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Indian Railways Anubhuti Coach: Redefining Comfort on Trains

Indian Railways doesn’t leave a single stone unturned to ensure rail passengers enjoy their train trips without trouble. The move of Introduction of Anubhuti Coach in trains in the year 2017 was the icing on the cake. 


Anubhuti Coach is a luxury coach designed to provide passengers with a first-class travel experience focused on comfort and convenience. The modern amenity coach has been installed in some selected trains of Indian railways. 



Travelling by train in this coach can offer rail passengers a similar flight travel experience. Plan your convenient travel ahead if you also want to take this train travel experience. A rail app can help you to plan an itinerary and enjoy the train ride. 



Features of Anubhuti Coach of Indian Railways 


Anubhuti Coachof Indian Railway is equipped with modern amenities and personalised services. Here are some of its features:


Comfortable seating: The Anubhuti Coach is well-equipped with a modern LHB coach with 56 comfortable seating, offering extra legroom and wide reclining seats. 


Personalised service: The coach has a personalised service with an attendant to cater to the needs of passengers. You can tap the attendant call button on your seat to call the railway attendant to ask for any rail service. 


Entertainment system: The coach has an individual LED screen and a headphone for each passenger, which can be used to watch movies, TV shows, or other entertainment.


Air conditioning: The Anubhuti Coach has state-of-the-art air conditioning, which keeps the coach cool and comfortable even during hot weather.


Pantry service: The coach has a dedicated pantry service, which offers passengers a range of snacks and beverages.


Curtains for privacy: The coach has curtains on the windows for privacy.


Overhead reading lights: The coach has individual reading lights for each passenger, which can be used for reading or working.


USB charging ports: The coach has USB charging ports, which can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets, or other devices.


Modular toilets: The luxurious coach has hygienic toilets with hands-free taps. The environment-friendly toilets contribute towards India’s Swachh Bharat movement. 


Made-in-India product – Anubhuti coach is Indian railways’ made-in-India product.  


Automatic doors- To provide rail passengers with an aircraft experience, the Indian railway Anubhuti class has automatic sliding doors. 


Information display board- In the middle of the coach, there is an information display board on both sides which informs rail passengers regarding the next station, speed and others.



 Availability of Anubhuti Coach in Indian Railways


So far, the Indian Railways premium train, Shatabdi Express, has an Anubhuti coach (EA) for selected routes. Major train route includes:


Mumbai Central to Ahmedabad


The Mumbai Central–Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express, 12010, covers a distance of 492 Km, starts from Ahmedabad at 3:10 PM and terminates at 9:45 PM at Mumbai Central. Fare per passenger for Ahmedabad Shatabdi in Anubhuti coach is RS. 2350. 


 New Delhi to Lucknow


Lucknow Junction Swarn Shatabdi Express, 12004 also offers a business class travel experience. The train covering 512 Km, originates at 6:10 AM and ends at Lucknow Junction, NER. Travel fare in the Anubhuti class of the New Delhi-Lucknow express is RS. 2270. 


Amritsar to New Delhi


If you ever plan to visit Punjab, take a train ride in Amritsar Shatabdi express, 12013. The train starts from New Delhi and stops at major cities of Punjab, includingLudhiana, Jalandhar, and Beas. The travel fare of Anubhuti class in train from New Delhi to Amritsar is RS. 2205. 



Why You Should Choose Anubhuti Coach for Your Next Train Journey


Imagine travelling in the most luxurious travel coach of Indian Railways, watching television, and getting the aircraft travel experience in train. Doesn’t it make you feel like travelling to the Indian Railways Anubhuti class? It offers comfortable seats, an air-conditioned environment, automatic doors and much more. From the perspective of safety, Anubhuti coach is one of the safest coaches of Indian Railways. You must consider travelling by it once. 


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How to Book a Ticket for the Anubhuti Coach


If You have convinced yourself to travel in Anubhuti coach, First decide the route you want to travel to book tickets in the Anubhuti train. Once you have made the decision, follow the steps below to book the ticket:


  • Go to the IRCTC official e-ticketing website or the rail-connect app. 
  • Log in with your IRCTC user ID and password, or sign up if you don’t have an IRCTC account.  
  • Enter the information by entering the station, train number, train name, Date of Journey, and Category.
  • Select class as Anubhuti class. Next, you will see the fare details.
  • Now, click the “Book Now” button to book your Anubhuti class train ticket.


Once you successfully pay the train fare, you will get a confirmation SMS and Email from IRCTC for your ticket booking. You can check train ticket PNR status online


How can I Check PNR Status Online?


With the help of a rail enquiry app such as RailMitra, you can check your train tickets live PNR. PNR status helps you to know your train ticket confirmation status, seat number, berth number,  train number, train name, and more. 


To check PNR, you can visit RailMitra website or install the app, navigate the ‘PNR check’ button, there will be a box in which you need to enter your ticket’s 10 digit PNR number and submit it. Your screen will display the complete information about your train journey. 


Why is It Important to Book Train Tickets in Advance?


Indian Railways allows train passengers to book train ticket 120-days before the journey date. Booking train ticket in advance assures you in getting confirm train ticket for the journey, which provides a comfortable train journey experience. Moreover, by booking train ticket you can also plan other things comfortably like booking food in train, retiring room, hotels, etc.  You can take help of a rail enquirry app in planning your train trip in advance.


RailMitra is a railway enquiry platform that helps rail passengers to check trains between two stations, live train arrival and departure, train schedule etc., online. Passengers can even use its app or website to order varieties of food in train, including veg, non-veg, regional, and Jain. 


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