducherry any time of the year. However, Winter and Monsoon are the best seasons to explore the splendorous beauty of this city. You can plan your soothing trip to Ponducherry from November to March. On Christmas and new year’s eve, the place witnesses a huge rush of travellers. 


What is the Food Culture of Puducherry? 


The city’s food culture sees a unique fusion of French and South Indian food. Here you can relish South Indian dishes like Idli, Dosa, Upma etc., and French dishes like Crepes, Bouillabaisse, and more. 


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Where Can I Shop in Puducherry?


You can shop for stylish clothes, accessories, perfumes, hand-made ornaments etc., from the local markets of Puducherry. You can also go to the shopping malls and buy things for yourself and your loved ones. 


What is the Best Commute Mode to Travel in Pondicherry? 


You can get an auto-rickshaw, bus or cab to explore Puducherry. However, if you want to explore the modern and beautiful city on your own, you can rent a bike, scooter, or self-drive car from the city’s local rental outlets. 


The French district is one of the top travel destinations in India, where you can experience a grand party in the city’s resort and serenity beside the seashores. You can also do water sports, yoga, scuba diving and more to enjoy your vacation in Pondy. 

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