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IRCTC Account Got Suspended! What to Do Next?

IRCTC is the official catering and tourism partner of Indian Railways. To make your journey easy and comfortable, IRCTC has launched different services such as online food in train, online ticket booking, and many others. To book a ticket from the official website or app of IRCTC, you need to create an account and then login with your userID and password. But sometimes users face difficulty in login and ticket booking. The most common error that they face while booking a ticket on IRCTC portal is “Bookings are not allowed as your account has been suspended”. Sometimes, people make some silly mistakes which result in their IRCTC account being suspended. Officials at IRCTC are very strict when it comes to misuse of their services. Let’s understand what are the reasons for account suspension and then we will discuss how to reopen suspended IRCTC accounts.

Reasons for Suspension / Deactivation of IRCTC Account:
Wrong, Garbage, or Unverifiable Information:
It is clearly mentioned on the registration page of IRCTC that garbage/junk values in profile may lead to account deactivation. So, the majority of accounts get suspended because people use fake email ID or wrong addresses. You may be thinking as how the IRCTC come to know that details provided by you are wrong or unverifiable. The answer is simple! Officials at IRCTC check and verify details of different users from time to time so that there are no fake profiles.

Use of Autofill Scripts
If you use some tools like Magic Autofill to quickly fill the ticket booking form, it may also result in suspension of your account. IRCTC does not endorse any such activities. It can get your account banned forever. Even your mobile number and email ID will be blocked from creating any new id in future. Initially, this autofill extension was created to help people get tatkal tickets easily but then different illegal software was being developed to subvert the ticket booking system. Thus, IRCTC started suspending those accounts who used autofill scripts.

Enormous Hitting on Site
The IRCTC website was created to book tickets online. If you visit the IRCTC portal too often, then don’t hit the website with a lot of traffic. This is because a continuous traffic from your device or user ID may become suspicious and result in deactivation. So, if you didn’t do anything wrong or illegal but your account still got suspended, then maybe you hit that refresh button too many times or head back to the previous page multiple times.

Fraudulent Activities
If you look for “Top hacks to book tickets on IRCTC” on Google, it is highly probable that many of those tricks are not legal and can be considered as fraudulent. Booking too many tickets on different trains for each day can be looked upon as a suspicious activity by IRCTC officials. So, IRCTC is most likely to block those IDs. This is done to safeguard the interest of other users and to ensure smooth functionality of the website.

No Activity for a Very Long Time
If you created your account on IRCTC but never booked any ticket for a long time, then your account may get deactivated automatically. Any user ID which has not been logged in for 6 months can be considered as inactive and may be suspended without any prior notice.

How to Save Your IRCTC Account from Being Suspended?
There are some precautionary measures that you can take to avoid being suspended from IRCTC:

  1. IRCTC allows only 6 rail reservations (up to a maximum of 6 passengers per ticket) in one calendar month. So never book too many tickets from a single user ID. If you need to book a large number of tickets, then create several IDs and use them to book one ticket per ID.
  2. Don’t use any autofill script or extension to book tatkal tickets. There are other legal and handy tricks to book tatkal tickets quickly. Follow those tricks and you can book tatkal tickets easily without getting your ID banned.
  3. Register on IRCTC with your real details like your primary email ID, mobile number, and AADHAR address. That way, When IRCTC officials will verify the details, your ID will not be suspended.
  4. Write down your account username and password somewhere safe. So, you don’t forget the credentials. Always login to your account every once in a month. That way, your account will remain active and doesn’t get deactivated automatically due to inactivity.

How to Activate IRCTC Account which is Deactivated?
If you are looking for an answer to the question “How to activate IRCTC account which is deactivated?”, then we have an answer. There is a perfectly legal and working solution to reactivate deactivated IRCTC account.
Send the following details of your IRCTC account to from the registered email ID.

  • Your IRCTC username and password
  • Registered mobile number
  • Address provided at the time of registration

Now, wait for the reply. In case you need any further assistance, you can call on 24*7 IRCTC Customer Support at 0755-6610661, 0755-4090600. If your ID got suspended because of inactivity or heavy traffic from your device, then it is very likely that they will reactivate your id within 7 working days. But, if you did some fraudulent activity from your ID, then most probably your ID will never be reactivated. The only solution you have left is to register for a new IRCTC account from a new email ID and mobile number.

How to Recover IRCTC User ID and Password?
If you forgot your user ID or password of IRCTC account, then there is a simple way to recover it.
IRCTC user ID Recovery by Email
Go to the Forgot User ID page. Enter your registered email ID, Date of Birth, and Captcha in their respective columns. Then click on submit. You will get your user ID on your email ID.

IRCTC Password Recovery
Go to the Forgot Password page. Enter your IRCTC userID, Date of Birth, and Captcha. Then click on submit. You will get your account password on your registered mobile number and email id as well.

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If you ever get perplexed on your IRCTC account suspension; use these tricks to recover them.

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